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The Knife

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  • Shaking The Habitual (Awaiting Repress) Shaking The Habitual (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Shaking The Habitual (Awaiting Repress)

    The Knife was formed in Gothenburg Sweden by sister/brother duo Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer. Having released four albums as The Knife (including their operatic collaboration with Mt Sims and Planningtorock) and multiple side projects, the duo have proven themselves to be truly unique and prolific artists working by their own rules.

    Shaking the Habitual comes to us veiled in secrecy with few words from the band attached to a teaser video: We didn't plan to make another album. We wanted to do something again but had to find a purpose. Music can be so meaningless. We had to find lust.

    Shaking the Habitual is The Knife's first proper album since 2006's Silent Shout and is highly anticipated.

    1. A Tooth For An Eye
    2. Full Of Fire
    3. A Cherry On Top
    4. Without You My Life Would Be Boring
    5. Wrap Your Arms Around Me
    6. Crake
    7. Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realized
    8. Raging Lung
    9. Networking
    10. Oryx
    11. Stay Out Of Here
    12. Fracking Fluid Injection
    13. Ready To Lose
    The Knife
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Silent Shout Silent Shout Quick View

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    Silent Shout

    Already championed by buzz-talkers and tastemakers, Mute announces the release of Silent Shout, The Knife's third album and first domestic release. The world of The Knife is precise, particular, dark, occult, peculiar. The mysterious duo work mostly on their own in splendid isolation. Silent Shout features The Knife's lurking, textured vocals steeped in a tangled, dark surrealist underbrush. It's is an astounding achievement, intriguing & bewildering, enigmatic and engaging, and never less than compelling. Its jaw-dropping fusion of technology and emotion, circuitry and the soul, melodrama and melody, will leave you gasping.
    LP 1
    1. Silent Shout
    2. Neverland
    3. The Captain
    4. We Share Our Mothers' Health
    5. Na Na Na
    6. Marble House

    LP 2
    1. Like a Pen
    2. From Off to On
    3. Forest Families
    4. One Hit
    5. Still Light

    The Knife
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Imaginature Imaginature Quick View

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    Imaginature is HK119 (a.k.a. Heidi KilpelÄinen)'s third album, which is solely inspired by the beauty, power and mystery of nature. This album, produced by Christoffer Berg (The Knife / Fever Ray / Little Dragon, Depeche Mode) is the result of the manifestation of the world Heidi immersed herself in during the making, and the journey that ensued. The multifaceted nature of this project makes visiting it an intriguing and unique experience that urges you to see her live, in performances that have drawn flattering comparisons to the likes of Grace Jones, David Bowie, Nina Hagen and Iggy Pop.
    1. Wild Grass
    2. Snowblind
    3. Hide
    4. Milky Way
    5. Whale
    6. Iceberg
    7. Adailson
    8. Moss
    9. Spring
    10. Rain
    11. White Owl
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Knife In The Water Knife In The Water Quick View

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    Knife In The Water


    Limited To 500 Copies

    Krzysztof Komeda is regarded as one of the most significant European jazz musicians of the 20th century. His performances with the Komeda Sextet paved the way for modern jazz in Poland and soon caught the attention of filmmakers like the great Roman Polansky. You can find here the first collaborations between the artists: the score for Knife in the Water and Two Men and a Wardrobe.

    1. Knife in the Water
    2. Two Men and a Wardrobe
    Krzysztof Komeda
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Burning Farm Burning Farm Quick View

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    Burning Farm

    Burning Farm is the first album by Shonen Knife, originally released in 1983.
    1. Miracles
    2. Parallel Woman

    3. Twist Barbie
    4. Elephant Pao Pao

    5. Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner's Theme
    6. Animal Song
    7. A Day Of The Factory

    8. Burning Farm
    9. Parrott Polynesia

    10. Watchin' Girl

    11. Banana Fish
    12. Watchin' Girl

    13. Twist Barbie
    Shonen Knife
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Deep Cuts Deep Cuts Quick View

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    Deep Cuts

    Two vinyl LP pressing of the 2005 sophomore album from this Swedish brother/sister duo. The Knife have an appetite for bright, quirky electro-pop and unabashed emotions. The result is Deep Cuts, a colorful album that makes up for an absence in subtlety with an immediacy that should surely reap some commercial rewards. The formula pays dividends on 'Heartbeats' where Karin's vocals are exuberant whilst Olof's synths are brimming with the echo of late 80's disco pop.
    1. Heartbeats
    2. Girls Night Out
    3. Pass This On
    4. One For You
    5. Cop
    6. Listen Now
    7. She's Having A Baby
    8. You Take My Breath Away
    9. Rock Classics
    10. Is It Medicine
    11. You Make Me Like Charity
    12. Got To Let You
    13. Behind The Bushes
    14. Hangin' Out
    The Knife
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Cut With the Cake Knife Cut With the Cake Knife Quick View

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    Cut With the Cake Knife

    Cut With The Cake Knife was recorded by Rose McDowall in 1988 and 1989 following the break up of her group Strawberry Switchblade. Produced with the aid of several musicians in several studios, the album features songs written for the fabled second Strawberry Switchblade album. More importantly, perhaps, it showcases the honest, direct and life-affirming songs of one of the greatest unsung songwriters of the modern pop era at a tumultuous time in her career.
    1. Tibet
    2. Sunboy
    3. Wings of Heaven
    4. Sixty Cowboys
    5. On the Sun
    6. Cut With the Cake Knife
    7. Crystal Nights
    8. Soldier
    9. So Vicious
    10. Don't Fear the Reaper
    11. Crystal Days
    Rose McDowall
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Knife The Knife Quick View

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    The Knife

    1. Neon
    2. Lasagna
    3. Kino
    4. I just had to die
    5. I take time
    6. Parade
    7. Zapata
    8. Bird
    9. N.Y. Hotel
    10. A Lung
    11. Reindeer
    12. High School Poem
    13. Hannah's Conscious
    14. Vegetarian Restaurant
    The Knife
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Knife The Knife Quick View

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    The Knife

    Pressed On Colored Vinyl

    Goldfinger has become a household name in the punk/ska community since their mid 90s inception. With 6 full-length albums under their belt, they have charted in the Billboard Top 200, their self-titled debut album went gold, and have been featured in several films and video games. Nine years after their last release, 2008's "Hello Destiny ", fans will be thrilled that Goldfinger is back with "The Knife" and will be eager to scoop this record on release day. "The Knife" includes 13 catchy, energetic tracks that showcase the evolution of Goldfinger. With a list of highly notable special guests, including Blink-182's Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, Twenty One Pilots' Josh Dun, Mighty Mighty Boss Tones' Nate Albert and ONE OK ROCK's Takahiro Moriuchi among many others, this album is sure to attract existing fans, as well as new listeners.

    1. A Million Miles
    2. Get What I Need
    3. Am I Deaf
    4. Tijuana Sunrise
    5. Put The Knife Away
    6. Don't Let Me Go
    7. Beacon
    8. Who's Laughing Now
    9. Say It Out Loud
    10. Orthodontist Girl
    11. See You Around
    12. Liftoff
    13. Milla
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Mack The Knife: Ella In Berlin Mack The Knife: Ella In Berlin Quick View

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    Mack The Knife: Ella In Berlin

    43-year-old Ella rolls through her typical routine in feisty fashion on this 1960 recording, which documents the opening show of her European tour. There's the Satchmo impersonation (a joyous Mack the Knife), the lengthy scat showcase (How High the Moon), and a bevy of Gershwin and Porter tunes. Supported by pianist Paul Smith's quartet, Ella's voice sounds earthier than usual and her phrasing is as appealing as ever. She's tender on Misty and sultry on Too Darn Hot.
    1. Gone With The Wind
    2. Misty
    3. The Lady Is A Tramp
    4. The Man I Love
    5. Summertime
    6. Too Darn Hot
    7. Lorelei
    8. Mack The Knife
    9. How High The Moon
    Ella Fitzgerald
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Mack The Knife: Ella In Berlin Mack The Knife: Ella In Berlin Quick View

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    Mack The Knife: Ella In Berlin


    "This LP is a classic. Ella Fitzgerald is heard at the peak of her powers during a Berlin concert that is famous for her unique version of 'Mack the Knife'; when she forgot the words in midperformance, she substituted spontaneous and remarkable lyrics of her own. This music (which also includes a hot version of 'How High the Moon') is essential for all serious jazz collections."

    - Scott Yanow (All Music)

    1. That Old Black Magic*
    2. Our Love Is Here To Stay*
    3. Gone With The Wind
    4. Misty
    5. The Lady Is A Tramp
    6. The Man I Love
    7. Summertime
    8. Too Darn Hot
    9. Lorelei
    10. Mack The Knife
    11. How High The Moon?
    11. Love For Sale **
    12. Just One Of Those Things **

    *From the same concert. Not on the original LP
    **Bonus Tracks

    Ella Fitzgerald
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Knife Wounds Knife Wounds Quick View

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    Knife Wounds

    Brothers Born is Joel Stroetzel (Killswitch Engage) and Michael Wyzik (Storm The Ohio). The project is a big departure from the metal of Stroetzel's Killswitch Engage or the indie-americana of Wyzik's bands, occupying a musical middle-ground of sorts. Wyzik and Stroetzel play nearly every note on Knife Wounds, with the exception of some background vocals and drums on two tracks. the duo recorded the record in Stroetzel's Easthampton, MA studios.
    1. In A Moment
    2. Knife Wounds
    3. Parachute
    4. With Bated Breath
    5. To Lay It Down
    6. Lonely Highway
    7. The Border Lord
    8. Until There's Nothing Left
    9. Running Into a Burning House
    10. 8 Am Tail Lights
    11. Before Your Eyes
    Brothers Born
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Butter Knife Butter Knife Quick View

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    Butter Knife

    Limited First Edition LP Pressed On Translucent Gold Vinyl

    LP Comes With 18x24 Insert / Poster

    After nine years of existence, Fullerton's Audacity has left the garage of their
    humble 9th grade beginning, but the garage hasn't left the spirit of their
    music. With two LPs, a slew of EPs, and no shortage of touring under their
    belts, Audacity are hardly a wet-behind-the-ears rock band. Their
    razor-sharp musicianship and high-energy performances were solid enough
    to earn them the privilege of serving as the backing band for both King Tuff
    and Todd Congelliere (Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad to Candyland).
    And while you could hear the band pushing at the boundaries on their prior
    releases-a nod to Descendents melodic hardcore here, a dash of
    Replacements' bar-band irtations there-Audacity seems less interested in
    showing a broad swath of inuences as they are in delivering the craftiest
    hooks and sweatiest live show possible.

    Audacity's latest full-length Butter Knife is still, at its core, a garage rock
    record. The economic instrumentation, grit-tinged guitar jangle,
    pogo-prompting tempos, and sing-along choruses can all be traced back to
    the seminal Nuggets collections. But ultimately, Butter Knife doesn't sound so
    much like an homage to The Sonics as it sounds like a young band striving to
    make the most ebullient and jubilant noise possible. Album opener "Couldn't
    Hold A Candle" is a perfect introduction to Audacity's battle plan-a
    balanced blend of pop sensibility and ribald power. "Hole In The Sky"
    showcases the band's gift for the on-the-dime changes, sophisticated
    melodies, and clever instrumental interplay. "Red Wine" demonstrates a
    Robert Pollard-like knack for turning an unexpected chord combination into a
    remarkably punchy chorus. And album closer "Autumn" harkens back to the
    balladry of power pop kings Big Star. All of which is to say, Audacity are
    tighter and more clever than your average suburban band, and consequently
    they're one of the strongest acts in the Southern Californian garage rock
    scene surrounding Fullerton's DIY label Burger Records (Black Lips, Nobunny,
    Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees).

    1. Couldn't Hold A Candle
    2. Pigs
    3. Hole In The Sky
    4. Cold Rush
    5. Tell Yourself
    6. Rooster
    7. Pick Slide
    8. Onomatopoeia
    9. Watered Down
    10. Red Wine
    11. Crying In The Limelight
    12. Dancing Under Soft Light
    13. Autumn
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Shaken-Up Versions Shaken-Up Versions Quick View

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    Shaken-Up Versions

    The Knife is a Swedish electronic music duo from Gothenburg formed in 1999 consisting of siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer. The Knife have released four albums including their most recent album, Shaking The Habitual in 2013, which was named the album of the year by eMusic.

    Shaken-Up Versions is a mini album of eight classic The Knife tracks featuring new renditions of songs from across their discography. The tracks were reworked especially for the band's Shaking The Habitual North American tour in the Spring of 2014. Two of the tracks, "Pass This On (Shaken-Up Version)" & "Stay Out Here (Shaken-Up Version)" feature vocals from Light Asylum's Shannon Funchess. The Knife simultaneously released a video for "Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Version)" directed by Bitte Andersson.

    The Knife kicked off their first North American tour in seven years by performing at the Outdoor Stage at Coachella. The tour was met with overwhelmingly positive responses from the media and fans alike.

    1. We Share Our Mothers' Health (Shaken-Up Version)
    2. Got 2 Let U (Shaken Up Version)
    3. Bird (Shaken-Up Version)
    4. Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Version)
    5. Pass This On (with Shannon Funchess) (Shaken-Up Version)
    6. Ready To Lose (Shaken-Up Version)
    7. Stay Out Here (with Shannon Funchess) (Shaken-Up Version)
    8. Silent Shout (Shaken-Up Version)
    The Knife
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Dudesblood Dudesblood Quick View

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    Following 2012's Too Tough to Live, quasi-abilly, Alabama alt-cat, Dan Sartain, has announced the release of his next studio effort, 'Dudesblood', out now via One Little Indian. This album promises to be one of his most eclectic yet, with the lead single being a cover of The Knife's 'Pass This On'.
    1. Dudesblood
    2. Pass This On
    3. Marfa Lights
    4. Smash The Tesco
    5. You Don't Know Anything At All
    6. Love Is Suicide
    7. HPV Cowboy
    8. You Gotta Get Mad To Get Things Done
    9. Rawhide Moon
    10. Moonlight Swim
    Dan Sartain
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Plunge (Deluxe Edition) Plunge (Deluxe Edition) Quick View

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    Plunge (Deluxe Edition)

    Deluxe Edition

    Fever Ray's new album, Plunge, is the first release in eight years since the celebrated self-titled debut in 2009. Plunge was recorded in Karin Dreijer's Stockholm studio in collaboration with the producers Paula Temple, Deena Abdelwahed, NÍDIA, Tami T, Peder Mannerfelt and Johannes Berglund. Karin Dreijer is one half of the electronic duo The Knife along with her brother, Olof Dreijer.

    LP 1
    1. Wanna Sip
    2. Mustn't Hurry
    3. A Part Of Us
    4. Falling
    5. IDK About You
    6. This Country

    LP 2
    1. Plunge
    2. To The Moon And Back
    3. Red Trails
    4. An Itch
    5. Mama's Hand

    Fever Ray
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Plunge Plunge Quick View

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    Fever Ray's new album, Plunge, is the first release in eight years since the celebrated self-titled debut in 2009. Plunge was recorded in Karin Dreijer's Stockholm studio in collaboration with the producers Paula Temple, Deena Abdelwahed, NÍDIA, Tami T, Peder Mannerfelt and Johannes Berglund. Karin Dreijer is one half of the electronic duo The Knife along with her brother, Olof Dreijer.
    1. Wanna Sip
    2. Mustn't Hurry
    3. A Part Of Us
    4. Falling
    5. IDK About You
    6. This Country
    7. Plunge
    8. To The Moon And Back
    9. Red Trails
    10. An Itch
    11. Mama's Hand
    Fever Ray
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • 712 712 Quick View

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    712 is a 1991 album by the Japanese rock trio Shonen Knife. The album was named after the contraction of the Japanese words for the numbers 7 (nana), 1 (ichi) and 2 (futatsu, technically an alternate reading than the preceding, literally meaning two things), which, when contracted, sound like na-i-fu. Naifu is the imported word in Japanese for knife.
    1. Shonen Knife
    2. Lazybone
    3. Diet Run
    4. Blue Oyster Cult
    5. Rain
    6. The Luck Of The Irish
    7. My Favorite Town (Osaka)
    8. Faith Healer
    9. Redd Kross
    10. White Flag
    11. Superstar
    12. Expo '90
    13. Fruit Loop Dreams
    14. The Moon World
    15. Baggs
    Shonen Knife
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Pretty Little Baka Guy Pretty Little Baka Guy Quick View

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    Pretty Little Baka Guy

    Pretty Little Baka Guy is a 1986 album by the female Japanese rock trio Shonen Knife.
    1. Making Plans For Bison

    2. Summertime Boogie
    3. I Wanna Eat Chocolate Bars
    4. Public Bath
    5. Devil House
    6. Antonio Baka Guy

    7. Ice Cream City
    8. Ah, Singapore
    9. Riding On The Rocket

    10. Kappa Extract
    Shonen Knife
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Knives & Teeth Knives & Teeth Quick View

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    Knives & Teeth

    Tom Hamilton is best known as one of the founding members of the highly successful electro-rock band, Brothers Past, an endeavor that infused the song structures of The Grateful Dead into the experimental music of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher (a sort of "Pink Floyd with laptops," as Hamilton calls it). When the strictures of band life became creatively stifling, Hamilton decided in 2007 to form American Babies. A loosely-organized operation wherein Hamilton is the sole constant member, American Babies have released three sets over the course of six years: their self-titled debut, which won them numerous festival appearances as well supporting gigs with Sheryl Crow, Derek Trucks and The National; a 2010 EP called Weight of the World; and, in 2011, their second long player, Flawed Logic.

    Knives & Teeth is the powerful new American Babies album fromThe Royal Potato Family. The 10 songs range from uplifting to heartbreaking as Hamilton considers the secrets of childhood, the impending doubts of adulthood and the weight of strained friendships, all set to a soundtrack with the brashness of The Replacements, the sonic intensity of David Bowie and the acoustic majesty of Led Zeppelin.

    When asked to describe his new record, Knives & Teeth, Hamilton's answer is short and compact but, like his lyrics, is loaded with deeper meaning: "It's a 40-minute existential breakdown."

    1. When I Build My Fortune
    2. Cold Blooded
    3. Old Fashioned
    4. Bullseye Blues
    5. This Thing Ain't Goin' Nowheres
    6. Goddamn
    7. They Sing "Old Time Religion"
    8. Running In Place
    9. Fire Sale
    10. Telephone
    American Babies
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • U&I U&I Quick View

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    U&I is the fourth album from the avant garde electronic producer Leila also known for touring and engineering with Bjork. The 13-song, 2LP collection follows-up 2008's Blood Looms & Blooms and finds her collaborating on a number of tracks with Mt. Sims of The Knifes Darwin opera Tomorrow, In A Year fame.
    1. Of One
    2. Activate I
    3. All Of This
    4. Welcome To Your Life
    5. On Consideration
    6. Eight
    7. (Disappointed Cloud) Anyway

    1. Interlace
    2. Colony Collapse Disorder
    3. Boudica
    4. In Motion Slow
    5. U&I
    6. Forasmuch

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Yama-No Attchan Yama-No Attchan Quick View

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    Yama-No Attchan

    Yama no Att-chan is the second album released by Japanese pop punk band Shonen Knife, originally released in 1984.
    1. An Angel Has Come
    2. Cycling Is Fun
    3. Elmar Elevator
    4. Banana Leaf
    5. Chinese Song
    6. Flying Jelly Attack
    7. Cannibal Papaya
    8. Dalí's Sunflower
    9. Insect Collector
    10. Bye Bye
    Shonen Knife
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Your Good Fortune Your Good Fortune Quick View

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    Your Good Fortune

    In conjunction with the new career documentary film Mavis! which premieres at SXSW Film this spring,
    ANTI- is pleased to announce a unique collaboration between two generations of ANTI- artists. For the recording
    of the EP Your Good Fortune, gospel and soul legend Mavis Staples went into the studio with new
    ANTI- singer-songwriter-producer Son Little, recording two new Son Little original songs, and two vivid
    reworkings of Staple Singers classics. To hear Mavis' clarion voice bedded in Son Little's ancient/modern
    swirl of swamp guitar and b-boy programming is to discover the knife edge of Mavis Staples' art.
    1. Your Good Fortune
    2. Fight
    3. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
    4. Wish I Had Answered
    Mavis Staples
    10 180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl EP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Loose Power Loose Power Quick View

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    Loose Power

    When Unwound broke up in 2002, the pioneering post-rock band left a hole in the musical firmament that dozens of acts have been trying and failing to patch up in the years since. Try as they might, they could never quite reach the perfect balance of tension and release, spiny and smooth that made the Olympia-based trio's work so damn powerful.

    Bringing together two ex-Unwound bandmates Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno, Survival Knife is another bracing and energetic shot to the dome by these singular songwriters, and one that they are eager to embrace.

    Getting to this point, however, took some doing. Unlike all of his former musical brethren, singer/guitarist Trosper didn't have any interest in music after Unwound split. Instead, he moved to Los Angeles for a stretch, going to school and helping other bands with recording projects. But after returning to his hometown of Olympia, the itch to take up his guitar against the world returned, and, with the help of longtime musical companion Sandeno and his friends Kris Cunningham (drums) and Meg Cunningham (bass), Survival Knife was born.

    The quartet already garnered a great deal of attention. The West Coast has already had a taste of what Survival Knife has to offer thanks to plenty of NW dates and a tour the band did last year with Modest Mouse. Once Loose Power is in the world, there will be little hope of holding back and soon we'll all be following Survival Knife into the abyss.

    1. Divine Mob

    2. Fell Runner

    3. Gold Widow

    4. Cut the Quick

    5. Roman Fever

    6. Loose Power

    7. Heaven Has No Eyes
    Survival Knife
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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