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  • Caetano Veloso Caetano Veloso Quick View

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    Caetano Veloso


    Includes CD

    Originally released in 1968, Caetano Veloso is the Brazilian classic from the bossa nova master that spawned the entire tropicalia movement. The release finds Veloso brilliantly combining Brazilian bossa with pop, psychedelic rock and political themes to create the mind blowing stew that is tropicalia. Features the classic tracks Clarice, Soy Loco Por Tí, AmÉrica, Superbacana, Tropicália, and Alegria, Alegria.

    1. Tropicalia

    2. Clarice
    3. No Dia Que Eu Vim-Me Embora
    4. Alegria, Alegria
    5. Onde Andaras
    6. Anuncicao
    7. Superbacana
    8. Paisagem Util
    9. Clara
    10. Soy Loco Por Ti, America
    11. Ave-Maria
    12. Eles
    Caetano Veloso
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Freedom Is Free Freedom Is Free Quick View

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    Freedom Is Free

    Chicano Batman came out of L.A., four young men in vintage formalwear, playing songs that blended Brazilian Tropicalía with early '70s psychedelic soul and the romantic pop of bands like Los Angeles Negros. It was an immediately addictive sonic brew, and their reputation grew fast. Now, they're making their boldest statement yet with Freedom Is Free, their third album and ATO Records debut.
    1. Passed You By
    2. Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm)
    3. Angel Child
    4. Freedom Is Free
    5. La Jura (Prelude)
    6. La Jura
    7. Flecha Al Sol
    8. Jealousy

    9. Right Off The Back
    10. Run

    11. The Taker Story
    12. Area C
    Chicano Batman
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  • Clube Da Esquina (Awaiting Repress) Clube Da Esquina (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Clube Da Esquina (Awaiting Repress)

    Nascimento's 1972 double LP is named after the musical collective he helped to found in his Brazilian home state of Minas Gerais. Along with the help of fellow collective member Lo Borges, and with wonderful arrangements from Eumir Deodato, Nascimento seamlessly combines bossa nova with soul, pop, jazz, psychedelic and classical influences. A masterpiece on par with any of the classic releases from the more well know Tropicalia movement. Reissued on 180 gram vinyl in a deluxe gatefold jacket.
    1. Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
    2. Cais
    3. O Trem Azul (The Blue Train)

    4. Saídas E Bandeiras No. 1

    5. Nuvem Cigana (Gipsy Cloud)

    6. Cravo É Canela

    7. Dos Cruces

    8. Um Girassol da Cor de Seu Cabelo

    9. San Vicente

    10. Estrelas

    11. Clube da Esquina, No. 2

    12. Paisagem da Janela

    13. Me Deixa Em Paz

    14. Os Povos

    15. Saídas E Bandeiras No. 2

    16. Um Gosto de Sol

    17. Pelo Amor de Deus

    18. Lilia
    19. Trem de Doido

    20. Nada Será Como Antes
    21. Ao Que Vai Nascer
    Milton Nascimento
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Sketches Of Brunswick East Sketches Of Brunswick East Quick View

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    Sketches Of Brunswick East

    Sketches of Brunswick East, a collaboration with LA tripster troupe Mild High Club, is a chance to get to know King
    Gizzard's sunny, playful side. Where previous albums have slipped down sonic worm-holes to explore distant
    galaxies, this one is an examination of (and homage to) the Melbourne suburb in which King Gizzard write & record
    in their own studio. A nod to Miles Davis's Sketches of Spain, this album sees the band further exploring a
    Tropicalia element only ever previously hinted at.
    1. Sketches Of Brunswick East I
    2. Countdown
    3. D-Day
    4. Tezeta
    5. Cranes, Planes, And Migraines
    6. The Spider And Me
    7. Sketches Of Brunswick East II
    8. Dusk To Dawn On Lygon Street
    9. The Book
    10. A Journey To (S)Hell
    11. Rolling Stoned
    12. You Can Be Your Silhouette
    13. Sketches Of Brunswick East III
    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Night Falls Over Kortedala Night Falls Over Kortedala Quick View

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    Night Falls Over Kortedala

    Like a modern day Chet Baker, Jens loves to sing about heartache. This is his first album in over three years, and Kortedala refers to a neighborhood in his hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden - a depressing suburban hell. It also refers to a vague musical pop sound with hints of tropicalia that has been coming out of Gothenburg's clubs the last few years. Night Falls Over Kortedala features many previously unreleased live favorites and guest vocals from label-mate Frida Hyvonen and El Perro del Mar.
    1.And I Remember Every Kiss
    2.Sipping on the Sweet Nectar
    3.Opposite of Hallelujah, The
    4.Postcard to Nina, A
    5.Into Eternity
    6.I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You
    7.If I Could Cry (It Would Feel Like This)
    8.Your Arms Around Me
    10.It Was a Strange Time in My Life
    11.Kanske Ar Jag Kar I Dig - (Swedish)
    12.Friday Night at the Drive-in Bingo
    Jens Lekman
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon Quick View

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    Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

    During spring of 2007, Devendra Banhart and his band took up residence and built a studio in a house in Topanga Canyon. Topanga is located in the Santa Monica mountains and is bound on one side by the Pacific Ocean. Neil Young once lived there while recording After the Gold Rush and the area has also been home to Emmylou Harris, Taj Mahal, Joni Mitchell, Mick Fleetwood and members of the Doors. Those ghosts inhabit the sound and vibe of these recording sessions.

    Everyone wants to say that an artistsÆ new album is the best thing theyÆve ever done, but this is truly the case here. The whole ôfreak folkö tag is gone and in its place is a classic, gorgeous rock album. There are songs that are fragile and solipsistic, ones with a pronounced Tropicalia influence, and ones that are wildly electric and epic.

    ôAn old-fashioned psychedelic folk opusàhis strongest music since 2004Æs Ni±o Rojo, if not his best ever.ö - Rolling Stone

    ôUnflinchingly imaginative and thoroughly charming, except maybe more so. One of the few new singer-songwriters whose every work is more highly anticipated than the last.ö - Harp

    Side A:
    1. Cristobal
    2. So Long Old Bean
    3. Samba Vexillographica
    4. Seahorse
    Side B
    1. Bad Girl
    2. Seaside
    3. Shabop Shalom
    4. Tonada Yanomaminista
    Side C
    1. Rosa
    2. Saved
    3. Lover
    4. Carmencita
    Side D:
    1. The Other Woman
    2. Freely
    3. I Remember
    4. My Dearest Friend
    Devendra Banhart
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Ghost Tropic Ghost Tropic Quick View

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    Ghost Tropic

    The sound movement on GHOST TROPIC will seem sudden to some; without warning. To others, it'll seem a very logical step in a very foreign direction. On its fifth proper full-length, Songs: Ohia has stepped outside the box and has delivered its most subtle record of fantastic depth to date. Indeed this is the most cohesive and album-like Songs: Ohia has ever been. The eight songs on the record sprawl out into one another, telling one long sonic tale, allowing very little room for chapter breaks or piss stops. In this regard, Lou Reed's moody classic BERLIN comes to mind as a worthy fore-bearer. But it's the strange ethnic flavor in which GHOST TROPIC is steeped that makes it stand apart from its predecessors, albums which were all received as crossing guards for the Great American lost highway. Surely this album will leave those expecting such fare scratching their heads. Blending the electro-acoustic minimalism of the David Bowie and Brian Eno Trilogy with the percussive worldliness of Tom Waits' SWORDFISHTROMBONES, the group seems to hop the globe from a British Isles folk rock influence to an Ennio Morricone-like Spaghetti Western feel to the faintest echoes of the Chinese Classical ringing like a death murmur in the distance. And the songs, they build in a slow, unconscious manner, pulsing with an intensity, but never betraying their most simple core with too much instrumentation or calculated progression. Yea! GHOST TROPIC is the first album which reveals Songs: Ohia's own Tropicalia Blues in full bloom.
    Lightning Risked It All
    Body Burned Away
    No Limits on the Words
    Ghost Tropic
    Ocean's Nerves
    Not Just a Ghost's Heart
    Ghost Tropic
    Songs: Ohia
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  • Coisa Boa Coisa Boa Quick View

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    Coisa Boa

    First Album In 11 Years!

    Moreno Veloso is back with a good thing. That, anyway, is the literal translation of the title to the Brazilian singer, songwriter, and producer's upcoming Coisa Boa, his first album in 13 years.

    The set follows Veloso's production work on the last three albums from his father, Tropicália giant Caetano Veloso (including 2013's Abraçaço), along with a forthcoming record by Gilberto Gil. Since 2001's Music Typewriter, the younger Veloso has also released the rest of the +2 album trilogy with friends Domenico Lancellotti and Alexandre Kassin (those are Domenico+2's 2003 Sincerely Hot and Kassin+2's 2007 Futurismo).

    The new album's Em Todo Lugar, which is Portuguese for everywhere, is limpid, airy, and coolly sophisticated, and you can hear it below. Three songs from the new album feature in Richard Linklater's new film Boyhood, which debuted at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Scroll down to hear Coisa Boa and Verso Simples, too.

    We're just trying to make something we like and that's a new way of doing things for us, Veloso explained in a statement. Before, we wanted to make it sound very new, but now we're not trying to do that, just trying to do music.

    Lancellotti and Kassin help out on the album, which was recorded with about 30 musicians in nine studios around the world. Other guests include guitarists Arto Lindsay and Pedro Sá, bassist Melvin Gibbs, pianist Daniel Jobim, keyboardist Rodrigo Bartolo, and multi-instrumentalist Takako Minekawa.

    - Spin

    1. La e Ca
    2. Um Passo a Frente
    3. Em Todo Lugar
    4. Verso Simples
    5. Coisa Boa
    6. Clean
    7. Num Galho de Acacias
    8. De Tentar Voltar
    9. Nao Acorde o Nenem
    10. Hoje
    11. Onaji Sora
    Moreno Veloso
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  • Landscape Dream Landscape Dream Quick View

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    Landscape Dream

    Landscape Dream is Abram Shook's followup to 2014's Sun Marquee, an album VICE called
    pleasant as fuck and Texas Monthly called compelling, weird, and lovely. Applying
    what he learned through writing and recording Sun Marquee, Landscape Dream demonstrates
    how much Shook's songwriting and production acumen has sharpened over the past year.
    Creating Sun Marquee was a learning process, where songs were often forced out of experiments
    in recording techniques. As Abram explains, I had a lot of thoughts I just threw out
    there, but often I arrived at dead-ends and had to figure out how to make something out of
    what was available. However, on Landscape Dream he went back to writing with just voice
    and guitar and then used arranging, production, and recording ideas pulled from Sun
    Marquee. The effectiveness of his new approach is clear from the 70's rock of Find It and
    Chelsea to the African vibes of Get Gone, the dreamy Brazilian vibes on 5AM and Beach
    Glass, and the slow-jam soul found on Perfect, Jaw, and Vessel.

    To capture the songs, Abram joined forces with some of Austin's elite engineers including Erik
    Wofford, Danny Reisch, Justin Douglas, Grant Johnson, and Christopher Cox. Over the course
    of several months the team explored where each of these 12 songs would go. One example of
    how far they took the songs from their original form is the energetic Find It, which started
    as a fast tropicalia tune Abram wrote on a classical guitar, but through production choices
    evolved into an ode to garage-rock, psychedelia, and Zepplin all in one.

    Like many of us, Abram dreads the exhausting sea of digital noise, which can be detrimental
    to our ability to foster meaningful human connections. To escape the deluge of social media,
    texts, emails, etc, he takes a daily walk in a vast, underutilized South Austin park with his dog.
    Carving out a little time to step away from the laptop and cell phone has become a crucial
    ritual for Abram, allowing him to reflect, and get some perspective on the world and how he
    fits into it. Landscape Dream features several songs that reference that precious time he
    spends communing with nature.

    In addition to working on his own music, Abram became a touring member of the Austin-based
    band Shearwater in 2014. As tiring as touring can be, escaping the noise of his everyday life
    provided him with intense periods of self-reflection. Much like his daily walks, he found the
    solitude of touring to be a nourishing and enlightening reminder of what really matters, and
    that awareness and clarity helped him pen many of the brilliant songs you'll hear on
    Landscape Dream..

    1. Never Die
    2. Chelsea Walls
    3. Vessel
    4. Beach Glass
    5. Receiving You
    6. Get Gone
    7. 5Am Tribute
    8. Find It
    9. Perfect
    10. Understood
    11. Arrows
    12. Jaw
    Abram Shook
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  • Brazil Classics At 20: Anti-Aging Solutions Revealed Brazil Classics At 20: Anti-Aging Solutions Revealed Quick View

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    Brazil Classics At 20: Anti-Aging Solutions Revealed

    Luaka Bop has been able to expand the shelf life of many record collections without any added chemicals or preservatives over the course of 20 years starting with the influential Brazil Classics Series. Featuring cross-sections of music from the Tropicalia, samba, forro and mangue beat scenes and the unrivaled originality of Tom Z, each compilation has presented the origin of significant artistic developments from South America's great musical innovators.

    Having now delivered 7 packages documenting each scene, the most recent being 2008's Whatâs Happening in Pernambuco, the label is proud to offer a limited edition vinyl compilation of some of the most defining tracks from each album.

    Brazil Classics at 20: Anti-Aging Solutions Revealed distills the highlights from the previous Brazil Classics compilation and presents them in the ever modern vinyl format. If ethnomusicologists are correct, Luaka Bop may have found another way to add years of enjoyment to listeners' lives.

    Side One

    1 Jorge Ben - Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma)

    2 Tom Ze* - Ma

    3 Chico Buarque - Cacada

    4 Lenine - Hoje Eu Quero Sair So

    5 Marisa Monte - Balanca Pema


    Side Two

    1 Gilberto Gil - Madalena

    2 Luiz Gonzaga - O Fole Roncou

    3 Agepe* - Ela Nao Gosta De Mim

    4 Otto - Bob

    5 Martinho Da Vila - Claustrofobia
    Various Artists
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  • How To Live With A Phantom How To Live With A Phantom Quick View

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    How To Live With A Phantom

    How to Live with a Phantom is a bold stylistic departure, even for an artist whose career has been defined by them. It is a single-minded exploration of the sounds of 1970s radio pop from around the globe, combining American folk-rock and the evocative Japanese pop music that was influenced by it, but simultaneously referencing everything from French pop to Afro-funk, tropicalia, Krautrock and the lighter side of psychedelia. Most of the songs are built around Sakamoto's hypnotic electric-bass grooves (he learned to play for these recordings), a crisp drum set and bubbling percussion, layered with dreamy guitars and vintage synthesizers, and topped by meticulously arranged female vocal harmonies, horns, and Sakamoto's own languid yet deeply expressive lead vocals. It's a set that's both sun-drenched and full of melancholy, and while the musical references and inspirations may be clear, How to Live with a Phantom is a wholly original album that will connect to a broad spectrum of listeners - from folk and pop aficionados to world music fans, psych-heads and many more.

    We could not be more excited about How to Live with a Phantom as Other Music Recording Co.'s debut full-length, and we know you will be as moved by this record as we are!

    1. In A Phantom Mood
    2. You Just Decided
    3. My Memories Fade
    4. Mask On Mask
    5. A Stick And Slacks
    6. A Gleam Of Hope
    7. Dancing With Pain
    8. Something's Different
    9. How To Live With A Phantom
    10. Small But Enough
    Shintaro Sakamoto
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Bali High OST Bali High OST Quick View

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    Bali High OST

    From the '50s up until the early '80s, most surf film
    soundtracks were bootlegged straight from the director's
    record collection without much thought given to licensing
    rights or fees. As was the case with Bali High (1981), a visual
    documentation of three years of chasing waves in Indonesia
    and Kauai. Filmmaker Stephen Spaulding's original
    soundtrack featured favorites from The Rolling Stones, Bob
    Marley, and Santana, but as the subculture of surfing grew
    commercial traction, Spaulding had to rethink how to legally
    sell the film without paying for song rights.

    For the 1984 re-release Spaulding sought out the help of
    Kauai based musician and producer Michael Sena to
    compose an original score that could match the action and
    vibe of his previous soundtrack. Unencumbered by the
    challenge of interpreting a compilation of various artists into
    one fluid body of music, Sena wrote, produced, and
    recorded each song himself in just three months.

    The resulting 26 tracks lend the film its signature flavor and
    cover an impressive variation of genres, featuring moments
    of folk, dubby rock, synthesized disco, tropicalia, jazz fusion,
    and hyper-tempo power rock. Spaulding and Sena's
    collaboration leave us with a layered time capsule in surf
    history, and we are proud to present the first issue of this
    colorful soundtrack as part of the ongoing Anthology Surf
    Archive series.

    1. Bali High
    2. Reggae Blood
    3. Winter
    4. Boeing Boeing Bong
    5. Dirty Fingers
    6. Martial That Thought
    7. The Last Illusion
    8. Ride
    9. Mountain Song
    10. The Two-Finger Concerto
    11. The Plains of Ginsasha
    12. Desire's First Face
    13. Cannonade
    14. Agatha Trim
    15. Balinese Bounce
    16. Nothing Just Happens
    17. We Are Whole
    18. Something You Like
    19. Orchid II
    20. Bali High (Reprise)
    Michael Sena
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Pridjevi Pridjevi Quick View

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    Pridjevi is the recording project of Dino Santaleza , Ivana Picek & Nina Romic; a trio of Croatian songwriters who formed the band on a lark, trading ideas & songs over email until birthing what would become Pridjevi's debut album. After releasing it via Bandcamp in the spring of 2014 as a digital-only release, the album caught the ears of Trouble In Mind who present it here in the vinyl & compact disc format. Pridjevi's s/t debut is a dizzyingly psychedelic magnum-opus & a stunning debut, stitching together a seemingly disparate range of inspirations such as psychedelia, acid rock, baroque pop, Tropicalia, and Eastern ragas into an addictivel listenable whole. The band sings entirely in Croation, but the melodies & songs carry the entire weight of the album, holding the listener's attention until the last note is struck. Pridjevi's tunes feel almost like rock devotionals to a higher spirit; heavy, hypnotic & wholly unique. The band has evolved into a fully functional live unit, playing shows & festivals in Europe, building a solid fanbase, particularly in their native country, where the band has already been featured in Rolling Stone & beyond.
    1. Ako je
    2. Kantarion (ili gospina trava)
    3. Pjesma o drvec
    4. On je jesen
    5. Svijet na dlan
    6. Lucifer i ja
    7. Ubila sam cvijet
    8. Pozuri polako
    9. Tuzna
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Big Mango The Big Mango Quick View

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    The Big Mango

    "Sam Shalabi has raised the bar for modern psychedelic music by composing this epic suite for his 20-piece Land of Kush orchestra. Utilizing African, Middle Eastern, Indian, jazz, rock, and folkloric sources, The Big Mango weaves a seamless montage of styles in a transcendent way that is rarely, if ever, achieved. A singular cohesive statement built around four key tracks written for four different female vocalists it will demand your attention from start to finish." - Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls/Sublime Frequencies)

    Osama (Sam) Shalabi moved to Cairo in 2011, settling in an apartment one block from Tahrir Square, in the midst of Egypt's 'Arab Spring'. Shalabi describes The Big Mango, his new and phenomenal work for his Land Of Kush big band, as "a love letter to Cairo"
    framed by "the beautiful,surreal madness of the city as joyous, horrific, historical events were
    unfolding". The music was also inspired by time spent in Dakar, where in Senegal's music scene Sam experienced parallels to another of his central aesthetic and political touchstones, Brazilian Tropicalia, in the sense of a "positivity, complexity and radicalism in art that was also
    playful and joyous and wasn't necessarily part of a 'revolution' but seemed to be a form of innate radicalism". In tandem with the relative openness of Dakar's Islamic society - with the much more prominent role and presence of women in public and private life and the relaxed physicality and sensuality of the culture in general - Senegalese music offered a powerful counterpoint and feeling of promise for Egypt's own future. "The Big Mango" is one of the many nicknames for Cairo, but for Shalabi it also evokes the succour and sensuality of southern hemispheric music more generally, in this relation to broader socio-political movements.

    MontrÉal remains Shalabi's home base and the city to which he briefly returned towards the end of 2012 to reconvene the troupe of players that have helped him realize his large-scale works under the Land Of Kush moniker. Working through The Big Mango score with
    these local musicians culminated in two ecstatic live performances and a recording session at MontrÉal's Hotel2Tango studio. This third album by Land Of Kush is arguably the group's most focused and immediately satisfying.

    For Shalabi, gender and Arab culture has been a central theme, one he took up explicitly on the previous Kush album Monogamy (2011), and which similarly drives The Big Mango, where once again a series of female vocalists drawn from MontrÉal's indie rock community anchor the work and convey what in most of the North African Arab world remains a
    profoundly unrealized though burgeoning spirit of gender equality, participation, expression and liberation. This promise is at the heart of Shalabi's "love letter".

    The Big Mango opens with a bubbling Fauvist stew of balafon, flute, electronics and vocalizations which abruptly segue into solo piano and saxophone improvisations - an introductory set of musical mating calls that invoke the album's deeper conceptual and formal preoccupations. The libidinal energy of rock n' roll is then re-situated in a heterodox Middle Eastern context as the album's centerpiece songs unfold: "The Pit", "Mobil Nil",
    "Drift Beguine" and "The Big Mango" each marked by propulsive female vocal performances from Ariel Engle, Katie Moore, Elizabeth Anka Vajagic and Molly Sweeney respectively.

    Underpinning each of these singers is some of Land Of Kush's s most melodically and rhythmically compelling music, conjuring a post-modern psychedelia that is truly sui generis. The band delivers the grooves and soloists unleash excursions more fluidly than ever; for many of these players, it's the third time around embracing Shalabi's music, getting inside the spirit of the score, and following his conduction. In combination with the peaking intensity and electricity of Sam's compositional vision, The Big Mango coheres,sparkles and soars: a distillation of the sonic trajectory Land Of Kush has been charting for the past six years.

    1. Faint Praise
    2. Second Skin
    3. The Pit (Part 1)
    4. The Pit (Part 2)
    5. Sharm El Bango
    6. Mobil Nil
    7. St Stefano
    8. Drift Beguine
    9. The Big Mango
    Land Of Kush
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Shackles Gift Shackles Gift Quick View

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    Shackles Gift

    Zun Zun Egui formed in Bristol in late 2008 - Mauritian guitarist and singer Kushal Gaya met and started making music with Japanese keyboard player Yoshino Shigihara after they had both moved to the UK and a core group of musicians soon formed around them. A love for experimentation, free jazz, fusion, DIY culture, throwing parties and playing wild shows was the glue that bonded the outfit together. After an early clutch of raw and experimental EPs, they focused their song-writing talents and mastery of many styles to create a recognisable Zun Zun Egui sound which included tropicalia, punk funk, Afrobeat, Ethio jazz and no wave. All of these varied disciplines were marshalled to produce their first album "Katang" which was widely hailed as one of the most exciting debuts of 2011. Even for a band as exploratory and talented as ZZE though, the step up in terms of songwriting and inspiration since "Katang" is astounding and it is clear that Shackles' Gift looks like being one of the most unique and thrilling records that will be released in 2015.

    Produced by Andrew Hung of Fuck Buttons, "Shackles' Gift" is the album that Zun Zun Egui have always threatened to deliver and we always believed they would. Opening with 'Rigid Man', it hits the listener with bone-shaking tropical funk. Future single 'African Tree' strolls past on a marching band rhythm, complete with an arena-sized chorus and Kyuss-heavy stoner rock guitars. 'Ruby' is like imperial period Depeche Mode discovering the delights of industrial dancehall reggae, while 'I Want You To Know' is an absolute funk/noise rock monster, sounding like Steve Albini recording Queens Of The Stone Age jamming on 'Kashmir'. 'Soul Scratch' is a very British take on a very Mauritian form of music called seggae, which combines the African island folk music known as sega with reggae, but imbuing it with an adrenalised urban uptightness. The album concludes with 'City Thunder' an elemental, dubbed out and dread take on post rock and disco.

    Frontman Kushal says that first and foremost "Shackles' Gift" is a British rock record made by a British group but admits that the first sparks of its creation started flying when ZZE visited Mauritius in March 2013. The African island nation, which lies 700 miles east of Madagascar, deep in the Indian Ocean, invited the band to give a concert as part of their Independence Day celebrations. The island's dynamic history has led to a multi-lingual, multi-cultural modern nation which has influenced Zun Zun Egui in more ways than one. Not only has Mauritian music been one of the (many) primary ingredients of their sound and inspired Kushal's multi-lingual approach to singing (the island has 12 main languages) but the diversity of the country acts as a metaphor for the diversity of the group itself.

    1. Rigid Man
    2. African Tree
    3. Ruby
    4. I Want You To Know
    5. Soul Scratch
    6. Tickle The Line
    7. The Sweetest Part Of Life
    8. Late Bloomer
    9. City Thunder
    Zun Zun Egui
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Beija Flors Velho E Sujo (Out of Stock) Beija Flors Velho E Sujo (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Beija Flors Velho E Sujo (Out of Stock)

    This is the second release from São Paulo Underground on Cuneiform; their 1st was one of our biggest sellers of 2011!

    Rob Mazurek was just voted MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR by Italy's top jazz magazine, Musica Jazz!

    Beija Flors Velho E Sujo is the fourth album by São Paulo Underground. The trio formed around Rob Mazurek (cornet and electronics), a key player in the Chicago post rock/modern jazz scene who spent several years living in the Brazil and developing a music that reflected those experiences. While in Brazil he met the co-founder of the group, Mauricio Takara (drums, cavaquinho (the 'miniature guitar' of Brazil), electronics). Performing as a duo, they soon brought in the group's third member, Guilherme Granado (keyboards, electronics, samplers).

    Each of the musicians is an example of the new
    vanguard in music; Rob in contemporary jazz and
    forward-looking rock and the 2 Brazilian musicians in updating and modernizing Brazilian musical forms.
    São Paulo Underground embodies a musical mixture of
    from samba, maracatu, rock and free jazz traditions. The album has a huge, modern soundwhich launches Brazil's "Tropicalia' into a new, heavily electronic milieu.

    "A modern approach to Brazil's tropicalia, that takes into account advances in sound manipulation and engineering. It is street music from the Brazilian subterranean avant-garde and it is confusingly wonderful."

    - All About Jazz

    Tropicalia never sounded this modern and alive post 70s."

    - Sound Colour Vibration

    Rob Mazurek returns to Brazil and floats his cool blue cornet over a spellbinding collage ofsaturated textures, syncopated rhythms and sundry electronics."

    - Time Out Chicago

    1. Ol' Dirty Hummingbird
    2. Into The Rising Sun
    3. Arnus Nusar
    4. Over The Rainbow
    5. Evetch
    6. Six-Handed Casio
    7. The Love I Feel For You Is More Real Than Ever
    8. Basilio's Crazy Wedding song
    9. A Árvore De Cereja É Ausente
    10. Taking Back The Sea Is No Easy Task
    Sao Paulo Underground
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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