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Trevor Jones

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  • The Last of the Mohicans: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack The Last of the Mohicans: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Quick View

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    The Last of the Mohicans: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Real Gone Music's First-Ever North American Release Of The Soundtrack Comes In Sepia-Toned Vinyl

    Gatefold Packaging Features Production Stills

    Limited Edition Of 1000

    Rare is the soundtrack that as
    time passes overshadows the film
    of which it was a part, but that's
    what has happened in the years
    since the 1992 release of The Last
    of the Mohicans. Not that the flm
    is any slouch; Michael Mann's
    epic retelling of James Fenimore
    Cooper's frontier tale is a cable
    TV fxture and more evidence
    that Daniel Day-Lewis is one of
    the great actors of our time. But
    the flm's music has emerged as easily one of
    the most popular scores of '90s cinema, with the "Main Title" in
    particular having become a part of our popular culture the same
    way as, say, the signature themes from Titanic, Star Wars, and other

    What makes it even more extraordinary is that the
    movie's score emerged from postproduction turmoil as the work
    of two different composers, Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman.
    Jones' work is more of the traditional orchestral soundtrack ilk,
    Edelman's has a more contemporary feel, but somehow it all fts,
    with the closing credit song "I Will Find You" by Clannad an added

    Long a bestselling soundtrack CD, we at Real Gone Music
    are releasing
    this revered
    soundtrack on
    vinyl for the frst
    time in North
    America in sepiatoned
    vinyl limited
    to 1000 copies,
    inside a brand-new
    gatefold festooned
    with production
    stills. Guaranteed
    to get your blood

    LP 1
    1. Main Title
    2. Elk Hunt
    3. The Kiss
    4. The Glade Part II
    5. Fort Battle
    6. Promentory
    7. Munro's Office Stockade
    8. Massacre/Canoes

    LP 2
    1. Top of the World
    2. The Courier
    3. Cora
    4. River Walk and Discovery
    5. Parlay
    6. The British Arrival
    7. Pieces of a Story
    8. I Will Find You (Performed by Clannad)

    Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Labyrinth Soundtrack (Awaiting Repress) Labyrinth Soundtrack (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Labyrinth Soundtrack (Awaiting Repress)

    New remaster of the Bowie-anchored 1986 soundtrack that's been out of print particularly on vinyl for years. Reissue of the soundtrack to the Jim Henson film featuring David Bowie, returning to vinyl for the first time since its original 1986 release.

    Information/Artwork subject to change

    1. Opening Titles Including Underground
    2. Into The Labyrinth
    3. Magic Dance
    4. Sarah
    5. Chilly Down
    6. Hallucination
    7. As The World Falls Down
    8. The Goblin Battle
    9. Within You
    10. Thirteen O'Clock
    11. Home At Last
    12. Underground
    David Bowie / Trevor Jones
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Macroscope Macroscope Quick View

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    MACROSCOPE, the fifth album and Mack Avenue
    debut by his adventurous trio The Nels Cline Singers,
    provides a measure of the long-running group's
    staggering range. Captivating and continually
    surprising, the album finds the instrumental
    trio with the slyly deceptive name veering
    in one off-kilter direction only to suddenly be
    overwhelmed by another drastic stylistic shift,
    often within the space of a single tune.
    Serrated psychedelia becomes consumed
    by soulful Brasiliana, blissed-out electronica
    overwhelmed by garage-rock skronk. Then
    there's the wholly unexpected "Red Before
    Orange," where a howling Hendrix-inspired solo
    suddenly erupts in the middle of a slick lounge-jazz
    number, Cline unleashing the inner George
    Benson that few of us expected he even had.

    "The title MACROSCOPE speaks to the idea of
    the mutt within," Cline says, "the fact that I'm
    not in any one genre, and never have been.
    I was a rock and roll kid, but after hearing
    Coltrane and Miles and Weather Report, then
    Indian music and Nigerian pop and that sort
    of thing, there was no turning back. From that
    point on, the idea of purism just was not possible.

    Produced by Nels Cline and David Breskin

    Nels Cline - guitars, effects, voice, Quintronics Drum Buddy

    Scott Amendola - drums, percussion, electronic treatments/loops, mbira

    Trevor Dunn - basses, effects

    Additional musician guests:

    Yuka C. Honda - electric piano, OP-1

    Cyro Baptista - percussion universe

    Josh Jones - congas, other percussion

    Zeena Parkins - electric harp

    1. Companion Piece
    2. Canales' Cabeza
    3. Respira
    4. Red Before Orange
    5. The Wedding Band
    6. Macroscopic (for Kusama-san)
    7. Climb Down
    8. Seven Zed Heaven
    9. Hairy Mother
    10. Sascha's Book Of Frogs
    The Nels Cline Singers
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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