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  • Line In The Sand Line In The Sand Quick View

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    Line In The Sand

    Over the last four years CLOSE YOUR EYES have continued building a
    reputation for being one of the most dedicated, honest, and inspiring
    bands around. During this time they have sold over 35,000 albums in
    the U.S., performed numerous sold-out shows with some of the biggest names in the genre, and amassed a devoted and diverse fan base.

    Now with a revitalized ambition, CLOSE YOUR EYES raise the bar to
    new heights on their fervently awaited new release, Line In The Sand.
    CLOSE YOUR EYES have spent the last year hard at work perfecting
    the prevailing punk-influenced, hardcore anthems on their third studio album.

    1. Deus Ex Machina

    2. Burdened By Hope

    3. Days Of Youth
    4. Line In The Sand

    5. Frame And Glass
    6. Sleeping Giant (Feat. Tommy Green)

    7. Kings Of John Payne
    8. No Borders!
    9. The End (Feat. Zoli)
    10. Higher Than My Station
    11. Skeletons
    12. Trends And Phases

    13. Glory
    14. My Way Home
    15. Follow The Sun
    Close Your Eyes
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  • When Broken Is Easily Fixed When Broken Is Easily Fixed Quick View

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    When Broken Is Easily Fixed

    When Broken Is Easily Fixed is the debut studio album by Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein, originally released by Victory Records in 2003.
    1. Smashed Into Pieces
    2. Red Light Pledge
    3. Giving Up
    4. November
    5. Last Days Of Summer
    6. Bleeds No More
    7. Hear Me Out
    8. The Weak and The Wounded
    9. Wish I Could Forget You
    10. When Broken Is Easily Fixed
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  • The Silence In Black And White (Awaiting Repress) The Silence In Black And White (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Silence In Black And White (Awaiting Repress)

    Colored Vinyl

    Having formed in the unlikely musical breeding ground of Dayton, Ohio in 2001, Hawthorne Heights learned early on that adaptation and diligence were the keys in the development of a successful career. Playing relentlessly from the start on self-booked tours across the country and sharing the stage with bands such as The Descendants and Coheed and Cambria gave them some initial national exposure.

    But it wasn't until they signed to Victory Records in late 2003 that the band became the face of a whole new generation of music fans. That success was compounded with their 2004 label debut, The Silence In Black And White, which produced the band's signature hit Ohio Is For Lovers, an anthem for the new wave of 'emo'. Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records with MP3 digital download.

    1. Life On Standby
    2. Dissolve And Decay
    3. Niki FM
    4. The Transition
    5. Blue Burns Orange
    6. Silver Bullet
    7. Screenwriting An Apology
    8. Ohio Is For Lovers
    9. Wake Up Call
    10. Sandpaper And Silk
    11. Speeding Up The Octaves
    Hawthorne Heights
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  • Victory Lap Victory Lap Quick View

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    Victory Lap

    Atlantic Records and All Money In Records have announced the long awaited studio debut album from rapper Nipsey Hussle.
    1. Victory Lap Feat. Stacy Barthe
    2. Rap Niggas
    3. Last Time That I Checc'd Feat. YG
    4. Young Nigga Feat. Puff Daddy
    5. Dedication Feat. Kendrick Lamar
    6. Blue Laces 2
    7. Hussle & Motivate
    8. Status Symbol 3 Feat. Buddy
    9. Succa Proof
    10. Keys 2 the City 2 Feat. TeeFlii
    11. Grinding All My Life
    12. Million While You Young Feat. The-Dream
    13. Loaded Bases Feat. CeeLo Green
    14. Real Big Feat. Marsha Ambrosius
    15. Right Hand to God (Bonus Track)
    Nipsey Hussle
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  • Old Record (Awaiting Repress) Old Record (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Old Record (Awaiting Repress)

    What's a relatively young band with their star on the rise to do when their new fans are having trouble tracking down their older releases? If you're Florida's A Day to Remember, you re-release one of them, remastered and complete with new artwork and title. Fans from the beginning probably don't need the aptly titled OLD RECORD, despite the crisp new sound. But newcomers will flip their lids over A Day to Remember's special blend of muscular hardcore and approachable pop-punk. Audio Mixer: Andrew Wade. Recording information: The Wade Studio, Ocala, FL.
    1. Intro '05
    2. Heart Less
    3. A 2nd Glance
    4. Nineteen Fifty Eight
    5. If Looks Could Kill...
    6. You Had Me @ Hello
    7. Casablance Sucked Anyways.
    8. U Should Have Killed Me When U Had the Chance
    9. Your Way With Words Is Through Silence!
    10. Sound the Alarm v. 2.0
    A Day To Remember
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  • Chopin: The Legendary 1965 Recording Chopin: The Legendary 1965 Recording Quick View

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    Chopin: The Legendary 1965 Recording

    Martha Argerich, born in 1941, is widely regarded as one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    She recorded this recital in 1965, shortly after her victory in the prestigious Chopin Competition, but it only became available in 1999, when it appeared on CD.

    This is its first release on LP, the format originally intended.

    Argerich was quite the most formidable player we had ever come across, said the album's producer, Suvi Raj Grubb, Nothing would have been beyond this woman. All this adds up to a recording that is indeed legendary.

    1. Piano Sonata No.3 In B Minor, Op.58: I. Allegro maetoso
    2. Piano Sonata No.3 In B Minor, Op.58: II. Scherzo: Molto vivace
    3. Piano Sonata No.3 In B Minor, Op.58: III. Largo
    4. Piano Sonata No.3 In B Minor, Op.58: IV. Finale: Presto, non tanto
    5. Mazurka No.36 In A Minor, Op.59 No.1
    6. Mazurka No.37 In A-flat, Op.59 No.2
    7. Mazurka No.38 In F-sharp Minor, Op.59 No.3
    8. Nocturne No.4 In F, Op.15 No.1
    9. Scherzo No.3 In C-sharp Minor, Op.39
    10. Polonaise No.6 In A-flat, Op.53
    Martha Argerich
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  • Eclectic Eclectic Quick View

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    Metlacore group Bloodlet originally formed in Orlando, FL circa 1992. Issued in 1995, Eclectic is comprised of all of the band's releases prior to being signed to Victory Records. The collection is a road maps of sorts, serving as not only a document of Bloodlet's early development, but the perfect appetizer to the bands full-length label debut Entheogen which came out the following year. Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records with MP3 digital download.
    1. Shell
    2. Cherubim
    3. Eucharist
    4. Husk
    5. The Art
    6. One And Only
    7. Untouchables
    8. Litany
    9. Undying
    10. New Age 1993
    11. Sustenance
    12. Totem
    13. New Age 1992
    14. Vicious Cycle
    15. Conditioned To The Pain
    16. Bloodlet
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  • Felony Felony Quick View

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    Colored Vinyl

    Queens, NY-based Emmure have managed to channel their collective angst into an emotionally unhinged blend of blistering hardcore and punishing thrash metal that the youth across the world embrace with open arms. 2009's Felony, their third full-length for Victory Records, really blew things wide open for the band as they truly began to hone their definitive sound. Featuring a new height of aggression with menacing breakdowns, brutally honest lyrics, and punishing riffs, Felony is guaranteed to be the record that locks the band behind the bars of the spotlight for life, with no chance of parole. Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records with MP3 digital download.

    1. Sunday Bacon
    2. I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper
    3. I <3 EC2
    4. Felony
    5. You Sunk My Battleship
    6. The Philosophy Of Time Travel
    7. First Impressions
    8. R2Deepthroat
    9. Bars In Astoria
    10. Lesson From Nichole
    11. Don't Be One
    12. Immaculate Misconception
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Destroy The Machines Destroy The Machines Quick View

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    Destroy The Machines

    Colored Vinyl

    Earth Crisis became Victory Records' first breakthrough hardcore band. From 1995 to 2001, the straight edge vegan metal group put out four full-lenghts on the label, each one progressively becoming more complex and sophisticated. Their sonic influence can be felt and heard in bands like P.O.D. Slipknot, and System Of A Down.

    Originally issued in 1995, Destroy The Machines is Earth Crisis' propulsive debut full-length and the best selling release in the Victory Records catalog. Essential for hardcore and metal fans alike. Reissued here on colored vinyl with an accompanying MP3 digital download.

    1. Forced March
    2. Born From Pain
    3. Destroy The Machines
    4. New Ethic
    5. The Discipline
    6. Deliverance
    7. Inherit The Wasteland

    8 Asphyxiate
    9. The Wrath Of Sanity

    10. Fortress
    Earth Crisis
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  • Steady As She Goes (Pre-Order) Steady As She Goes (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Steady As She Goes (Pre-Order)

    Limited Edition First Pressing On Colored Vinyl

    Steady as She Goes is the Voodoo Glow Skulls' sixth full-length album. It was originally released on July 2, 2002, via Victory Records.

    The album combines guttural, rapid-fire vocals, a tough metallic guitar attack, a funhouse horn section and muscular drumming that borders on polka for the insane.

    1. Voodoo Anthem
    2. Steady As She Goes

    3. Nada En La Cabeza
    4. High Society
    5. One For The Road

    6. Interstate Disease
    7. Ethnic Cleansing Day
    8. La Llorona
    9. The Rat Traps
    10. Tell The People
    11. New Jerk Swing
    12. The Basketball Song
    Voodoo Glow Skulls
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  • Arrivals And Departures (Awaiting Repress) Arrivals And Departures (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Arrivals And Departures (Awaiting Repress)

    Colored Vinyl!

    One would be hard-pressed to come up with a more fitting title for Silverstein's third full-length, than Arrivals & Departures. After all, this Canadian band sold over 300,000 copies of their previous release, Discovering The Waterfront, on the strength of word-of-mouth and a nonstop touring schedule that saw them crisscrossing the globe!

    Issued on Victory Records in 2007, Arrivals & Departures is a collection of unbridled rock passion that emphatically pervades all of its 11 tracks.

    Success wasn't the only transition that impacted the recording of Arrivals & Departures, however, as Silverstein decided to enlist a new producer, in this case Mark Trombino, who previously worked with Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182. The result is a remarkable and engaging album whose underlying message of "never taking anything for granted" certainly inspired their fans and undoubtedly attracted new ones as well. Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records!


    1. Sound Of The Sun

    2. Bodies And Words

    3. If You Could See Into My Soul
    4. Worlds Apart

    5. My Disaster

    6. Still Dreaming

    7. The Sand Will Turn To Glass

    8. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

    9. Vanity And Greed

    10. Love With Caution

    11. True Romance
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • We Will Overcome (Awaiting Repress) We Will Overcome (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    We Will Overcome (Awaiting Repress)

    Colored Vinyl

    Using their faith as a driving force, Abilene, Texas-based Close Your Eyes has silenced all stereotypes and emerged as a leader in delivering their powerful and inspiring message through music. The band's infectious, explosive energy and uncompromising musical capabilities transcends the aggressive posturing that so often limits the genre. Luckily, a scene so overpopulated with lackluster talent has struck gold with this special melodic-hardcore outfit.

    The band's promising 2010 Victory Records debut, We Will Overcome, opened the ears and hearts of fans across the world with its hardcore heavy-rock sound and inspirational lyrics as displayed to fine effect on the album's powerful singles Song for the Broken, The Body and Digging Graves. Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records with MP3 digital download.

    1. A Proclamation
    2. Friends Are Friends Forever
    3. XChet SteadmanX
    4. Digging Graves
    5. The Body
    6. Song For The Broken
    7. 17:20
    8. Wake Up!
    9. Bitter Path
    10. Something Needs To Change
    11. Arms Raised
    Close Your Eyes
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  • Ghosts Among Men Ghosts Among Men Quick View

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    Ghosts Among Men

    Colored Vinyl

    Ghosts Among Men is the 2010 Victory Records debut album from Vancouver, Canada's Grave Maker and follow-up to 2008's Bury Me At Sea. The vintage hardcore release was literally born to be released on the label that put mainstream hardcore on the map with its 12 raging tracks delivered in just under a half hour. We're a hardcore band out of western Canada. We live to tour, tour to live. Hardcore is in decline, we are one of the bands trying to keep it alive, exclaims drummer Wayne Kong. We are an aggressive, fast and heavy-hitting hardcore punk band. We sound like a wolverine fighting a garbage disposal full of steak knives. If you love hardcore meet your Maker. Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records with MP3 digital download.

    1. Ghosts Among Men
    2. Hell Followed
    3. Melt To The Mold
    4. Seducer
    5. Why We Fight
    6. Stronghold
    7. Vlad The Impaler
    8. Laid To Rest
    9. Dead Or Alive
    10. Sever Thy Head
    11. Broken Bones
    12. Never Be Like You
    Grave Maker
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Omen Omen Quick View

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    Colored Vinyl

    Natives of Westfield, Massachusetts, Within The Ruins is armed with a unique take on blending tech and metal together; writing music that sets their band apart from numerous other metal bands. The quintet has mastered their technique of bringing breakdowns, riffs, tempo and a dash of personality together in order to form one cohesive entity.

    They describe their sound as "loud, energetic, interesting and fresh" and cite bands like Metallica and As I Lay Dying as their early influences.

    Their 2011 EP, Omen, issued on Victory Records, follows that to a T with two new originals to go along with a cover of Metallica's "Fight Fire With Fire" and Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son." Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records!


    1. Controller

    2. Infamy

    3. Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas Cover)

    4. Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica Cover)
    Within The Ruins
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Invade (Awaiting Repress) Invade (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Invade (Awaiting Repress)

    Colored Vinyl

    Within the Ruins set the creative bar high with their greatly-respected 2009 Victory Records debut, Creature. These tech-metal masters are on a warpath to demolish the bar they previously set with their freshly polished and innovative new album, Invade. Invade is another firm example of the band's elaborate songwriting ability and is chock-full of sophisticated time signatures, skilled noodling, choppy rhythmic punches, rapid death metal-like riffing, and commanding vocals.

    1. Designing Oblivion
    2. Versus
    3. Behold the Harlot
    4. Red Flagged
    5. Invade
    6. Ataxia
    7. Cross Buster
    8. Feast or Famine
    9. Oath
    10. The Carouser
    11. Roads
    Within The Ruins
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  • Wasted Youth Brew Wasted Youth Brew Quick View

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    Wasted Youth Brew

    Hardcore-punk act Blood For Blood produces music of the people. Their sound is an in-your-face journey into the disturbing and troubled thoughts and minds of today's youth.

    Originally released in 2001, Wasted Youth Brew is a 2LP collection of rare, hard-to-find music from over the course of Blood For Blood's career as well as live material recorded at several New England shows in early 2001. Colored 2LP pressing from Victory Records!


    1. When The Storm Comes (I'll Stand Alone)

    2. Goin' Down The Bar

    3. No Friend Of Mine

    4. All This & More

    5. Intro

    6. Spit My Last Breath

    7. Can't Heal

    8. Piss All Over Your Hopes And Dreams

    9. Soulless

    10. Hurt You

    11. Chaos

    12. Paper Gangster

    13. The Strain

    14. Life


    1. Intro (Live)

    2. No Tomorrow (Live)

    3. Bitch Called Hope (Live)

    4. Cheap Wine (Live)

    5. Piss All Over Your Hopes And Dreams (Live)

    6. Maldito (Edit) (Live)

    7. Soulless (Live)

    8. Revenge On Society (Live)

    9. Eulogy For A Dream (Live)

    10. Nothing For You (Live)

    11. Paper Gangster (Live)

    Blood For Blood
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Homesick Homesick Quick View

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    Two years after their debut release, A Day To Remember exploded from a small band with a dedicated fan-base in Florida into a worldwide phenomenon thanks to the insane live shows and Pop-Hardcore they have lovingly made their own.

    Gaining the respect of their peers as much as their fans, they landed slots on the New Found Glory and Silverstein tours, the Victory Records Tour and the Vans Warped Tour. Now, ADTR are taking their insanely catchy melodies and brutal breakdowns with the positive message of friendship and unfaltering self-belief to the masses.

    A Day To Remember truly are ready to take over the world one mosh pit at a time.

    1. The Downfall Of Us All
    2. My Life For Hire
    3. I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?
    4. NJ Legion Iced Tea
    5. Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End
    6. Have Faith In Me
    7. Welcome To The Family
    8. Homesick
    9. Holdin' It Down For The Underground
    10. You Already Know What You Are
    11. Another Song About The Weekend
    12. If It Means A Lot To You
    A Day To Remember
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  • The Respect Issue The Respect Issue Quick View

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    The Respect Issue

    Colored Vinyl

    Welcome to round two of the Emmure beat-down!

    2008's The Respect Issue continues to knock all of the competition out, one bloody breakdown at a time. This record takes a scornful bite at the opposition we face on a daily basis; the friends who betray us, the lovers who cheat us and the enemies that challenge us.

    Emmure stand with an arsenal of aggression and confidence that audiences everywhere are connecting to with abandon. Be a part of it now or get the hell out of their way! Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records!


    1. Young, Rich, And Out Of Control

    2. Sound Wave Superior

    3. I Only Mean Half Of What I Don't Say

    4. False Love In Real Life

    5. Chicago's Finest

    6. Tales From The Burg

    7. Rough Justice

    8. Snuff 2 - The Resurrection

    9. Dry Ice

    10. You're More Like Friend Without The 'R'
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (Awaiting Repress) Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (Awaiting Repress)

    Colored Vinyl

    Take the fierce energy of a hardcore band, add a touch of metal and what you unleash is the perfect combination only known as New Haven CT's Hatebreed. Tired with the current state of heavy music singer Jamey Jasta wanted to asssemble music that would hit everyone over the head and begin the awakening.

    Jamey states that was the reason we started this band. In Connecticut in 1993 people considered Quicksand hardcore and I'm thinking 'no way this is indie rock.' We wanted simple songs with simple song structures. All out brutality, 30 seconds and it is done. Aptly put by Thrasher, Hatebreed means business, they don't fuck around, and they don't waste your time.

    Their 1997 Victory Records debut Satisfaction is the Death Is The Satisfaction of Desire is a certifiable hardcore phenomenon, a top selling release that continues to make strides and has sold more copies than any other debut in the history of the label. If you can't quite put your finger on it, Jamey will for you, This recording has that evil, it resides in all of us. It's what fuels us. Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records with MP3 digital download.

    1. Empty Promises
    2. Burn The Lies
    3. Before Dishonor
    4. Puritan
    5. Conceived Through An Act Of Violence
    6. Afflicted Past
    7. Prepare For War
    8. Not One Truth
    9. Betrayed By Life
    10. Mark My Words
    11. Last Breath
    12. Burial For The Living
    13. Worlds Apart
    14. Driven By Suffering
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  • Hell Chose Me (Awaiting Repress) Hell Chose Me (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Hell Chose Me (Awaiting Repress)

    Colored Vinyl!

    Derived from the Old English word for "executioner," Carnifex's moniker could not be more appropriate. It's a word that reeks of death and destruction from the Dark Ages to describe a fiercely morbid death metal band. It's hard to imagine that San Diego, known for its white sand beaches, endless sunny days and astronomical real estate, is also home to the brutal beat down that is Carnifex.

    In 2008, the band proudly delivered their first Victory Records album to the metal masses. Intriguing and armed to the teeth with an arsenal of blast beats, machine gun riffs and vocals exorcised from the deepest pits of hell, The Diseased and the Poisoned is the soundtrack to your worst nightmare.

    It's 2010 follow-up for the label, Hell Chose Me, however, saw the band take an even darker and more blasphemous approach to their already visceral sound. Blood curdling screams, guttural growls, bottom heavy baselines, and razor-sharp guitar riffs make for what is some of the band's darkest and most brutal work to date. Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records.


    1. Hell Chose Me

    2. Dead Archetype

    3. Entombed Monarch

    4. Names Mean Nothing

    5. Heartless

    6. Sorrowspell

    7. The Scope of Obsession

    8. By Darkness Enslaved

    9. The Liar's Funeral

    10. Genocide Initiative

    11. Angel Of Death
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Slave To The Game Slave To The Game Quick View

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    Slave To The Game

    in 2007 the world was introduced to EMMURE on their Victory Records debut, Goodbye To The Gallows, and in the years following, the band has been an absolute machine. During this period of time, EMMURE released four highly successful full-length
    albums that have sold over 225,000 units worldwide, performed nearly 1,000 shows in over 20 countries including prominent spots on some of the world's largest music festivals, and helped define the genre known as "deathcore".

    In 2012, EMMURE solidified their partnership with Victory Records by re-signing with the label and now have added to their already impressive existence with the release of their fifth full-length album, Slave To The Game.

    EMMURE established themselves as the heavyweight kings of metal-influenced hardcore since day one and will raise the standards again on Slave To The Game with even more intensely brutal songs combined
    with menacing lyrics.

    EMMURE set out to dominate the world and will proudly enforce their "YOU CAN'T FUCK WITH US" attitude to anyone who stands in their way.

    Slave To The Game was produced by Joey Sturgis (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, ATTACK ATTACK!, ASKING ALEXANDRIA).

    1. Insert Coin
    2. Protoman
    3. She Gave Her Heart to Deadpool
    4. I Am Onslaught
    5. Bison Diaries
    6. Poltergeist
    7. Cross Over Attack
    8. Umar Dumps Dormammu
    9. Blackheart Reigns
    10. MDMA
    11. War Begins with You
    12. A.I.
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Livin' In Exile Livin' In Exile Quick View

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    Livin' In Exile

    The band is called Blood for Blood, the album is called Livin' In Exile, they represent the East Coast and the release is on Victory. Without even listening to a note on this record, you already know what it's going to sound like. But for all those with their head in the clouds: hardcore in that metallic chugga-chugga sort of way with some hits of OI! and a blatant Slapshot influence -they're both from Boston after all. But what makes this stand out is a lack of cheesiness, testosterone -well, maybe a little bit- and bone headed lyrics. Even a Motorhead cover of Ace of Spades, but like they needed it to impress all the Victory Record followers.

    1. No Tomorrow (Holdin' Court of the Eve of the Apocalypse)Abstract Truth

    2. Cheap Wine

    3. Eulogy for a Dream

    4. Anywhere But Here (Maybe Someday)

    5. Nothing for You

    6. Livin' in Exile

    7. Still Fucked Up

    8. [Untitled]

    Blood For Blood
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Cover Your Tracks (Awaiting Repress) Cover Your Tracks (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Cover Your Tracks (Awaiting Repress)

    BURY YOUR DEAD have been making a name for themselves in the New England hardcore music
    scene since their 2001 birth. Having spawned from such ground-breaking acts as BLOOD HAS BEEN
    SHED, AS THE SUN SETS, PIECEMEAL and GROUNDZERO, the members come from an extensive background of all genres of music.

    BURY YOUR DEAD originally set out to do the band for fun, but fans quickly took notice after they solidified their line-up which includes former BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME drummer, Mark Castillo. BURY YOUR DEAD decided to keep their material simple, energetic, sweet and remarkably heavy.
    After playing many shows and building a solid fan base on the East Coast, Eulogy/Alveran Recordings made BURY YOUR DEAD an offer they couldn't pass up.

    In Summer 2002, they went out on their first tour and shared the stage with GLASSJAW, POISON THE WELL, ANDREW W.K. and BANE. After constant touring, BURY YOUR DEAD hit the studio to record their Eulogy Records debut, a 5-song CD EP, You Had Me At Hello.
    VICTORY RECORDS quickly took notice and announced their signing in April 2004.

    Their VICTORY RECORDS debut, Cover Your Tracks, is set to take the metal and hardcore worlds by storm while the band invades the streets all year long.

    1. Maverick
    2. Rain Man
    3. Toesday Night
    4. Take Me
    5. Legend
    6. Great Balls
    7. So Fucking Blues
    8. Show Me The Money
    9. The Need For Speed
    10. You Can't Handle The...
    11. Last Samurai
    12. Bury Your Dead
    Bury Your Dead
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Fortitude Fortitude Quick View

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    Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, one of Victory Records' latest signings, FEED HER TO THE SHARKS, are out for blood. Assembled in 2010, the five-piece modern, melodic, metalcore act have established themselves by aggressively touring Australia with ASKING ALEXANDRIA, SUICIDE SILENCE, AUGUST BURNS RED and others in addition to a spot on the 2013 Warped Tour Australia.

    Of the signing, FEED HER TO THE SHARKS comment, We are very pleased to announce we have joined the Victory Records family! Victory is already home to many of our idols, and to say we are part of this is truly an honor. We are extremely excited to show our music to the world, and bring our unique sound to the masses!

    After a tour with BURIED IN VERONA and FIT FOR A KING, the band dusted off their pens and began the writing process for their Victory debut, FORTITUDE. Committed to creating the most dynamic album of the band's career, FEED HER TO THE SHARKS will shock and awe with their impeccable ability to incorporate clean vocals into their heavy, riff-driven metalcore sound.

    1. The World Is Yours

    2. Chasing Glory
    3. Burn The Traitor
    4. Shadow Of Myself
    5. Terrorist
    6. Heart Of Stone

    7. Walking On Glass
    8. Fear Of Failure

    9. Faithless

    10. Badass

    11. Let Go
    Feed Her To The Sharks
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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