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Surfer Blood

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  • Snowdonia Snowdonia Quick View

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    SURFER BLOOD are one of the best young indie-rock bands around, and their fourth album,
    Snowdonia, is their most ambitious effort yet. Overcoming adversity, the band has artistically
    grown and thrived. Following the departure of bassist Kevin Williams and guitarist Thomas
    Fekete (tragically lost to cancer in May), singer/guitarist John Paul Pitts and drummer Tyler
    Schwarz have rebuilt a talented lineup with guitarist Michael McCleary and bassist Lindsey
    Mills, all four alumni of the same high school in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    Pitts wrote specifically with the new band's talents in mind: "When I was writing I was thinking
    more about background vocals and harmonies. Lindsey and Michael are great singers, and I
    really wanted that to show in the songs. There are layers of vocals on almost every track, and
    the call-and-response parts between Lindsey and I are something totally new."

    Along with plenty of Surfer Blood's signature hooks, the band concocted some epic and more
    complex songs with enormous attention to sonic detail. Pitts wrote and mixed the album alone,
    for the first time since their debut Astro Coast. The immediacy is intoxicating and the musical
    and lyrical results are fantastic. Surfer Blood get better and better with each album, and we're
    sure they'll be making great records for years to come.

    1. Matter of Time
    2. Frozen
    3. Dino Jay
    4. Six Flags in F or G
    5. Snowdonia
    6. Instant DoppelgÄngers
    7. Taking Care of Eddy
    8. Carrier Pigeon
    Surfer Blood
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  • SLAVVE SLAVVE Quick View

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    SLAVVE is a three-piece band that originated in West Palm Beach, FL
    in 2012. Though they have since relocated to Brooklyn, the trio has
    deep roots in the music they've always loved. From ripping guitars
    reminiscent of No Age and early Poison the Well to the melodic
    heaviness of acts like Deftones and Autolux, SLAVVE started out as a
    home project by vocalist/guitarist Chuka Chukuma. He then recruited
    bassist Alex Goldstein and childhood friend Marcos Marchesani, a
    former member of Surfer Blood and Weird Wives, to turn SLAVVE into
    a fully-formed beast. Recorded in just two days, their self-titled debut
    EP is a glimpse into the powerful, gripping force of what they call
    "working class music." It spans issues of uncertainty within oneself
    ("Better Half"), the strange pride of self-loathing ("Pity Party"),
    deception and frustration ("In Your Dreams"), and the futile nature of
    trying to make something work when it just doesn't ("Out of Mind"). In a
    world over-saturated with bands feeding into short-lived hype, SLAVVE
    is paving its own way, staying true to the music they loved growing up
    while looking ahead to carve their own landscape.!
    1. Pity Party!
    2. In Your Dreams!
    3. No Joke!
    4. Tomb!
    5. Out of Mind!
    6. Better Half!
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  • Pythons Pythons Quick View

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    Includes CD Version of The Entire Album

    Surfer Blood are back with the follow up to last year's Tarot Classics EP and 2010's Astro Coast. Pythons is their debut on Warner Bros.

    The album was produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Echo and the Bunnymen) and mixed by Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith, Guided By Voices). Here's what frontman John Paul Pitts had to say about the new song: 'Weird Shapes' is a left of center pop song about someone who is about to go through a manic episode.

    1. Demon Dance
    2. Gravity
    3. Weird Shapes
    4. I Was Wrong
    5. Squeezing Blood
    6. Say Yes To Me
    7. Blair Witch
    8. Needles and Pines
    9. Slow Six
    10. Prom Song
    Surfer Blood
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  • Astro Coast Astro Coast Quick View

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    Astro Coast

    Surfer Blood's debut and break out LP Astro Coast is now back in vinyl print. The packaging includes the familiar shark covered gatefold jacket; mp3 download code now includes bonus remixes from Astro Coast. Since the release of Astro Coast in January 2010, Surfer Blood has continued to tour with everyone from TPOBPAH, Japandroids, Interpol, Drums and the Pixies - all the while growing their fan base.

    1. Floating Vibes

    2. Swim

    3. Take It Easy

    4. Harmonix

    5. Neighbour Riffs

    6. Twin Peaks

    7. Fast Jabroni

    8. Slow Jabroni

    9. Anchorage

    10. Catholic Pagans
    Surfer Blood
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  • 1000 Palms 1000 Palms Quick View

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    1000 Palms

    1000 Palms marks a return to Surfer Blood's DIY ethos. Abandoning the big time
    studio, the band decided to head back home to self-record and self-produce their
    third full-length album. Free of major-label-influence, Surfer Blood has delivered a
    uniquely compelling album, unlike anything in their catalog.

    The story of 1000 Palms began on January 1st 2014, after playing a New Year's show in
    Portland, OR. The band decided to stick around for the rest of the month, renting a
    practice space and sorting through a backlog of ideas. By February, as their lease ran
    out, Surfer Blood had recorded demos for most of the tracks that are now featured
    on their third LP.

    After a frustrating time at their previous home, Warner Brothers, the quartet was
    beyond ready to return to a more DIY recording process, completely void of the
    middlemen scrutinizing every bar of previous LP, Pythons. With the band
    self-recording, it was in the glamorous setting of an attic studio above a doctor's office
    where drums were committed to tape. Of the work, frontman John Paul Pitts states
    "fortunately none of us are strangers to DIY recording, so this seemed like the kind of
    challenge well-suited to our band".

    The making of 1000 Palms also owes a lot to the kindness of friends and family, with
    the remaining instrument sessions taking place at the home of drummer Tyler
    Schwartz's parents, while they were on vacation. Following a few days of very little
    sleep and after the band pooled resources and called in favors, the band had
    managed to craft everything you now hear on the upcoming record.

    1. I Can't Explain
    2. Death And The Maiden
    3. Grand Inquisitor
    4. Island
    5. I Can't Explain
    6. Feast - Famine
    7. Point of No Return
    8. Saber-Tooth & Bone
    9. Covered Wagons
    10. Dorian
    11. Into Catacombs
    12. Other Desert Cities
    13. NW Passage
    Surfer Blood
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