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Tim Heidecker

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  • Too Dumb for Suicide: Tim Heidecker's Trump Songs Too Dumb for Suicide: Tim Heidecker's Trump Songs Quick View

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    Too Dumb for Suicide: Tim Heidecker's Trump Songs

    Vinyl Includes A Cover Of "Trump's Private Pilot" By Father John Misty

    Well here it is. About one year in the making, all my Trump songs in one place. Most of these songs were written and recorded quickly, with the blood still boiling from whatever indignity or absurdity had popped up on my newsfeed that day. Certainly, Trump Tower was written in the rotten dawn, days after Trump's win. Let's hope I don't write any more of these, but I probably will. Thanks to Davin Wood for playing piano on Trump Tower, and thanks to Jonathan Rado, who produced and played on a good number of these (the ones you hear some of that beautiful tape hiss on mostly) - his tribute to Steve Nieve on Imperial Bedroom is particularly inspired. Thanks to Kane Ritchotte and Max Whipple for providing the best rhythm section a boy could ask for, and to Jordan Katz, Taylor Plenn and David Ralicke for laying down some sweet horns on Wilbur Ross. Thanks to Vic Berger for adding some backups to Sentencing Day and for usually being the first audience for these tunes. Thanks to Josh Tillman for surprising me with a tear-inducing cover of Trump's Private Pilot and for allowing us to include it here. Same goes to Andrew Bird for having me over, letting me use our live session and adding beautiful violin and harmony to Trump Talkin' Nukes.

    Finally, NO thanks to Paul Simon who didn't let us include I Am A Cuck - you fucker.

    1. Trump Tower
    2. Imperial Bathroom
    3. Richard Spencer
    4. For Chan
    5. Mar A Lago
    6. Trump's Private Pilot
    7. MAGA
    8. Wilbur Ross
    9. Cooked Chinese Chicken
    10. Trump Talkin' Nukes
    11. Sentencing Day
    12. Trump's Private Pilot (Father John Misty version)
    13. Trump Talkin' Nukes (Live with Andrew Bird) [Bonus Track]
    Tim Heidecker
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  • In Glendale In Glendale Quick View

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    In Glendale

    For the last decade, Tim Heidecker (along with his comedy partner Eric Wareheim) has proven to be one of our cult-comedy greats with his Adult Swim series Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job! and Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories. He's starred in indie films and played sold out stand-up sets around the world.

    But who is Tim Heidecker? Is he a real man with all the regular feels? Well, yes, of course he is. He resides on a hill in Glendale, CA, up to his armpits in diapers, bills, his mortgage, in the workaday life of a writer. It's this pedestrian side of his life from which Heidecker pulls the fodder for the aptly titled In Glendale, his first earnest collection of songwriting under his full name.

    In Glendale shows Heidecker shifting deftly from the mundane to the idiosyncratic; from the sentimental to the caustic; from the earnest to the humorous. His knack for crafting catchy tunes amid curious subject matter pops up in spades across In Glendale. Ghost In My Bed is a lovely little number about cutting off someone's head, sticking it in a plastic bag and burying it beneath the Hollywood sign.

    After an album's worth of songs about Hollywood murder fantasies, diaper changes and even a cameo from director David Gordon Green, you're left desperately trying to wipe the smile off your face.

    1. In Glendale
    2. Cleaning Up The Dog Shit
    3. Work From Home
    4. Ghost In My Bed
    5. Good Looking Babies
    6. When The Cash Runs Out
    7. I Dare You To Watch Me Sleep
    8. Central Air
    9. I Saw Nicolas Cage
    10. Ocean's Too Cold
    Tim Heidecker
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  • Starting From Nowhere Starting From Nowhere Quick View

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    Starting From Nowhere

    Starting From Nowhere is the debut release from Tim Heidecker and Davin Wood (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!). Their recordings here evoke the sounds of the 70's groups such as Steely Dan, The Eagles and Jackson Browne, brought to life with spot-on authenticity by Wood and Heidecker's strange mix of humor and sincerity.
    1. Cross Country Skiing
    2. Right or Wrong
    3. Grandest Canyon
    4. Wedding Song
    5. Desert Island
    6. Life on the Road
    7. Weatherman
    8. A Song for My Father
    9. Right to the Minute
    10. She Left You
    11. Million People
    Heidecker And Wood
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  • Music From The Comedy Music From The Comedy Quick View

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    Music From The Comedy

    Jagjaguwar is proud to present the soundtrack from director Rick Alverson's provocative film The Comedy. The film focuses on Swanson (Tim Heidecker), who whiles away his days with a group of aging Brooklyn hipsters, engaging in acts of recreational cruelty and pacified boredom. Desensitized and disenchanted, he strays into a series of reckless situations that may offer the promise of redemption or the threat of retribution. A scathing look at the white male on the verge of collapse, Rick Alverson's carefully observed portrait provokes and disorients.
    1. Donnie & Joe Emerson - Baby

    2. The Comedy - Taxi Hip Hop

    3. GAYNGS - The Walker

    4. Bill Fay - Garden Song

    5. The Comedy - Old Man Be Dead By Now

    6. Gardens & Villa - Carrizo Plain

    7. Amanaz - Khala My Friend

    8. The Comedy - You Get A Lot of Assholes in Here

    9. William Basinski - Disintegration Loops (1.1 Excerpt I)

    10. The Comedy - I Need You

    11. GAYNGS - Gaudy Side of Town (single edit)

    12. The Comedy - You Are In The Demon's House

    13. Here We Magic - Over The Ocean

    14. Bill Fay - Camille

    15. The Comedy - Nick Nolte

    16. Gardens & Villa - Chemtrails

    17. William Basinski - Disintegration Loops (1.1 Excerpt II)

    Various Artists
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