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The Ring Cycle

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  • Wagner: The Collector's Edition Wagner: The Collector's Edition Quick View

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    Wagner: The Collector's Edition

    The 6-LP limited edition set includes landmark performances from Jessye Norman, Herbert von Karajan, Karl Böhm, Jess Thomas and more; a musthave
    for the dedicated Wagner collector.

    Richard Wagner was one of the most revolutionary figures in the history of music, a composer who made pivotal contributions to the development of harmony and musical drama that reverberate even today. Indeed, though Wagner occasionally produced successful music written on a relatively modest scale, opera -- the bigger, the better -- was clearly his milieu, and his aesthetic is perhaps the most grandiose that Western music has ever known. Early in his career, Wagner learned both the elements and the practical, political realities of his craft by writing a handful of operas which were unenthusiastically, even angrily, received. Beginning with Rienzi (1838-40) and The Flying Dutchman (1841), however, he enjoyed a string of successes that propelled him to immortality and changed the face of music. His monumental Ring cycle of four operas -- Das Rheingold (1853-54), Die WalkÜre (1854-56), Siegfried (1856-71) and GötterdÄmmerung (1869-74) -- remains the most ambitious and influential contribution by any composer to the opera literature. Tristan and Isolde (1857-59) is perhaps the most representative example of Wagner's musical style, which is characterized by a high degree of chromaticism, a restless, searching tonal instability, lush harmonies, and the association of specific musical elements (known as leitmotifs, the flexible manipulation of which is one of the glories of Wagner's music) with certain characters and plot points. Wagner wrote text as well as music for all his operas, which he preferred to call music dramas.

    - Rovi Staff (All Music Guide)

    LP 1 / Wagner: Choruses
    Der fliegende HollÄnder
    1. Act 1 - Mit Gewitter und Sturm aus fernem Meer
    2. Act 2 - Summ und Brumm, du gutes RÄdchen - Dann hÄlt uns lÄnger keine Pflicht (Chor der MÄdchen, Mary, Senta)
    3. Act 3 - Steuermann, lass die Wacht! (nur Chor)
    4. Act 2 - Freudig begrÜßen wir die edle Halle
    5. Act 3 - BeglÜckt darf nun dich, o Heimat, ich schauen - Heil! Heil! Der Gnade Wunder Heil!
    6. Act 1 - Seht, seht! Welch ein seltsam Wunder!
    7. Act 2 - Gesegnet soll sie schreiten
    8. Act 3 - Treulich gefÜhrt ziehet dahin
    Die Meistersinger von NÜrnberg
    9. Act 3 - Wacht auf! Es nahet gen den Tag - Ehrt eure deutschen Meister
    Zweiter Aufzug
    10. Szene 3: Hoiho! Hoihohoho Ihr Gibichsmannen
    11. Act 1 - Zum letzten Liebesmahle gerÜstet Tag fÜr Tag

    LP 2 / Wagner: Tristan and Isolde - Arias & Duets
    Tristan und Isolde
    1. Act 2 - Isolde! Geliebte! - Tristan! Geliebter!
    Tristan und Isolde
    2. Act 2 - Einsam wachend in der Nacht - O ewnge Nacht (Brangaenens Watch and Love Duet ( II))
    3. Act 3 - Mild und leise wie er lÄchelt (Isoldes Liebestod) (Isolde)

    LP 3 / Jess Thomas Sings Richard Wagner
    Die Meistersinger von NÜrnberg
    1. Act 1 - Fanget an!
    2. Act 3 - Morgenlich leuchtend
    3. Act 3 - Höchstes Vertraun hast du mir schon zu danken
    4. Act 3 - In fernem Land, unnahbar euren Schritten
    Die WalkÜre
    Erster Aufzug
    5. Ein Schwert verhieß mir der Vater
    Das Rheingold
    Zweite Szene
    6. Immer ist Undank Loges Lohn!
    7. Act 5 - AllmÄcht'ger Vater, blick herab
    8. Act 3 - Nur eine Waffe taugt

    LP 4 / Wagner: Overtures and Preludes
    1. Overture
    TannhÄuser and the Contest of Song on the Wartburg
    2. Overture
    Die Meistersinger von NÜrnberg
    3. Prelude
    4. Prelude

    LP 5 / Wagner: Tristan and Isolde - Highlights
    Tristan und Isolde
    1. Prelude to Act 1. Langsam und schmachtend
    2. Act 1 - Herr Tristan trete nah - Nun lass uns SÜhne trinken
    3. Act 2 - O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe - ...bald entweicht die Nacht
    Tristan und Isolde
    4. Act 3 - Prelude
    5. Act 3 - O Wonne! Nein! - Isolde - Ha
    6. Act 3 - Tod und Hölle - ...ertrinken, versinken, unbewusst, höchste Lust

    LP 6 / Wagner: TannhÄuser Overture, Siegfried-Idyll, Tristan und Isolde (Excerpts)
    1. Overture
    2. Siegfried Idyll
    Tristan und Isolde
    3. Prelude to Act 1. Langsam und schmachtend
    4. Act 3 - Mild und leise wie er lÄchelt (Isoldes Liebestod)

    Various Artists
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 6 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Year Of No Returning The Year Of No Returning Quick View

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    The Year Of No Returning

    "Furman's poignant lyrics are more prominent than ever and pack a hell of an emotional punch."


    Bar None now has vinyl for Ezra Furman's previously self-released The Year of No Returning.  This cycle of ten songs designated for the months of the year (Jan and Feb. are missing) aim for the self-professed "lofty goal of real protest."  Ezra Furman is a young singer-songwriter with a punky spirit who is not afraid to cram a lot of words in among the hooks and jabs. While taking one for Team Earth he is determined to remain standing in the ring at the center microphone bloody but unbowed. 

    1. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
    2. American Soil
    3. Lay in the Sun
    4. Sinking Slow
    5. That's When It Hit Me
    6. Down
    7. Cruel, Cruel World
    8. Are You Gonna Break My Heart?
    9. Bad Man
    10. The Queen of Hearts
    Ezra Furman
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Nervous Nervous Quick View

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    "Carefully crafted, perfectly balanced, addictively
    melodic" - ROCK-A-ROLLA

    "In cold surroundings, moments of warmth arrive
    with life-affirming brightness, and that's what
    makes Siskiyou's music so memorable" - BLURT

    Siskiyou returns with Nervous, a majestic album of carefully constructed art rock
    built around songwriter and lead singer Colin Huebert's stacked acoustic guitars
    and intimate, whispery vocals. Siskiyou's sound has been previously dubbed a sort
    of 'Northern Gothic', conjuring cold winds and the life-saving warmth of temporary
    shelters and tiny hearth fires. With Nervous, the band continues to push beyond
    the crisp lo-fi intimacy of its early work, and has forged its most confident and
    finely-crafted recording to date, moving fully into auteur and chamber-pop
    territory with a song cycle that brings to mind the meticulousness of mood and
    sonics found in recent work by PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Tindersticks. Inflected
    by an anxious, sussurant restraint, Huebert's voice is supported by the falsetto
    backing vocal counterpoint and economical instrumentation of bandmates Erik
    Arnesen, Peter Carruthers and Shaunn Watt. Fans of the understated and
    underrated 1990s group Swell may also hear a welcome evocation of that group's
    acoustic guitar-driven simplicity and austere deployment of adornments.

    Following Siskiyou's excellent sophomore release Keep Away The Dead in 2011,
    Huebert became afflicted with a serious inner ear condition that eluded
    conventional diagnosis. While honouring a previously-scheduled songwriting
    residency in Dawson City, Yukon in winter 2012, Huebert found himself grappling
    with severe anxiety and an unwelcome interiority, engendered by hyperacusis and
    a house that felt utterly haunted. Intense chronic ear-ringing and panic attacks
    continued throughout the year, for which conventional medicine was unable to find
    any cause or effective treatment; Huebert began focusing on meditation, retreated to
    silence for a period, and then began rehearsing his new songs with the band at
    extremely low volumes. The songs on Nervous are shot through with the entirety of
    this experience: the literal feeling of being trapped in one's head and the physica-lpsychological
    feedback loop of debilitating anxiety; the lyrical themes and tense,
    whispered singing amidst tightly-wrought compositions and arrangements.

    Huebert found solace in new working methods within the controlled environment
    of studio-based production and composition, developing new sonic palettes and
    pursuing new avenues of instrumental arrangement and recording fidelity.
    Working with producer/engineer Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy, Dusted,
    Austra) on most of Nervous, Siskiyou has emerged with by far its most assured,
    ambitious and authoritative recordings, while preserving the economy of elements,
    deft structures, and assiduous melodic deliberation for which the band has been
    rightly celebrated over its two previous albums. In charting escape paths from his
    disquieting cranial confinement, Huebert has very much succeeded in setting his
    songs out on an expansive canvas, while preserving a palpable sense of nervous
    interiority and quiet desperation at their heart.

    1. Deserter
    2. Bank Accounts and Dollar Bills (Give Peace a Chance)
    3. Wasted Genius
    4. Violent Motion Pictures
    5. J.esus in the 70s
    6. Oval Window
    7. Nervous
    8. Imbecile Thoughts
    9. Babylonian Proclivities
    10. Falling Down the Stairs
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Violent Noise Violent Noise Quick View

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    Violent Noise

    Since 2008, The Word Alive have steadily maintained a course towards the forefront of alternative music and continue the upward trajectory with their fifth studio album Violent Noise. The Phoenix-based trio-Telle Smith [vocals], Zack Hansen [guitars], Tony Pizzuti [guitars] -tosses and turns between visceral metallic power and entrancing emotionality encased in swathes of otherworldly electronics. It's a singular sound that has naturally evolved since Deceiver [2010] and through Life Cycles [2012], Real. [2014], and Dark Matter [2016]. They reteamed with the producer behind their last offering Matt Good [Asking Alexandria, From First To Last] and followed a spirit unafraid to experiment. By holding nothing back, The Word Alive's connection rings out louder than ever before on Violent Noise. "The most distracting noise in life is the one that comes from your head," Telle explains. "We all battle with self-doubt, insecurities, and trust. This record is about the balance. There's light and dark. Nevertheless, you always have control. I want to show everybody that. I'm proof."
    1. Red Clouds
    2. Why Am I Like This?
    3. Stare At The Sun
    4. I Fucked Up
    5. War Evermore
    6. Human
    7. I Don't Mind
    8. Real Life
    9. Lost In The Dark
    10 My Enemy
    11. Run Away
    12. Lonely
    The Word Alive
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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