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  • No Energy No Energy Quick View

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    No Energy

    As a robust rock underground got swallowed alive by the
    Major Label Industrial Complex, the very autonomous
    Unwound-Olympia, Washington's Great Noise Hope-toed the troublesome line between pay check and Check
    Engine light. Captured in the gaps of a ruthless touring
    schedule, defining fourth and fifth albums The Future
    of What and Repetition were issued in the back-to-back
    springs of 1995 and '96. Both find the band severing their
    post-hardcore roots, for gripping detours into Echoplex,
    kraut, D&B, and Mingus, as guided by a sun-worn copy of
    Book Your Own Fuckin' Life.

    No Energy collects both of these 1990s masterworks,
    beginning with Justin Trosper's home-made haircut
    stabs on "New Energy," continuing with Vern Rumsey's
    reanimating bass on "Corpse Pose," and closing in a wall
    of Sara Lund crash cymbals on "For Your Entertainment."
    This 33-song collection is buttressed by singles and
    period live tracks, a pile of double-exposed photographs,
    and a 10,000 word essay by latter-day Unwound diarist
    David Wilcox.

    1. New Energy
    2. Demolished
    3. Natural Disasters
    4. Re-Enact the Crime
    5. Equally Stupid
    6. Pardon My French
    7. Decision
    8. Accidents on Purpose
    9. Petals Like Bricks
    10. Vern's Answer to the Masses
    11. Here Come the Dogs
    12. Disappoint
    13. Swan
    14. Message Received
    15. Corpse Pose
    16. Unauthorized Autobiography
    17. Lowest Common Denominator
    18. Sensible
    19. Lady Elect
    20. Fingernails on a Chalkboard
    21. Murder Movies
    22. Next Exit
    23. Devoid
    24.Go to Dallas and Take a Left
    25. For Your Entertainment
    26. Corpse Pose (Single Version)
    27. Everything is Weird
    28. Seen Not Heard
    29. Next Exit
    30. MKULTRA
    31. Usual Dosage
    32. Swan
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  • Loose Power Loose Power Quick View

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    Loose Power

    When Unwound broke up in 2002, the pioneering post-rock band left a hole in the musical firmament that dozens of acts have been trying and failing to patch up in the years since. Try as they might, they could never quite reach the perfect balance of tension and release, spiny and smooth that made the Olympia-based trio's work so damn powerful.

    Bringing together two ex-Unwound bandmates Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno, Survival Knife is another bracing and energetic shot to the dome by these singular songwriters, and one that they are eager to embrace.

    Getting to this point, however, took some doing. Unlike all of his former musical brethren, singer/guitarist Trosper didn't have any interest in music after Unwound split. Instead, he moved to Los Angeles for a stretch, going to school and helping other bands with recording projects. But after returning to his hometown of Olympia, the itch to take up his guitar against the world returned, and, with the help of longtime musical companion Sandeno and his friends Kris Cunningham (drums) and Meg Cunningham (bass), Survival Knife was born.

    The quartet already garnered a great deal of attention. The West Coast has already had a taste of what Survival Knife has to offer thanks to plenty of NW dates and a tour the band did last year with Modest Mouse. Once Loose Power is in the world, there will be little hope of holding back and soon we'll all be following Survival Knife into the abyss.

    1. Divine Mob

    2. Fell Runner

    3. Gold Widow

    4. Cut the Quick

    5. Roman Fever

    6. Loose Power

    7. Heaven Has No Eyes
    Survival Knife
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  • Everyone You Know Is Here Right Now Everyone You Know Is Here Right Now Quick View

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    Everyone You Know Is Here Right Now

    Take one car are a post-hardcore quartet from upstate New York that has built a dedicated following by relentless diy touring and self releasing their music for the past 7 years. The band's previous lp, 2012's It's Going To Be A Nice Day, was self-released on vinyl by the band itself and has sold hundreds of copies through touring alone. Everyone You Know Is Here Right Now pushes the band's masterfully crafted and dynamic sound further into the territories of bands like mewithoutyou, La Dispute, and Unwound. An undeniably great record start to finish.
    1. White Flag
    2. In The Wind
    3. I Never Knew The Sound
    4. Killing Floor
    5. When You See Me Again It Won't Be
    6. Me
    7. Travel Agency
    8. Aqua Seafoam Shame
    9. Like Pulling Teeth
    Take One Car
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  • Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Quick View

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    Cry Cry Cry

    Etching On Side D

    The soaring choruses, rousing anthems, sprawling guitars and chaotic keys that make up Wolf Parade are on proud display over the course of Cry Cry Cry, the band's thunderous first album in seven years. That unique combination of sounds and influences, spearheaded by electric co-frontmen Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner-a complex yet relatable, energetic brew of glam, prog, synth-rock, and satisfying discomfort-helped define 2000s indie rock with three critically celebrated albums, and propelled a growing Wolf Parade fandom even after the band went on a then-indefinite hiatus in 2010.

    The upcoming return marks their first to be produced by Pacific Northwest legend John Goodmanson (Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, Unwound) at Robert Lang Studios outside of Seattle, and is accompanied by a renewed focus and the creativity of a band that took their time getting exactly where they needed to be. It's also a homecoming to Sub Pop, which released all three of the band's previous albums. "The band itself is almost a fifth member of the band, something more or at least different than the sum of its parts," says Krug. "We don't know who or what is responsible for our sound, it's just something that naturally and consistently comes from this particular combo of musicians." In the time apart, the band scattered geographically and focused on family and other work--Spencer on his solo project Moonface, Dan on his bands Handsome Furs, Operators, and Divine Fits (with Spoon's Britt Daniel), and Dante De Caro on records with Carey Mercer's Frog Eyes and Blackout Beach. And that time allowed for an even stronger, tighter band to emerge. Wolf Parade have always tended to make albums that react against their previous work.

    Compared to 2010's relatively sparse rocker Expo 86, Cry Cry Cry is more deliberate in its arrangements and embrace of the studio process, as evidenced by songs like "Valley Boy," a Bowie-inflected anthem for which Spencer wrote lyrics after Leonard Cohen died the day before the 2016 election. "You're Dreaming," also influenced by the election and the spinning shock that followed, is driving, urgent power pop that draws from artists like Tom Petty and what Dan calls one of his "default languages" for writing music. The swirly, synth-heavy crescendo of "Artificial Life" takes on the struggle of artists and at-risk communities. The album carries a sense of uprising that is not unrelated to Wolf Parade's renewed determination to drive the band forward in uncertain times. Welcome to Cry Cry Cry.

    1. Lazarus Online
    2. You're Dreaming
    3. Valley Boy
    4. Incantation
    5. Files on the Sun
    6. Baby Blue
    7. Weaponized
    8. Who Are Ya
    9. Am I an Alien Here
    10. Artificial Life
    11. King of Piss and Paper
    Wolf Parade
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  • Tightly Unwound (Out of Stock) Tightly Unwound (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Tightly Unwound (Out of Stock)

    Orange Colored Vinyl

    Gatefold Sleeve

    The last few years have seen The Pineapple Thief truly emerge onto a higher stage... bigger and better tours, triumphant festival slots, recording at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios, artwork
    designed by Storm Thorgerson and new management all give the sense of an act destined for greater things. In 2012, the band took the next step on this journey with the release of All The Wars, their new studio album.
    In association with the Kscope 5th anniversary celebrations, this
    edition of 2008's Tightly Unwound - the first ever album release
    on Kscope - has been newly re-mastered and remixed by 360
    in London.

    1. My Debt To You
    2. Shoot First
    3. Sinners
    4. Tightly Wound
    5. The Sorry State
    6. My Bleeding Hand

    1. Different World
    2. And So Say All Of You
    3. Too Much To Lose

    The Pineapple Thief
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Little Man (Out of Stock) Little Man (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Little Man (Out of Stock)

    It was with the release of The Pineapple Thief 's album 'Tightly Unwound' in 2008 that the Kscope label was launched.

    While the album was many people's introduction to the band, TPT had actually spent the past ten years quietly building up a dedicated global fan base, selling over 25,000 records and nurturing its trademark 'bittersweet' Progressive sound.

    LP 1
    1. Dead In The Water
    2. God Bless The Child
    3. Wilting Violet
    4. Wait
    5. Run A Mile
    6. Little Man

    LP 2
    1. November
    2. Boxing Day
    3. God Bless The Children
    4. Snowdrops
    5. We Love You

    The Pineapple Thief
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • All The Wars (Out of Stock) All The Wars (Out of Stock) Quick View


    All The Wars (Out of Stock)

    The album is the latest step for the band who over the last few years have truly emerged onto a higher stage... bigger tours, triumphant festival slots, recording at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios, artwork designed by award winning artists including Storm Thorgerson.

    Much of this is down to the band's 2010 album, Someone Here Is Missing, and the reaction it received. While this release, along with 2008's Tightly Unwound, was many people's introduction to the band they have actually spent the past ten years quietly building up a dedicated fan base across the globe, selling over 50,000 records and nurturing their 'bittersweet' progressive sound.

    All The Wars marks another leap in the band's progression, as frontman Bruce Soord continues to mature as a songwriter and the band's ever growing confidence and status allows them to move in bold musical directions, including the use of a 22-piece string section and a choir. Soord explains, 'no expense has been spared regarding the production of this record but at its heart it's still a rock record. It's very heavy in parts and very delicate and beautiful in others

    LP 1
    1. Burning Pieces
    2. Warm Seas
    3. Last Man Standing
    4. All the Wars
    5. Build a World

    LP 2
    1. Give It Back
    2. Someone Pull Me Out
    3. One More Step Away
    4. Reaching Out

    The Pineapple Thief
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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