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  • Zombie Attack Zombie Attack Quick View

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    Zombie Attack

    Clear w/Red Splatter Vinyl

    Tankard's debut album, released in 1986 was full
    of parody and full throttle thrash metal. Many of
    the ten tracks here originally featured on their
    Alcoholic Metal demo and with subject matter
    like horror movies, moshing and beer they made
    many fans across the burgeoning thrash metal
    scene with their hardcore punk tinged thrash. Fast,
    furious, catchy and above all fun - ZOMBIE ATTACK
    spawned live classics such as "(Empty) Tankard.

    1. Zombie Attack
    2. Acid Death
    3. Mercenary
    4. Maniac Forces
    5. Alcohol
    6. (Empty) Tankard
    7. Thrash Till Death
    8. Chains
    9. Poison
    10. Screamin' Victims
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  • Chemical Invasion Chemical Invasion Quick View

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    Chemical Invasion

    Green & Yellow Swirl Vinyl

    Tankard's sophomore album, 'Chemical Invasion'
    followed their debut in 1987 and shifted the gears
    up a notch in terms of technicality and production.
    Still with their tongues wedged firmly in their
    cheeks, these nine tracks feature their slapstick
    delivery but this time with added power and
    precision. This album saw them break out of the
    underground and made thrash fans sit up and
    take notice globally.

    1. Intro
    2. Total Addiction
    3. Tantrum
    4. Don't Panic
    5. Puke
    6. For A Thousand Beers
    7. Chemical Invasion
    8. Farewell To A Slut
    9. Traitor
    10. Alcohol
    11. Outro
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  • The Morning After / Alien The Morning After / Alien Quick View

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    The Morning After / Alien

    LP1 Yellow/Red Splatter Vinyl
    & LP 2 Blue/Green Splatter Vinyl

    The bands third studio album was released in 1988
    and was followed by the ALIEN EP the following
    year. By now Tankard were a force to be reckoned
    with and their name was muttered in the same
    breath as their German counterparts Kreator and
    Destruction. Continuing with their now signature,
    furious thrash and inimitable wit these releases
    elevated the band further during the 80's thrash

    1. Intro
    2. Commandments
    3. Shit-Faced
    4. TV hero
    5. F.U.N.
    6. Try Again
    7. The Morning After
    8. Desperation
    9. Feed The Lohocla
    10. Help Yourself
    11. Mon Cheri
    12. Outro
    13. Alien
    14. 666 Packs
    15. Live To Dive
    16. Remedy
    17. (Empty) Tankard
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Masquerade in Blood Masquerade in Blood Quick View

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    Masquerade in Blood

    For the first time in over 20 years, the seventh studio album from German thrash legends SODOM appears on vinyl again! This time around, the album has been fully remastered, with a bonus studio track added. The original cover artwork has also been fully restored from original scans provided by legendary cover artist Andreas Marschall (Running Wild, King Diamond, Grave Digger, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Obituary, etc..).

    One of the "Big Four Teutonic Thrash" bands, along with fellow legends of the genre Kreator, Destruction and Tankard, SODOM have released nearly 20 albums with total sales of more than one million albums.

    1. Masquerade in Blood
    2. Gathering of Minds
    3. Fields of Honour
    4. Braindead
    5. Verrecke
    6. Shadow of Damnation
    7. Peacemaker's Law
    8. Murder in My Eyes
    9. Unwanted Youth
    10. Mantelmann
    11. Scum
    12. Hydrophobia
    13. Let's Break the Law
    14. 20,000 Feet (Bonus Track)
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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