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  • White Lighter White Lighter Quick View

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    White Lighter

    1. Prelude
    2. Artificial Light
    3. Young Fathers
    4. Morton's Fork
    5. Possible Deaths
    6. The Lake
    7. Dreams of Cannibalism
    8. One Hundred Years
    9. Prosthetic Love
    10. Hunger & Thirst
    11. Ceasar
    12. Common Sentiments
    13. Post Script
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  • Offerings Offerings Quick View

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    If a Fellini film, a Bosch painting, and a Rorschach drawing had a collective sound, it would be Typhoon's new release. The 14-track record Offeringsis a musical and lyrical excursion into surreal imagery, eerie soundscapes, and an emotionally jarring narrative.

    The 70-minute album for Roll Call Records, which is the Portland, Oregon indie rock band's fourth studio album, centers on a fictional man who is losing his memory, and in turn, his sense of self. "I've always been preoccupied with memory, losing memory, and trying to recapture memory. I wanted to explore the questions: What does a person become if they don't know where they came from? What is the essential quality of the person if you strip away all memory?" explains singer/songwriter Kyle Morton.

    Motivated in part by his own preoccupation with "losing it," Morton also found a treasure trove of inspiration through various books, art, and film he was immersed in during the writing of this record. "I was watching a lot of David Lynch, and thought a lot about the Christopher Nolan movie, Memento, and Fellini's 8 ½.And there were a lot of books on my nightstand that played into this. It made it's a much darker album for sure," he says.

    Offerings is divided into four movements (Floodplains, Flood, Reckoning, and Afterparty) to represent the mental phases the main character goes through where he first realizes that something is wrong, then struggles through the chaos of his situation, and finally moves into acceptance before succumbing to his dreadful fate.

    "I wanted this record to be a journey, like Dante's Inferno. It kicks off with 'Wake,' where the character wakes up and he's shitting the bedand doesn't know what's going on. I was going for a specific feel that Samuel Beckett does so well," says Morton, who was reading Beckett's Three Novels, specifically Malloy, while writing the song's lyrics. "Beckett would call it a literature of impoverishment where he'd strip away as much as he could so he could get a feeling of essence and scarcity; that's what I tried to do musically and lyrically here."

    Mission accomplished. Morton also masterfully makes a parallel with the character's journey to the state of the world today starting with the second track, "Rorschach," which looks at the age of information and collapse of meaning.

    "But, by the third song, 'Empiricist,' there's a regression to the womb where the character is back in his bed at home,talking about his range of motion shrinking. This first movement ends with 'Algernon' [taken from one of Morton's favorite short stories, Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes], where he's constantly awakening and in an interrogation with a woman-who the listener should know is his wife, but he doesn't."

    Musically, there is a sense of impending doom and chaos throughout the record that mirrors the character's fear and anxiety. "The claustrophobic feeling of only having the present moment and this sense of repetition is musically mirrored with this looping that runs though the record with a through line of choral parts that give it a darker, creepier feel," says Morton.

    To set the right tone for the story, Morton went for a less horns, more guitar approach. "We have a little bit of trumpet on this record and a lot of string arrangements. But we really strayed away from the horn arrangements. I wanted it to be a darker, more intense rock record, so it's very guitar-based. It's going back to my rock roots before Typhoon," says Morton.

    The concept of what the main character in the album is going through is also meant as a way of explaining cultural memory loss. "I was also reading historian Timothy Snyder and was inspired by his take on how America is at risk of losing their sense of history. If we haven't learned the lessons of our past, historically, we can't recognize when elements come back to haunt us, which is what's happening right now," he adds.

    One choral part ("Down in the floodplains waiting on a cure/ Blessed be the water/ May the water make us pure") was especially inspired by current politics. "I had Steve Bannon in mind quite a bit when I was writing these choral parts because I'm taking on this world view that I don't agree with, which is that the world needs a bloody struggle to reset -bring on the demolishing of order," he says.

    The character's downward spiral continues through the album's second movement, Flood, while in the third, Reckoning, comes the absolute-zero moment where the character is ready and willing to let go of life. Reckoning kicks off with "Coverings," which is the first song Morton ever co-wrote with a band member -Shannon Steele, who also sings on it. (Steele lends her vocals to the end of "Bergeron," as well.)

    "'Coverings' takes the story into the devil's mansion where all the rooms are the same representing this repeated infinite present with no reference. For me, this is Hell. And, at this point, our character has lost his marbles," he explains.

    "At the same time, on the worldly scale," continues Morton, "this is the point where we don't have any public trust and there's no cultural memory, there's just chaos. People are becoming identical in this collapse of meaning and you have no reference. If there is any point to this record it's that -Without reference, you have an interesting concept of infinity, which can be really bad."

    As the album comes to a close with the acoustic "Sleep," the character decides that instead of taking part of the chaos, he'd rather sacrifice himself. But there is light at the end of this dark, emotional journey. "The secret track, 'Afterparty,' is where he finds peace and freedom. It's his homecoming. He's on the other side of it now and has found his version of Heaven," says Morton.

    It's this level of intricacy in Typhoon's storytelling and musicianship that has helped Typhoon become one of indie rock's most revered bands. Their previous album, White Lighter, hit No. 2 on Billboard's Heatseekers Album Chart and got Best of The Year nods from NPR and Paste.Typhoon has brought their, at times, 11-piece live show on the road alongside indie rock peers The Decemberists, Portugal the Man and Grouplove, and sold out major clubs and venues across America.

    Adds Morton of Offerings, "I kind of wanted to make a dystopian record. If it's nothing else, it's that. If I could write my own one-line review, I'd think I'd want people to say, 'It's disturbing and unfortunately correct."

    1. Wake
    2. Rorschach
    3. Empiricist
    4. Algernon
    5. Unusual
    6. Beachtowel
    7. Remember
    8. Mansion
    9. Coverings
    10. Chiaroscuro
    11. Darker
    12. Bergeron
    13. Ariadne
    14. Sleep
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  • Hunger And Thirst Hunger And Thirst Quick View

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    Hunger And Thirst

    Kyle Morton sings the first line of Typhoon's Hunger & Thirst, I've started a new beginning... suspiciously like the old one, only this time, I'm ready, with the bravery and trepidation of someone who is staring down a familiar path, with all its known challenges and potential pitfalls, surrounded by his dearest longtime friends. Fittingly, producer Paul Laxer recorded Hunger & Thirst in Morton and his bandmates' beloved old Victorian rental house. The lease was about to be up; the landlady was about to be back from Korea - all 12 band members knew their time there was limited, that they were crafting an aural snapshot using room mics and dining rooms. That house can be heard all over the record if you're listening for it, spaciously framing Typhoon's lush, well-edited orchestration, its wood floors perfectly warming Morton's empowered, concerned, delicate vocals in a way that any studio environment would be hard-pressed to capture.

    These are songs about striving for what you want, then realizing that once you have it, you don't want it anymore; that maybe that elusive thing was never really the issue anyway. Morton sings about the searches, in all their permutations, the bruises healed by those important to you, impermanence, joy, and finding peace within the incessant desire that has always been man's burden. He sings with strength and hope about renewal (Starting Over), with the entire band in gospel-chorus about confronting and progressing (the .47 second The Mouth of the Cave) and with brutal honesty about struggling with a lifelong illness (The Sickness Unto Death). Everyone has their own unique path to follow, and Hunger & Thirst is a record that should remind us of the preciousness of exploration, the value of those we meet along the way, and the power within that sustains us on our quests.

    1. Starting Over (Bad Habits)
    2. White Liars
    3. CPR - Claws Part 2
    4. Ghost Train
    5. Body of Love
    6. Intermission
    7. Happy People
    8. Old Haunts, New Cities
    9. Mouth of the Cavern
    10. Belly of the Cave
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • What Will Destroy You What Will Destroy You Quick View

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    What Will Destroy You

    First Pressing Of The Vinyl Limited To 1,000 Pieces On Creme Colored Wax

    Kyle Morton, the lead singer of Portland's indie-orchestra Typhoon, releases his debut solo album. The
    ten song album, What Will Destroy You, was recorded by Kyle and longtime Typhoon producer/collaborator
    Paul Laxer.

    Of the album, Kyle says, Most of these songs were written in about a day, many of them while walking
    aimlessly around Portland, others wrote themselves in the moments just before sleep. They were recorded and
    mixed with the invaluable help of Paul Laxer from the inviolate comfort of his living room, mostly in the evenings
    during the winter and early spring of 2015. At the outset there was no deliberate attempt at an overarching
    concept, though once finished and lined up together the theme of my subconscious was revealed to me: this
    was a record about love, more specifically (not devolving into platitudes just yet), the ambivalence of erotic

    With a couple exceptions these songs are about kinds of love, from old fashioned heartache to acute
    sadomasochism; some drawn from personal experience and others extrapolated from years of keen
    observation on the subject.

    1. Poor Bastard
    2. Innuendos
    3. Survivalist Fantasy
    4. The Aftermath
    5. Gestalt of Original Pain
    6. Automatic
    7. Water Torture
    8. Perverse Fascination
    9. What Will Save You
    10. My Little Darlin Knows My Nature
    Kyle Morton
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  • Cork Mat Cork Mat Quick View

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    Cork Mat

    Replacement cork mat for VPI HW-16.5, HW-17 & HW-27 Typhoon record cleaners.

    VPI Accessories
    Cork Mat Buy Now
  • Complete 45 RPM Kit (HW-17/27) Complete 45 RPM Kit (HW-17/27) Quick View

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    Complete 45 RPM Kit (HW-17/27)

    For use with 7'' discs.

    Upgrade your VPI 17 or 27 Typhoon vacuum record cleaning machine to 45rpm cleaning ability with this simple, cost effective upgrade. Kit includes a 45 RPM Tube, Clamp, Tube Holder, and 17/27 Brush.

    VPI Accessories
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  • Black Delrin Vacuum Tube Black Delrin Vacuum Tube Quick View

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    Black Delrin Vacuum Tube

    Newest version vacuum tube made from highly durable Delrin plastic and includes a guide slot to precisely align with the vacuum tube tube holder. The Advantage of a Delrin tube is High Stiffness, Low Friction and Excellent Dimensional Stability! 

    Replacement 33 1/3 (12") Black Delrin Vacuum Pickup Tube for the VPI 16.5, 17 & 27 Typhoon record cleaning machines. We recommend buying two so you always have a spare! 

    Advantages of Delrin: 

    • High Stiffness

    • Low Friction

    • Excellent Dimensional Stability

    Tube Dimensions: 

    5 3/16" Length

    5/8" Diameter  

    VPI Accessories
    Black Delrin Vacuum Tube Buy Now
  • Music from the Mountain Provinces Music from the Mountain Provinces Quick View

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    Music from the Mountain Provinces

    "Our journals and recording equipment were ultimately
    confiscated and stolen by the MNLF rebels. We escaped
    with a single cassette, the clothes on our back, and our
    lives." -David Blair Stiffler

    In 1988, David Blair Stiffler risked life and limb to document
    under-recorded cultural groups living lives of extreme isolation in
    the mountainous Philippine regions of Nueva Ecija, Aurora, and
    Luzon. These are the fruits of that expedition.

    In the grand tradition of ethnographic recordings that made up the
    majority of Folkways' vast and significant catalog comes Music from
    the Mountain Provinces. By the mid-1980s, David Blair Stiffler was
    already a most-decorated recordist, with eight Folkways LPs under
    his belt. These are among the most obscure documents in the entire
    Folkways catalog (and that's quite a distinctive accomplishment,
    given the illustrious company in that discography.) His focus
    heretofore had largely been Central and South America, capturing
    sounds from largely-hidden rain forest civilizations, including the
    Palicour, Miskito, Arawak, Warrau, Cuna, Choco, and Pipil tribal
    and cultural groups. He would match this flair for the unknown
    and undocumented in his expedition to the Philippines. Although
    the works of Jose Maceda and Nicole Revel heavily documented
    much of the Philippines' countryside inhabitants with a thorough
    and sober effort protracted over the decades. Stiffler brought his
    own panache into the equation, capturing gorgeous and revelatory
    moments from some of the archipelago's least visited regions. Even
    without the harrowing tale of himself and his crew being taken
    hostage, contained within is a rare aural experience. These masters,
    originally intended for release on Folkways, were shelved when
    Stiffler returned home to news of Folkways founder Moses Asch's
    death. After the tragic event of last winter's disastrous and deadly
    Typhoon Haiyan (or Yolanda), these documents are even more

    1. Kulintang-Badjao or Yakan Gong
    2. Kalinga-Bamboo Zither I
    3. Kalinga-Rice Winnowing Song
    4. Kalinga-Bamboo Zither II
    5. Bontoc-Violin
    6. Kalinga-Bamboo Zither III
    7. NPA-Nose Flute
    8. Dumagat-Throat Singing
    9. Kalinga-Group Singing with Gongs
    10. Ilingot-Plucked Bamboo Zither
    11. Maranoa-Lullaby
    12. MNLF-Whistling
    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Six Wives Six Wives Quick View

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    Six Wives

    "Lush and sadly beautiful." -USA today

    "This band to watch will have you dreamily dancing and swooning." -Nylon

    My Body cooks up a unique blend of R&B, pop and skittering electronics for
    a collaged sound that is all their own. Originally from Oregon, members Jordan
    Bagnall and Darren Bridenbeck made the leap to New York nearly three years
    ago and haven't looked back. They've since won Nylon Magazine's national
    Project Aloft Star contest and have shared stages with Haim, Elliphant and
    Typhoon. Full of attitude, defiance and vulnerability, My Body's songs wind
    their way through both darkness and jubilation.

    After months of releasing digital singles and building a thriving Brooklyn
    following, Six Wives is My Body's first fully realized EP. These multilayered,
    danceable songs double as heart-felt and introspective verse-verse that, like
    all great pop music, reveals a universal, emotional landscape. "I've been a
    baby since the day I was born" indeed.

    1. All I Can
    2. Make It Good
    3. BKNY Pt.1
    4. BKNY Pt. 2
    5. Clementine
    6. Boys
    7. Explode
    8. Explode Pt. 2
    My Body
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • De Leeuw Zingt Long De Leeuw Zingt Long Quick View

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    De Leeuw Zingt Long


    Paul de Leeuw zit alweer 30 jaar in het vak als succesvol presentator en programmamaker Én staat nog regelmatig in het theater. Naast al zijn werkzaamheden heeft hij tijd gevonden om de studio in te duiken voor het album De Leeuw Zingt Long. Hierop zingt hij liedjes van zijn grote muzikale voorbeeld: Robert Long.

    Aan het album werkt een indrukwekkende rij gastmuzikanten mee waaronder Marcel de Groot, Ruth Jacott, Carel Kraayenhof, het Rosenberg Trio en The New Cool Collective (het nieuwe NCC album Electric Monkey Sessions komt ook uit op Music On Vinyl!). De productionele leiding voor De Leeuw Zingt Long is in handen van John van Eijk, de vaste producer van De Leeuw. Hij is verantwoordelijk voor een aantal van De Leeuws grootste hits zoals Ik Heb Je Lief' en Ik Wil Niet Dat Je Liegt. Van Eijk wordt verder bijgestaan door The Common Linnets en Typhoon.

    De Leeuw Zingt Long is een album met veel liefde en respect naar Robert Long en zijn muzikale erfenis. De Leeuw heeft de liedjes zelf gekozen en heeft met elk nummer een bijzondere band. En dat is te horen.

    1. Liefste, M'n Liefste
    2. Toen Hij Zei: schat...
    3. Allemaal Angst
    4. Thorbeckeplein
    5. Levenslang
    6. Waar Wou Je Heen Gaan
    7. Jij Wou Mij Totaal
    8. Zeven Over Twaalf
    9. Kalverliefde
    10. Beschaafde Tango
    11. Als Je Ooit Weggaat
    12. Het Leven Was Lijden
    13. Je Bent Pas Zeventien
    14. Afscheid
    15. Jij En Ik
    16. Flink Zijn - Uitvoering Symphonica In Rosso
    Paul De Leeuw
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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