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The Devils Anvil

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  • Hard Rock From The Middle East Hard Rock From The Middle East Quick View

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    Hard Rock From The Middle East


    The Devil's Anvil was a 1960s hard rock band based in New York City. They released one album, Hard Rock from the Middle East, in 1967, showcasing a mix of 1960s hard-rock sound with Arab, Greek and Turkish songs and melodies.

    The music on the album is often sung in Arabic. Its arrangements walk a tightrope between the modern psychedelia of the day and centuries-old traditional folk modalities and melodies.

    Hard Rock from the Middle East was released during escalating tensions between Israel and neighboring Arab countries and the subsequent Arab-Israeli War in 1967. Subsequently, radio stations in the States would not play the album because of its controversial content. Thus making this a hidden gem and highly sought-after album.

    Instrumental in the band's formation was producer Felix Pappalardi, vocalist and bassist of the band Mountain, who helped sign them with Columbia Records.

    Hard Rock from the Middle East is an album that was ahead of its time, and over five decades, it still is. With its stunning musicianship, songcraft, and skillful weaving of musical traditions into a cohesive musical statement, it endures and is perhaps even more relevant today than when it was first released.

    1. Wala Dai
    2. Nahna Ou Diab
    3. Karkadon
    4. Selim Alai
    5. Isme
    6. Besaha
    7. Shisheler
    8. Kley
    9. Hala Laya
    10. Treea Pethya
    11. Misirlou
    The Devil's Anvil
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