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The Corrs

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  • Forgiven Not Forgotten Forgiven Not Forgotten Quick View

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    Forgiven Not Forgotten


    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl


    Multi-platinum Debut Album By The Corrs

    Includes The Singles Runaway, Forgiven, Not Forgotten, The Right Time And More

    First Time On Vinyl!

    The Corrs are the most successful family band from Ireland compromising three sisters and one brother. They blend contemporary pop rock elements with themes from their traditional Irish background within their music. The Corrs have released six studio albums and numerous singles, which have reached Platinum in many countries, and have sold 40 million albums worldwide.

    Forgiven, Not Forgotten is the debut album by The Corrs. The album was primarily produced by David Foster, with additional production by Jim Corr. It became internationally popular, but nowhere more so than their homeland, where the LP's four-times-platinum status made it one of the most popular debuts by an Irish group.

    The traditional Irish instruments like the bodhran and tin whistle add a twist to the pop melodies of tracks like the title track and The Right Time, where they are allowed some solo time. The Irish musical background of the band members is most obviously heard in Sharon Corr's violin work, used here more like a traditional Irish fiddle than a classical violin.

    The album spawned five official single releases including Forgiven Not Forgotten, Runaway, The Right Time, Love to Love You and Closer.

    The immense popular debut album by The Corrs is available on vinyl for the first time ever!

    1. Erin Shore (Instrumental)
    2. Forgiven, Not Forgotten
    3. Heaven Knows
    4. Along With The Girls (Instrumental)
    5. Someday

    6. Runaway
    7. The Right Time
    8. The Minstrel Boy (Instrumental)
    9. Toss The Feathers (Instrumental)
    10. Love To Love You
    11. Secret Life
    12. Carraroe Jig (Instrumental)
    13. Closer
    14. Leave Me Alone
    15. Erin Shore
    The Corrs
    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • No Frontiers (Pure Pleasure) No Frontiers (Pure Pleasure) Quick View

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    No Frontiers (Pure Pleasure)

    Mary Black's 1989 No Frontiers is nothing short of a masterpiece. This (and the follow up 1991's Babes In The Wood, Pure Pleasure PPAN002) was when Black was at her creative and vocal peak. No Frontiers (the song) has become something of an Irish classic, a party piece for so many (even the Corrs covered it on Unplugged) and Past The Point Of Rescue was a massive country hit in 1991 for Hal Ketchum. Both songs are superb and Black's versions are the greatest. Carolina Rua and Vanities (featured on the huge selling A Woman's Heart) are well known but it is the darker Columbus and the mesmerizing Fat Valley Of Pain that showcase both the heartbreak and the depth of the album.

    A fine introduction to Black's music - the right mixture of folk and contemporary and one of the finest albums to come out of Ireland in the 1980s.


    • Mary Black (vocal)

    • Pat Crowley (piano, accordion)

    • Donal Lunny (synthesizer)

    • Carl Geraghty (saxophone)

    • Declan Sinnott (guitar)

    • Garvan Gallagher (bass)

    • Noel Bridgeman (percussion)

    Recording: 1989 by Dan Fitzgerald

    Production: Declan Sinnott

    About Pure Pleasure

    At the beginning of the 90s, in the early days of audiophile vinyl re-releases, the situation was fairly straightforward. Companies such as DCC, Mobile Fidelity, Classic Records and, of course, Pure Pleasure all maintained a mutual, unwritten ethical code: we would only use analogue tapes to manufacture records.

    During the course of the present vinyl hype, many others have jumped on the bandwagon in the hope of securing a corner of the market. Very often they are not so ethical and use every imaginable source to master from: CDs, LPs, digital files, MP3s - or employed existent tools from the 80s and 90s for manufacturing.

    A digital delay is gladly used when cutting a lacquer disc because tape machines with an analogue delay have become quite rare and are therefore expensive. When cutting the lacquer, the audio signal is delayed by one LP revolution against the signal, which controls the cutter head, and for this a digital delay is very often employed. Of course, the resultant sound signal is completely digital and thus only as good as this delay.

    We should like to emphasize that Pure Pleasure Records on principle only uses the original master tape as the basis for the entirely analogue cutting of lacquer discs. In addition, the pressing tool is newly manufactured as a matter of principle.

    We only employ existing tools for manufacturing if an improved result is not forthcoming, e.g. the title Elvis Is Back, which was mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray, or several titles from our Philips Classics series, which in any case Willem Makkee cut from the original masters at the Emil Berliner Studios in the 90s. It goes without saying that we only used the mother and that new tools were made for our production.

    To put it in a nutshell: we can ensure you that our releases are free from any kind of digital effects and that the lacquer discs are newly cut.

    1. No Frontiers
    2. Past The Point Of Rescue
    3. The Shadow
    4. Carolina Rua
    5. Shuffle Of The Buckled
    6. Columbus
    7. Another Day
    8. Fat Valley Of Pain
    9. I Say A Little Prayer
    10. Vanities
    11. The Fog In Monterey
    Mary Black
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns Quick View

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    Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns

    Shaman's Harvest achieved significant success with the independently released Shine album, which featured Dragonfly. The hit song rose to number #16 on Billboard's Active Rock chart and #9 at Heritage Rock, selling over 130,000 singles and 30,000 albums. To date, the video has been viewed 2.3 million times on YouTube. Additionally, the composition was featured on the soundtrack of the major motion picture Legendary. In 2010, Shaman's Harvest recorded Broken Dreams for the WWE as the theme song for wrestler Drew McIntyre, and cut End of Days as the entrance track for Wade Barrett and The Corre.

    The new album features an exclusive unplugged version of "Dragonfly," and the new single "Here It Comes." The songs are cinematic, and offer audio beds for flashback memories or present experiences that are our lives. Lead singer Nathan Hunt states, Whether they're driving down the highway, at work, or doin' the nasty, these songs should be the soundtrack. I think people will accept the diversity from song to song whether it's a riff rock vibe like 'Here It Comes' or it's a darker, emotional anthem such as 'Ten Million Voices' without categorizing Shaman's.

    1. Dangerous
    2. Here It Comes
    3. Ten Million Voices
    4. Blood In The Water
    5. The End Of Me
    6. Country As Fuck
    7. Hero
    8. Dirty Diana
    9. In The End
    10. In Chains
    11. Silent Voice
    12. Dragonfly (Extended Unplugged Version)
    Shaman's Harvest
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