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Testament Low

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  • Low Low Quick View

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    Limited Edition Pressing On Gold Vinyl

    Low is Testament's sixth studio album, originally released in September of 1994. This is the first Testament album to feature John Tempesta on drums and James Murphy on guitar. Low was produced by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE knobs-man Garth Richardson and mixed by Michael Wagener (Motley Crue, Megadeth, Metallica, Ozzy, Accept and more).

    1. Low
    2. Legions (In Hiding)
    3. Hail Mary
    4. Trail Of Tears
    5. Shades Of War
    6. P.C.
    7. Dog Faced Gods
    8. All I Could Bleed
    9. Urotsukidji
    10. Chasing Fear
    11. Ride
    12. Last Call (Instrumental)
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  • Low Low Quick View

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    Testament is often credited as one of the most popular and influential bands of the thrash metal scene, having sold over 14 million albums worldwide.

    Testament in their early years supported legendary acts such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Anthrax, Megadeth, Overkill, Judas Priest, and Slayer. They also gained critical recognition for embarking on the European Clash of the Titans tour with Slayer, Megadeth, and Suicidal Tendencies. To this day, the band continues to record and perform live.

    Music On Vinyl is proud to present the re-issue of their sixth studio album, Low. This album is regarded by their fans as one of their best ever.

    1. Low
    2. Legions (In Hiding)
    3. Hail Mary

    4. Trail Of Tears
    5. Shades Of War

    6. P.C.

    7. Dog Faced Gods
    8. All I Could Bleed
    9. Urotsukidji
    10. Chasing Fear
    11. Ride
    12. Last Call (Instrumental)
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  • Southern Blood Southern Blood Quick View

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    Southern Blood

    SOUTHERN BLOOD serves as a remarkable final testament from an artist whose contributions have truly shaped rock & roll throughout the past four decades. This is Allman's first all-new recording since 2011's GRAMMY® Award-nominated solo landmark, LOW COUNTRY BLUES.

    Produced by Don Was and recorded in Muscle Shoals where Duane Allman and the earliest seeds of the Allman Brothers Band were sown, Southern Blood is among the most uniquely personal of the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer's career. This emotionally expansive collection of songs written by friends and favorite artists including Jackson Browne, Willie Dixon, Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter, Lowell George and Spooner Oldham & Dan Penn serves as a salutary farewell to his legion of devoted fans and admirers.

    1. My Only True Friend
    2. Once I Was
    3. Going Going Gone
    4. Black Muddy River
    5. I Love The Life I Live
    6. Willin'
    7. Blind Bats And Swamp Rats
    8. Out Of Left Field
    9. Love Like Kerosene
    10. Song For Adam
    Gregg Allman
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  • AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon Headphones AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon Headphones Quick View

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    AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon Headphones

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Offering a unique combination of unsurpassed comfort,
    state-of-the-art design, and naturally beautiful sound,
    AudioQuest's first headphone, NightHawk, has been
    lovingly featured in the pages of magazines and websites
    as far-reaching as Stereophile, Rolling Stone, CNET, Wired,
    Head-Fi, Digital Trends, The Verge, and many more. This
    is evidence of the intensifying convergence between the
    high-fidelity and high-technology worlds, and testament
    to NightHawk's uncanny ability to captivate and inspire a
    diverse audience of thinkers, builders, engineers, and, of
    course, music lovers.

    While NightHawk's many innovative design elements-
    Liquid Wood earcups, biomimetic sound-diffusing grilles,
    and high-performance solid-conductor cable, to name just
    a few-have impressed listeners worldwide, many have
    expressed interest in different paint finishes, more versatile
    cables, and closed-back designs.

    AudioQuest takes the first of many steps toward satisfying
    those interests with two new around-the-ear models:
    NightHawk Carbon and NightOwl Carbon.

    NightHawk Carbon is a more sophisticated,
    more mature version of the original. It boasts all of the
    same exciting refinements found in NightOwl-improved
    performance, greater comfort, two pairs of earpads, a far
    more durable cable with mic and smartphone controls,
    enhanced look and feel -all while
    retaining its predecessor's remarkably low distortion and
    fatigue-free sound.

    Acoustic Refinements

    • Modified internal parts: Tighter tolerances reduce air
      leakage for improved airflow and lower distortion
    • Two sets of earpads: Protein Leather Boost Pads seal
      tighter for better isolation and slightly enhanced treble
      clarity; Microsuede Pads breathe freer for greater comfort
      and slightly reduced bass impact
    • Improved plugs: High-purity Tellurium Copper (TeCu)
      base metal for smoother surface, higher plating quality,
      better mating contact, and, consequently, less noise

    Ergonomic Refinements

    • Improved headpad: Genuine leather headpad with
      stitched detailing for enhanced comfort, more luxurious
      look and feel
    • Improved cable: Shorter (4.25ft) length for easier use
      at the desktop or with mobile devices; flexible, nonbraided
      jacket increases durability, eliminates kinking,
      minimizes microphonics; robustly engineered and
      rigorously tested strain relief further increases durability;
      discrete microphone and smartphone controls enable
      phone calls and playback functions (Play, Pause, Skip)
      without compromising sound quality

    Cosmetic Refinements

    • Luxurious finish: Porsche Carbon Grey Metallic highgloss
      paint meticulously applied via multistage process
    • Improved inner presentation: Includes microfiber
      pouches for headphones and accessories for safer,
      simpler travel

    Of course, all of the advanced design elements that
    made the original NightHawk such a success are carried
    over into the improved models. NightHawk Carbon and
    NightOwl Carbon share their predecessor's pistonic
    drivers with biocellulose diaphragms, compliant rubber
    surrounds, and true voice-coil formers. The patented splitgap
    motor remains unsurpassed in its ability to reduce
    intermodulation distortion. The earcups are fabricated
    from the same revolutionary Liquid Wood material, which
    affords acoustically optimized support beams and carefully
    applied damping. The patent-pending suspension system
    allows the earcups to move freely, accommodating heads
    of almost any shape or size, while effectively decoupling
    the earcups to counteract resonances.

    Thus, NightHawk's exceedingly low distortion, unrivaled
    comfort, and naturally detailed sound have been
    enhanced in every meaningful way. With the new semiopen
    NightHawk Carbon and closed-back NightOwl
    Carbon headphones, you can listen longer, later, and with
    greater pleasure, enjoying even deeper immersion in your
    favorite music, movies, videos, and games.

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  • Privilege Of Evil (Awaiting Repress) Privilege Of Evil (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Privilege Of Evil (Awaiting Repress)

    A collection of demo material from Amorphis' early career, Privilege of Evil is a surprisingly good collection of first-wave Euro death metal. All the patented genre stylings are present, most importantly the extra-low aggro grunting and the shifting double-kick arrangements. The tempos and guitar riffs mutate appropriately, as this 1993 Relapse offering plays out like a death metal tutorial.

    When a formula is followed so closely, it is often difficult to pinpoint exactly what (if anything) makes a record unique or even interesting. With music like this, the riffs are what matters, and guitarist/vocalist Tomi Koivusaari and fellow axeman Esa Holopainen came up with some excellent progressions that they both execute with abandon on Privilege of Evil.

    Highlights include the opening track, Pilgrimage From Darkness, and Misery Path, but death discs are usually taken as a whole. And while Privilege of Evil might be a little rough around the edges, it's also a testament to the pronounced abilities of Amorphis.

    - Jason Anderson (All Music Guide)

    1. Pilgrimage from Darkness
    2. Black Embrace
    3. Privilege of Evil
    4. Misery Path
    5. Vulgar Necrolatry (Abhorrence cover)
    6. Excursing from Existence
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  • 02:54 02:54 Quick View

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    Sister duo 2:54, consisting of Colette and Hannah Thurlow, have established themselves as one of 2012's most important breakthrough UK bands. Occupying a low-lit, vivid space, they unite a distinct concoction of ideas and influences that taps a rock and punk lineage notoriously anchored by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss. However, their sound neatly neighbors the darker, atmospheric reaches of R&B's finest, as well as timeless walls of sound.

    The fact 2:54 have picked up fans from all the above worlds and more is testament not only to their sophisticated and nuanced tastes, but just how compelling a proposition the music they make is. Yet it's only now, with this their first full-length offering that the power of what they do will be revealed for all to see.

    Recorded mostly by Mercury-winning producer Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey etc), and mixed by the legendary Alan Moulder (Smashing Pumpkins, Nine In Nails etc), their debut album collects together a cohesive and captivating selection of highlights from their already burgeoning catalog. The 10-songs that together make up 2:54 are ripe with danger and beauty. This is a record that thrums with life, signaled immediately with the gale-force opener, Revolving, a real bittersweet blizzard.

    From then on the sisters Thurlow proceed to mine their own distinctive brand of haunted, freaked grooves and cloud-bursting melody, channeling love, loss and longing to spellbinding effect. This is an album with truly no filler. First spin will leave the propulsive, woozy thrust of Easy Undercover's refrains ringing in heads, as will the dueling guitars and surging, urgent cry of Sugar's dance floor rhythms. The smouldering solemnity of Circuitry, the delicate, scorched beauty of Watcher and the album closer Creeping are realized here in magnificent and malevolent new form that few will be prepared for.

    Over the course of its 10-tracks it becomes clear that this is a rarefied, captivating affair, a beautifully sustained exercise in mood and tension that almost feels in a league and scene all its own. It's a bewitching snapshot of 2:54 thus far and also a glimpse of the heady future that awaits them.

    1. Revolving
    2. You're Early
    3. Easy Undercover
    4. A Salute
    5. Scarlet
    6. Sugar
    7. Circuitry
    8. Watcher
    9. Ride
    10. Creeping
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