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The Crunch

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  • Brand New Brand Brand New Brand Quick View

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    Brand New Brand

    All-star power pop rock act The Crunch release their sensational second album.After winning critical acclaim for the compelling mix of pop hooks and punk grit on debut 'Busy Making Noise', vocalist Sulo Karlsson (Diamond Dogs), guitarist Mick Geggus (Cockney Rejects), bassist Dave Tregunna (Sham 69 ) and drummer Terry Chimes (The Clash) wasted no time recording the follow-up. The new record retains and builds upon many of the hallmarks established on 'Busy Making Noise'; most notably an enviable knack for huge, power-pop hooks, and massive, memorable blasts of melody. 'Brand New Brand' also brings another crop of evocative slowburners. One standout is the immense 'Save The Glow', which swells from an understated, semi-acoustic opening, into a swaying, lighters-aloft anthem.
    1. Lonely Beat Of The Heart
    2. Limited Edition
    3. Neon Madonna
    4. Banner Of Faith
    5. Brand New Band
    6. 25 Hours Of The Day
    7. Solid Rock Steady
    8. Seeing Is Believing
    9. Barricade Blues
    10. Return To Form
    11. Save The Glow
    12. Go Back To Go
    The Crunch
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  • Halfway Human Halfway Human Quick View

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    Halfway Human

    Born and bred in the same heavy metal rich Northeast soil as New Wave Of American Heavy Metal progenitors Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Unearth and Shadows Fall.... Weaned on the dark sounds of classic death metal, the technical melodicism of Scandinavia and the precision staccato crunch of Meshuggah, Within The Ruins have busted their collective ass to carve out a unique identity for themselves from those ingredients and have succeeded like never before with this year's Halfway Human.
    1. Shape-Shifter
    2. Death of the Rockstar
    3. Beautiful Agony
    4. Incomplete Harmony
    5. Bittersweet
    6. Objective Reality
    7. Absolution
    8. Ivory Tower
    9. Sky Splitter
    10. Ataxia IV
    11. Treadstone
    Within The Ruins
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  • Kiln House Kiln House Quick View

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    Kiln House


    Mac's first post-Green LP (1970) runs the gamut from throwback rockabilly to crunching rock riffs to relaxed folk-pop: This Is the Rock; Station Man; Hi Ho Silver; One Together; Mission Bell , and more!

    1. This Is The Rock
    2. Station Man
    3. Blood On The Floor
    4. Hi Ho Silver
    5. Jewel Eyed Judy
    6. Buddy's Song
    7. Earl Gray
    8. One Together
    9. Tell Me All The Things You Do
    10. Mission Bell
    Fleetwood Mac
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  • At Bay At Bay Quick View

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    At Bay

    Debut from the London based three-piece. The Wharves combine gracefully minimal psyche-rock with fuzzed out folk. Their songwriting remains consistently rich throughout 'At Bay' largely due to the startling harmonies of Gemma Fleet (bass) and Dearhla Minogue (guitar) bonding each of the albums 13 tracks. The glorious production courtesy of Rory Attwell (The Vaccines, Veronica Falls) makes for a unique debut. They invoke the spook of 60s girl groups, the mid-fi guitar crunch of The Amps, the vocal flavours of The Roches and the narrative of 70's progressive folk. Marion Andrau's thunderous drumming drives through these compositions, ensuring the wealth of disparate influences remain focused and celebratory.
    1. Left, Right and Centre
    2. The Grip
    3. Scarlet For Ya
    4. Turtleneck
    5. Faultline
    6. By Hook or By Crook
    7. Ode à Jimmy
    8. Renew
    9. Keep On
    10. Mother Damnable
    11. The Crane
    12. Stir
    13. First Day Back
    The Wharves
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  • Broken Boy Soldiers Broken Boy Soldiers Quick View

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    Broken Boy Soldiers

    Copper-embossed, gatefold tip-on jackets from Stoughton

    Broken Boy Soldiers is the debut album from the Raconteurs. By pairing pop songsmith Brendan Benson with hard-rocking Jack White (the White Stripes) and backing them with the crack rhythm section of Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler (both of the Greenhornes) what resulted is a completely kick-ass album. From the anthemic volley of Steady, As She Goes to the sing-songy crunch of Hands and the downright sinister slow creep of Blue Veins this album covers the complete range of human emotion.

    Broken Boy Soldiers is the first proper vinyl reissue from Third Man (both the V2 and XL versions of this LP are out-of-print) with plans to tackle the rest of the White Stripes and Jack White back catalog already in the works. Third Man aims for these reissues to be the definitive, go-to versions of all their titles and this issue of Broken Boy Soldiers definitely earns that distinction.

    1. Steady As She Goes

    2. Hands

    3. Broken Boy Soldier

    4. Intimate Secretary

    5. Together

    6. Level

    7. Store Bought Bones

    8. Yellow Sun

    9. Call It A Day

    10. Blue Veins
    The Raconteurs
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Swan Singles Collection 1963-1967 The Swan Singles Collection 1963-1967 Quick View

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    The Swan Singles Collection 1963-1967

    The crunching, smack-in-your-face power chords driving hard rock's thundering heart can be traced directly back to Link Wray.

    His pulverizing sound forged a new path for rock 'n' roll guitar, and he was never more
    lethal than during his 1963-1967 tenure at Philadelphia-based Swan Records.

    Link unleashed some of the nastiest licks of his phenomenal recording career on the mighty Swan seven-inchers, all of which are corralled on this Sundazed double 180gm gatefold edition, in crunchily accurate sound courtesy of the original mono master tapes!

    1. Jack The Ripper
    2. The Black Widow
    3. Week End
    4. Turnpike U.S.A.
    5. The Sweeper
    6. Run Chicken Run
    7. The Shadow Knows
    8. My Alberta
    9. Deuces Wild
    10. Summer Dream
    11. Good Rockin' Tonight
    12. I'll Do Anything For You
    13. Branded
    14. Hang On
    15. Please Please Me
    16. Rumble '65
    17. Girl From The North Country
    18. You
    19. Hurt Me So
    20. The Fuzz
    21. Ace Of Spades
    22. Batman Theme
    23. Alone
    24. Ace Of Spades
    25. Hidden Charms
    26. Let The Good Times Roll
    27. Soul Train
    Link Wray
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Peach Kelli Pop III Peach Kelli Pop III Quick View

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    Peach Kelli Pop III

    3rd album of Sticky Bubblegum pop hits!!! "Deftly crafted pop hooky as hell & to the point sweet yet detached like the fading flavor of a watermelon Jolly Rancher long crunched & swallowed." - Pitchfork
    1. Princess Castle 1987
    2. Shampoo
    3. Heart Eyes
    4. Bat Wing
    5. Nude Beach
    6. Plastic Love
    7. Big Man
    8. Sailor Moon
    9. New Moon
    10. Please Come Home
    Peach Kelli Pop
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  • All We Need All We Need Quick View

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    All We Need

    elegant pop that takes in tender soul, muscled rock and flickers of hip-hop attitude." - The New York Times

    On his second full-length we find 19 year-old Raury Tullis an impassioned and vexed hip-hop/soul/folk prodigy. Sung and rapped lyrics on irresponsible friends and lovers, modern consumerism and poverty enflame an outstanding album that blazes through his almost showy arsenal. But Raury's scrappiness keeps things authentic. The frantic "Revolution" crunches with intent, "Trap Tears" flits outrageously between gorgeous, earnest acoustic verses and a low-slung crunk chorus and even the lighter moments ("Mama", "Friends") have a Woodstock earthiness.

    1. All We Need
    2. Revolution
    3. Forbidden Knowledge
    4. Woodcrest Manor II
    5. CPU
    6. Devil's Whisper

    1. Peace Prevail
    2. Crystal Express
    3. Love is Not a Four Letter Word
    4. Her
    5. Trap Tears
    6. Mama
    7. Kingdom Come
    8. Friends

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Holding Hands With Jamie Holding Hands With Jamie Quick View

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    Holding Hands With Jamie

    Holding Hands with Jamie, Girl Band's debut album, comes a few years into their tenure; a few years after their first tour, nine days crammed into a Fiat Panda; a few years of stamping 7" sleeves to sell at merch tables and mail-order; a few years of writing songs and touring and developing a live ferocity unmatched by nearly anyone. Recorded in April 2015, two days after returning home from their first-ever US tour, the nine tracks making up Holding Hands with Jamie capture, more than any previous recordings, the tension and abrasive energy of a Girl Band performance. Recalling any number of things but for only milliseconds at a time, Girl Band make a mockery of comparisons, because you can only get as far as "oh this bit sounds like-" before a guitar scuff-screams, the bass crunches like a car in a bailing press, or something else visceral and glorious comes from the speakers, and the thought's erased.
    1. Umbongo
    2. Pears For Lunch
    3. Baloo
    4. In Plastic
    5. Paul
    6. The Last Riddler
    7. Texting An Alien
    8. Fucking Butter
    9. The Witch Doctor
    Girl Band
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  • A New Day Yesterday A New Day Yesterday Quick View

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    A New Day Yesterday


    Named after the early Jethro Tull classic, which he expertly covers here in a jaw-dropping performance, A New Day Yesterday is a fine debut by guitar ace Joe Bonamassa. And though his record company tried to ride the coattails of teenage guitar prodigies like Kenny Wayne Shepard and Jonny Lang and position him (misguidedly and much too late) as a straight-up prodigal blues kid, Bonamassa is really much more than a traditional bluesman. Rather, as best exemplified by the Jethro Tull number cited above, his bluesy take on Free's Walk in My Shadows, or his hard boogie romp through Al Kooper's Nuthin' I Wouldn't Do (For a Woman Like You), this excellent debut places the guitarist's influences as much in classic '70s hard rock as in the blues. Along with his deceptively age-wearied vocals (he was only 22 at the time of this recording), this unusual combination translates into the aggressive, soulful crunch heard on Bonamassa's many original compositions. Among these, the jolting double whammy of Miss You, Hate You and Colour and the Shape (note the Anglicized spelling) are the most obvious standouts, but the guitarist also makes the Warren Haynes-penned If Heartaches Were Nickels his own with a tense, riveting performance. All in all, a promising debut.

    -All Music Guide

    Cradle Rock
    Walk In My Shadows
    A New Day Yesterday
    I Know Where I Belong
    Miss You, Hate You (Rock Radio Remix)
    Nuthin' I Wouldn't Do (For A Woman Like You)
    Colour And Shape
    Headaches To Heartbreaks
    Trouble Waiting
    If Heartaches Were Nickels
    Current Situation
    Don't Burn Down That Bridge
    Joe Bonamassa
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Clark Clark Quick View

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    This is where the sounds of the machine meet the sounds of the world. A protracted club experience distilled into a cinematic, immersive whole. Clark's chiseled vision of techno contextualized for a post-rave environment - the clean, cold edges of technology eroded over time to produce raw, fascinating new textures. These textures lay the foundations for a hugely kaleidoscopic listening experience. I wanted to let the weather in with this album, Clark explains. It's outward looking, it's drenched in sounds of the outside world, sounds free from human intervention: branches crackling in the wind, storms brewing, the stillness of settling snow. It's all in there, amongst the moreish crunch of industrial machinery". The essence of the new being carved from an unheard ancientness appears throughout 'Clark', a tactile interaction between alien elements creating something that would not have otherwise existed. The machines hold their own against nature: 'Banjo' is a straight up MPC/synth funk jam played over three notes, the hypnotic arpeggios of 'Unfurla' are underpinned by a solid 4/4 kick drum, peak-rave euphoria is captured in 'There's a Distance In You'. At its essence 'Grit In The Pearl' is more Berghain than Guggenheim - a club banger, albeit in a parallel dimension filtered through the 'Clark' lens, lending new context to its spiralling rave chords. The theme of reduction, a sculpture of sound, wins out in the end. Closing beatless piece 'Everlane' is a cathartic conclusion to 'Clark', the elements ultimately refined into timeless, ethereal melodies echoing into the ages: It straddles this fine line of being ultimate bliss and sadness at the same time. I find this emotional terrain compelling and keep on coming back to it. I need that epic sense of closure.
    1. Ship Is Flooding
    2. Winter Linn
    3. Unfurla
    4. Strength Through Fragility
    5. Sodium Trimmers
    7. Snowbird
    8. The Grit In The Pearl
    9. Beacon
    10. Petroleum Tinged
    11. Silvered Iris
    12. There's A Distance In You
    13. Everlane
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  • 10X10 10X10 Quick View

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    Before his untimely death in 2012, renowned American rock guitarist Ronnie Montrose began recording an ambitious passion project with bassist Ricky Phillips (Styx, Bad English) and drummer Eric Singer (Kiss, Alice Cooper). The idea was to record 10 songs with 10 different singers and call the album 10X10. Sadly, Montrose was unable to see the album through during his lifetime. Instead, Phillips made it his mission to finish the songs by enlisting a small army of Ronnie's musician friends to record the vocals and the guitar solos for each song, completing the album in recent years.

    Phillips says the songs represent some of Montrose's best work. "His songs still have the fire and angst of a young rebel, but with some added wisdom and foresight voiced in his own unique language of 'guitar-speak.' On 10X10, we hear Ronnie at the top of his game, from the opening crunch guitar of 'Heavy Traffic,' all the way to the closing song, 'I'm Not Lying,' which was Ronnie's tip of the hat to his friend Robin Trower."

    10X10 features inspired pairings, like Deep Purple singer Glenn Hughes with Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen ("Still Singin' With The Band") and singer Sammy Hagar with Toto guitarist Steve Lukather ("Color Blind"). Legendary blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa also showcases his guitar talents on the track "The Kingdom's Come Undone" with Ricky Phillips on vocals. A few artists both sing and play, like Edgar Winter ("Love Is An Art") and Tommy Shaw ("Strong Enough").

    Several artists who appear on 10X10 had recorded with Ronnie during his career, like Edgar Winter, who included the guitarist on his 1972 album, They Only Come Out At Night. Sammy Hagar got his start singing with Montrose. Between 1973-75, he recorded two influential albums - Montrose and Paper Money - with the band and toured the world.
    More than 40 years later, Hagar was among the first who agreed to help finish Ronnie's final album. "It's valuable to have 10X10 be seen as Ronnie's last work, rather than going and digging up some stuff from his past. This was something he truly had a vision for," says Hagar.

    1. Heavy Traffic Feat. Eric Martin & Dave Meniketti
    2. Love Is An Art Feat. Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer
    3. Color Blind Feat. Sammy Hagar & Steve Lukather
    4. Still Singin' With The Band Feat. Glenn Hughes, Phil Collen & Jimmy "Z" Zavala
    5. Strong Enough Feat. Tommy Shaw
    6. Any Minute Feat. Mark Farner & Ricky Phillips
    7. The Kingdom's Come Undone Feat. Ricky Phillips & Joe Bonamassa
    8. One Good Reason Feat. Bruce Turgon & Brad Whitford
    9. Head On Straight Feat. Davey Pattison & Marc Bonilla
    10. I'm Not Lying Feat. Gregg Rolie, Tom Gimbel & Lawrence Gowan
    Ronnie Montrose (feat. Ricky Phillips and Eric Singer)
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  • Headspace Headspace Quick View

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    Colored Vinyl

    The band is back with their second full-length album, "Headspace". For this release, they returned to
    producer Kris Crummett (Sleeping With Sirens, Dance Gavin Dance), and the result is 13 tracks that are
    some the band's best work to date. Headspace delivers more genre bending tracks, combining heavy
    rock and melodic choruses spirited by dueling vocalists Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn. Carter and Bohn
    sound better than ever, with Tyler delivering his signature, beautiful soulful soaring vocals and Michael
    crunching onto the track with his fierce hard hitting screams and melodic hooks.

    ISSUES have taken the ground-work built on their debut full length and created a fully realized album
    that is guaranteed to set them up as major players in the scene for years to come. Headspace delivers
    100% on the promise shown through their debut EP and debut full length. It embodies everything that
    ISSUES is, and what fans have come to love.

    1. The Realest
    2. Home Soon
    3. Lost-n-found (On A Roll)
    4. Yung & Dum
    5. Made To Last
    6. Flojo
    7. Hero
    8. Coma
    9. Rank Rider
    10. Blue Wall
    11. Someone Who Does
    12. I Always Knew
    13. Slow Me Down
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Just Enough Hip To Be Woman (Awaiting Repress) Just Enough Hip To Be Woman (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Just Enough Hip To Be Woman (Awaiting Repress)

    The Oklahoma band BRONCHO crafts sing-along anthems that combine punk and garage-rock. It combines the best elements of both genres: raw guitar
    chords and energy, plus DIY sentiment, but with hi-fi production.

    Harkening back to punk rock's glory days of the 70s, BRONCHO captures the aggression, authenticity and youthful exhilaration of a bygone era. With
    echoes of The Replacements, Iggy and the Stooges and The Ramones, BRONCHO is a blisteringly cathartic flash of gritty, crunching guitar work
    supported by an assaultive rhythm section and made whole by songwriter Ryan Lindsey's aggressive, yelping vocal work.

    2. Class Historian
    3, Deena
    4. Stay Loose
    5. NC-17
    6. I'm Gonna Find Out Where He's At
    7. Stop Tricking
    8. Taj Mahal
    9. It's On
    10. Kurt
    11. China
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Cattle Callin' (Awaiting Repress) Cattle Callin' (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Cattle Callin' (Awaiting Repress)

    Shelton Hank Williams, aka Hank III, presents two new projects: Attention Deficit Domination and 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin. Both are intensely metal-driven records on which Hank III plays all instruments. Attention Deficit Domination is a pressure-dropping, doom rock statement that has been anticipated by his hardcore fans for years, and Cattle Callin explores a new mind-bending 'Cattle Core' sound, featuring Hank III's speed metal woven in and around actual cattle auctioneering.

    Attention Deficit Domination allows the listener into Hank III's crunching metal world of the heavy and the slow, complete with his renowned fundamental percussion. The nine tracks hardly allow you to get up from the floor. With songs such as I Feel Sacrificed and the tormented Livin Beyond Doom, Hank III works a ground somewhere between devastation and high theater. Both A.D.D. and Cattle Callin' are very intense. It's very manic, Hank III explains. It's hard to follow, even for the guys I play with. I'm playing everything on these two. It's very complex.

    There are 23 tracks on Cattle Callin, featuring Hank III's driving, formidable guitar attack, with instrumentation built around the auctioneering tongue-in-cheek humor with titles such as Heavy Cattle and Angus of Death. Also fans of bluegrass will love the banjo-driven Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues, featuring Mason. I was raised around it (cattle auctioneering) and it's pretty amazing how fast these guys are, Hank III says. Hip-hop has looped auctioneers. Bluegrass has meessed around with it a little bit. This has never been done in the heavy metal world.

    1. Tim Dowler - Black Cow
    2. Joe Goggins - Now Theres A Bull
    3. Dan Clark - 37 Heffers
    4. Tim Dowler - Mad Cow
    5. Mitch Jordan Branded
    6. Tim Dowler - Square Bailor
    7. Jason Miller - Cuttin Hay
    8. Mitch Jordan - Y Bar Ranch
    9. Countin Cows
    10. Mad Cow
    11. Dominic Herrera - Lot 53
    12. Hugh Howell - Cow Sold
    13. Hugh Howell & Eddie Cope - Cow Mortal
    14. Gwynn Howell - Bull Balls
    15. Hugh Howell - Heavy Cattle
    16. Y Bar Ranch
    17. Black Cow
    18. Eddie Cope Longhorn
    19. Square Bailor
    20. Moo You
    21. Tim Dowler - Angus of Death
    22. Jason Miller - Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues
    23. Branded
    Hank Williams III's Three Bar Ranch
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  • Attention Deficit Domination Attention Deficit Domination Quick View

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    Attention Deficit Domination

    Shelton Hank Williams, aka Hank III, presents two new projects: Attention Deficit Domination and 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin. Both are intensely metal-driven records on which Hank III plays all instruments. Attention Deficit Domination is a pressure-dropping, doom rock statement that has been anticipated by his hardcore fans for years, and Cattle Callin explores a new mind-bending 'Cattle Core' sound, featuring Hank III's speed metal woven in and around actual cattle auctioneering.

    Attention Deficit Domination allows the listener into Hank III's crunching metal world of the heavy and the slow, complete with his renowned fundamental percussion. The nine tracks hardly allow you to get up from the floor. With songs such as I Feel Sacrificed and the tormented Livin Beyond Doom, Hank III works a ground somewhere between devastation and high theater. Both A.D.D. and Cattle Callin' are very intense. It's very manic, Hank III explains. It's hard to follow, even for the guys I play with. I'm playing everything on these two. It's very complex.

    There are 23 tracks on Cattle Callin, featuring Hank III's driving, formidable guitar attack, with instrumentation built around the auctioneering tongue-in-cheek humor with titles such as Heavy Cattle and Angus of Death. Also fans of bluegrass will love the banjo-driven Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues, featuring Mason. I was raised around it (cattle auctioneering) and it's pretty amazing how fast these guys are, Hank III says. Hip-hop has looped auctioneers. Bluegrass has meessed around with it a little bit. This has never been done in the heavy metal world.

    1. In The Camouflage
    2. I Feel Sacrificed
    3. Bend
    4. Make A Fall
    5. Livin Beyond Doom
    6. Demons Mark
    7. Aman
    8. Get Str8
    9. Goats N Heathans
    Hank Williams III's Attention Deficit Domination
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  • Prison Sweat Prison Sweat Quick View

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    Prison Sweat

    On their third LP Prison Sweat Total Abuse blast and sometimes almost sludge through 7 tracks of great hardcore punk (with two tracks reaching over the 7 minute mark). Opening with an opus of blistering, seething, crunching noise then bursting into tracks that are as catchy and nauseous as their influences, This is Total Abuse at their best and most ferociously open. TA posses an honesty and anger missing from a lot of their contemporaries allowing them to dwell deep in your brain for a long while after you listen. First pressing is a limited run of 500.
    1. Final Passage
    2. Early Morning
    3. Rotting Foil
    4. Masked Killer
    5. Hogg
    6. Hidden Blood
    7. Prison Sweat
    Total Abuse
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Raspberries Best The Raspberries Best Quick View

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    The Raspberries Best

    Go All the Way: The Absolute Finest Singles from the 1970s Power-Pop Mavens

    Vocalist Eric Carmen and Co. Deliver One Punchy Chord and Contagious Melody After Another

    Britpop, Psychedelia, Pop, and Arena Rock Blends Drive Hits Such as "Go All the Way" and "I Wanna Be With You"

    Mellifluously Airy Harmonies: LP Mastered on Mobile Fidelity's World-Renowned Mastering System and Pressed at RTI

    Red Colored Vinyl

    The matching Mod suits, trim haircuts, and youthful appearance weren't just for play. The Raspberries' looks extended to their irresistibly catchy and refreshingly concise music, a blend of bouncy Britpop, lazy-day psychedelia, mellifluous pop, and crunch arena rock that stands apart from the epic pomposity of most of the early 70s' commercial trends and continues to linger as some of the most expertly crafted sounds ever created. Over the course of four albums, the singles-minded group cut their share of memorable sides. They're all here on this 1976 compilation. And now, they possess a fidelity that even the original LPs lacked.

    Mastered on Mobile Fidelity's internationally renowned mastering system and pressed at RTI, this Silver Label LP extracts more information from the grooves, extending the spaces between instruments and breathing newfound life into the swirling vocal harmonies. The group's trademark singing is airier, the highs free of constraints, and the string-laden accents enriched with natural decay. Improved, too, are the quartet's amplifier-driven chords and frisky drumming, aspects that possess a palpable crunch typical of British Invasion acts.

    Adept at both gorgeous devotional ballads and upbeat, fist-pumping rockers, the Raspberries claim a multifaceted talent in leader Eric Carmen, a crooner whose capacity to turn on a dime from a sweet falsetto to searing cry infuses the band's tunes with emotional exuberance and bittersweet weight. He lends sentimental grace to epic piano weepers such as "Don't Want to Say Goodbye" and amiable snarl to carefree numbers like "I Wanna Be With You." However, the Raspberries' greatest asset relates to their harmonic prowess.

    Multi-part group vocals on bounding, surf-referencing fare ("Drivin' Around") and catchy, summery material ("Tonight") recall both the Beach Boys and Beatles. Yet the Raspberries bring a unique edge and R&B-etched rhythm to tunes that stand as proto power-pop staples. Thematically, the ensemble keeps lyrics as simple and memorable as its hooks, with a majority of songs speaking to the pleasures of romance and love. Breezy, fun, and indelible, it's music that never goes out of style.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Go All the Way
    2. Tonight
    3. Ecstasy
    4. I Wanna Be With You
    5. I Can Remember
    6. Overnight Sensation
    7. Let's Pretend
    8. Drivin' Around
    9. Starting Over
    10. Don't Want to Say Goodbye
    The Raspberries
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • White Lightning: Lost Cadence Sessions White Lightning: Lost Cadence Sessions Quick View

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    White Lightning: Lost Cadence Sessions

    Surf, Cycles and Super Guitar Crunch! The kids of 1958 loved 'em, and their first single for Cadence Records shot up the charts like a label owner's dream. This is the fantastic and fiery album that was supposed to have been released as a follow-up to one of the all-time great instrumental classics, the ultra-menacing "Rumble." But faster than you can say "Drag Race," everyone-Cadence label-owner Archie Bleyer included-was talking about this new threat to the morals of American youth. That's why Link and his boys were off the imprint, and this album of prime distorto-guitar-crunch cool remained unreleased for nearly 50 years. Well here it is, and it's every bit as dirty and dangerous as you would expect!
    1. White Lightning
    2. Creepy
    3. Drag Race
    4. Pancho Villa
    5. Walking with Link
    6. Raw-Hide
    7. Dance Contest
    8. Missing Link
    9. Heartbreak Hotel
    10. Comanche
    11. Rebel Rouser
    12. Patricia
    13. The Freeze
    14. School Girl
    Link Wray
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Hiss Spun Hiss Spun Quick View

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    Hiss Spun

    Features Etching On Side D (No Music)

    While past albums operated on the intimacy of stripped-down folk music (The Grime and the Glow, Unknown Rooms), or the throbbing pulse of supplemental electronics (Pain Is Beauty, Abyss), Chelsea Wolfe's sixth official album Hiss Spun wrings its exquisiteness out of a palette of groaning bass, pounding drums, and crunching distortion. Recorded by Kurt Ballou (Converge), the album was conceived as an emotional purge, a means of coming to terms with the tumult of the outside world by exploring the complexities of one's inner unrest. I'm at odds with myself, she explains. I got tired of trying to disappear. The record became very personal in that way. I wanted to open up more, but also create my own reality. Hiss Spun features contributions by Aaron Turner (Old Man Gloom, SUMAC) and Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age, Failure).

    1. Spun
    2. 16 Psyche
    3. Vex (feat. Aaron Turner)
    4. Strain
    5. The Culling
    6. Particle Flux
    7. Twin Fawn
    8. Offering
    9. Static Hum
    10. Welt
    11. Two Spirit
    12. Scrape
    Chelsea Wolfe
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Defying Gravity Defying Gravity Quick View

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    Defying Gravity

    Mr Big's new album, DEFYING GRAVITY deftly showcases that patented MR. BIG blend of crunch and melody, from the freight-train ride of opening cut Open Your Eyes to the harmony-laden wonderment of Damn I'm in Love Again to the grateful/wistful nostalgia of 1992 (recalling the days when the band was flying high atop the singles charts with their international #1 smash To Be With You) to the barn burning slide-blues closer, Be Kind. Overall, DEFYING GRAVITY is prime evidence that the only thing MR. BIG remains tethered to is their ongoing pursuit of achieving creative excellence.

    Original members Eric Martin (lead vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitars), Billy Sheehan (bass) and Pat Torpey (drums) reunited with producer Kevin Elson (who was behind the boards for the band's 1989 self-titled debut, 1991's LEAN INTO IT and 1993's BUMP AHEAD) for an intensive six-day recording session in Los Angeles. While Torpey was unable to perform some of the songs on DEFYING GRAVITY due to a recent diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, Matt Starr has been filling in for him on a majority of the album. Starr also been touring with the band for the past couple of years, with Torpey able to play a couple of songs at each stop.

    It was great to get back in the studio with our original producer, Kevin Elson, says guitarist Paul Gilbert. Kevin recorded all of our original classic albums from the '80s and '90s, and we immediately felt that magic chemistry with him on DEFYING GRAVITY. We basically played live in the studio. Over the years, we've all had a chance to experiment with every recording technique possible, but it's still always the best just to play together as a band. Most of my guitar solos were tracked live with the band. I've worked hard on my improvisation in the last few years, and it really paid off on this record both melodically, and on the face-melting stuff.

    DEFYING GRAVITY is the follow-up to 2014's THE STORIES WE COULD TELL (Frontiers Music Srl), which described as An exceptional offering of accelerated hard rock from one of the more dominant 'supergroups' of the late 1980s, MR. BIG return with a vengeance on THE STORIES WE COULD TELL.

    1. Open Your Eyes
    2. Defying Gravity
    3. Everybody Needs a Little Trouble
    4. Damn I'm In Love Again
    5. Mean to Me
    6. Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good)
    7. Forever and Back
    8. She's All Coming Back to Me Now
    9. 1992
    10. Nothing At All
    11. Be Kind
    Mr. Big
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  • Dethalbum III Dethalbum III Quick View

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    Dethalbum III

    Dethklok returns this fall with Metalocalypse: Dethklok Dethalbum III, The highly anticipated follow up that fans have been begging for. Metalocalypse, the hit Adult Swim show centers around the biggest, most metalest band in the world, Dethklok. As the band goes about their daily affairs, the evil Tribunal tries in vain to stop Dethklok from expanding their empire. Dethalbum III offers 12 brand new tracks that are more brutal than ever before. Prepare for an onslaught of bone-crunching Nordic riffs that will force you to your knees. The Metalocalypse has begun.
    1. I Ejaculate Fire

    2. Crush the Industry

    3. Andromeda

    4. The Galaxy

    5. Starved

    6. Killstardo Abominate

    7. Ghostqueen

    8. Impeach God

    9. Biological Warfare

    10. Skyhunter

    11. The Hammer

    12. Rejoin

    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Ted Nugent (45 RPM) Ted Nugent (45 RPM) Quick View

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    Ted Nugent (45 RPM)

    The Best-Sounding Track - Stranglehold - Has Side 1 All To Itself! Cut At 45 RPM, Spread Over One Whole Side - Unbelievable Sound! Stranglehold Indeed!

    Gatefold Jacket!

    Mastered By Ryan Smith At Sterling Sound Using Legendary Mastering Engineer George Marino's Notes From His Original Mastering Sessions With The Original Analog Tapes!

    Remastered By Smith In George's Mixing Room Using Marino's VMS 80 Lathe

    200-Gram Vinyl Plated By Gary Salstrom And Pressed At Quality Record Pressings, The World's Finest Lp Maker!

    Self-Titled Album Made Nugent And His Gonzo Guitar A Rock Icon!

    There was a moment, in 1975 to be exact, when Ted Nugent was taken very seriously. As a musician. Before he decided to become whatever it is that he is now. ... Let's think back to 1975 when Ted was just a sex-crazed rock star who made a killer self-titled debut solo record that has now been remastered and reissued as a gatefold, by Chad Kassem's Analogue Productions and Quality Record Pressings. While his songwriting interests have never really changed, these were the best takes on all those ideas that Nugent would from this point on build his career on. ... on Ted Nugent his guitar riffs were never sharper, his playing never less indulgent. This is a record where even the inner cuts like 'Just What the Doctor Ordered' and 'Queen of the Forest' were good to great. - Robert Baird, Stereophile, May 2014

    We were fortunate with this one. Fortunate you say? How so? Well for starters, the late and lauded mastering engineer George Marino at Sterling Sound mastered and cut the original 1975 release of Ted Nugent. Almost 40 years later, after some digging by George's protege, Ryan Smith, on behalf of this Analogue Productions reissue - lo and behold - George's mastering notes resurfaced as well as the original analog tape masters.

    With the release of Ted Nugent, the self-proclaimed Motor City Madman and god of gonzo guitar became not just a star, but one of rock 'n' roll's icons. The songs Motor City Madhouse and Just What The Doctor Ordered would become two of many of Ted's road anthems. These and the other 10 monster tracks on Ted Nugent were clear evidence that Ted was an artist to be reckoned with.

    Ted Nugent still likes to reflect back on what his critics were saying as he put his band, the Amboy Dukes, to rest and started the next phase of his career-one that would be under his own vision, his own direction and most importantly, his own name.

    I remember some of the more creative writers of the ilk claimed it would be 'the final nail in my coffin' - quote, unquote, Nugent says with a redemptive laugh. I knew better.

    The mention of Ted's name elicits different reactions from rock fans today in different parts of the country. Nods of familiarity on both coasts, and clenched fists and knowing grins in the vast Midwest and South. He's sold millions of albums. Rock radio couldn't play enough of him - and neither could promoters, who made him the hardest-working and top-grossing gunslinger of the mid- and late-'70s. While most other rockers posed with their sleek Stratocasters and Les Pauls, there was Nugent, whipping his mane of hair around his head as he cranked out sound on his big Gibson Birdland, a hog of a guitar with rich, thick and creamy tones - clearly not something to be trusted to amateurs. But in Nugent's hands it screamed, squealed and cried, providing a vivid 3-D voice for the monster crunch of Stranglehold, the menacing stomp of Stormtroopin and the fiery boogie of Hey Baby, Motor City Madhouse and Snakeskin Cowboys.

    We feel this is Ted's finest recording by far. And here, you'll hear this classic more clearly and vividly than ever before. This reissue was remastered by Smith in the late George Marino's mixing room at Sterling Sound using Marino's VMS 80 lathe and an ATR 102 tape machine modified by Mike Spitz-the only one of its kind in the world.. Then this 200-gram vinyl beauty was pressed by Quality Record Pressings, makers of the world's finest LPs, where it was plated for vinyl by Gary Salstrom, QRP's master plating technician and general manager. The power burned into these grooves is difficult to find anywhere else this side of the Atlantic, and indeed it remains a rare commodity anywhere in the world.

    As Ted himself proclaims: If anyone wanted to know what rock 'n' roll was all about, this is the only album they'll need.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    LP 1
    1. Stranglehold
    2. Stormtroopin'
    3. Hey Baby
    4. Just What the Doctor Ordered

    LP 2
    1. Snakeskin Cowboys
    2. Motor City Madhouse
    3. Where Have You Been All My Life
    4. You Make Me Feel Right at Home
    5. Queen of the Forest

    Ted Nugent
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP 45 RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Blue Lights On The Runway Blue Lights On The Runway Quick View

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    Blue Lights On The Runway

    After critical raves, three national tours and multiple late-night TV bookings surrounding their breakout album Flock, Irish band Bell X1 is back with the ambitious and cutting Blue Lights on the Runway. Their second album on Yep Roc Records, BLOTR belies a synth-based metamorphosis for the group Paste Magazine called, one of Ireland's greatest bands. The central creative trio of Paul Noonan, Dave Geraghty and Dominic Phillips retained the melody-focused approach of their first album but expanded their sound through the addition of glitchy electronic nuances ('The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella') crunching, prominent guitars ('Breastfed') and glittery art pop ('The Great Defector'). Noonan's gorgeous ballad 'Light Catches Your Face' anchors the work, exemplifying the emotional gamut fans have come to expect from the versatile rockers. Touring, licensing and the excitement of their now legendarily rabid fans are sure to combine for an even greater swell of success for Bell X1 in 2009. Quite literally, Blue Lights on the Runway will mark the take-off of a long, rich career.
    The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella

    How Your Heart Is Wired

    The Great Defector
    Blow Ins
    A Better Band
    Light Catches Your Face

    One Stringed Harp
    The Curtains are Twitchin'
    Bell X1
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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