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  • Wiener Philharmoniker - 175th Anniversary Edition (Box Set) Wiener Philharmoniker - 175th Anniversary Edition (Box Set) Quick View

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    Wiener Philharmoniker - 175th Anniversary Edition (Box Set)

    Celebrating the Wiener Philharmoniker's 175th anniversary with a special vinyl release: A limited, numbered edition
    of 1842 sets. Includes the first release of Bruckner's Symphony No. 2 with Riccardo Muti. Schumann's Symphony
    No. 3 and Cello Concerto conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Includes three other legendary recordings: Carlos
    Kleiber's Beethoven's 7th Symphony; Claudio Abbado's Brahms' Hungarian Dances; Herbert von Karajan
    conducting Wagner Orchestral Works and Liebestod.
    Wiener Philharmoniker
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  • Wagner: The Collector's Edition Wagner: The Collector's Edition Quick View

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    Wagner: The Collector's Edition

    The 6-LP limited edition set includes landmark performances from Jessye Norman, Herbert von Karajan, Karl Böhm, Jess Thomas and more; a musthave
    for the dedicated Wagner collector.

    Richard Wagner was one of the most revolutionary figures in the history of music, a composer who made pivotal contributions to the development of harmony and musical drama that reverberate even today. Indeed, though Wagner occasionally produced successful music written on a relatively modest scale, opera -- the bigger, the better -- was clearly his milieu, and his aesthetic is perhaps the most grandiose that Western music has ever known. Early in his career, Wagner learned both the elements and the practical, political realities of his craft by writing a handful of operas which were unenthusiastically, even angrily, received. Beginning with Rienzi (1838-40) and The Flying Dutchman (1841), however, he enjoyed a string of successes that propelled him to immortality and changed the face of music. His monumental Ring cycle of four operas -- Das Rheingold (1853-54), Die WalkÜre (1854-56), Siegfried (1856-71) and GötterdÄmmerung (1869-74) -- remains the most ambitious and influential contribution by any composer to the opera literature. Tristan and Isolde (1857-59) is perhaps the most representative example of Wagner's musical style, which is characterized by a high degree of chromaticism, a restless, searching tonal instability, lush harmonies, and the association of specific musical elements (known as leitmotifs, the flexible manipulation of which is one of the glories of Wagner's music) with certain characters and plot points. Wagner wrote text as well as music for all his operas, which he preferred to call music dramas.

    - Rovi Staff (All Music Guide)

    LP 1 / Wagner: Choruses
    Der fliegende HollÄnder
    1. Act 1 - Mit Gewitter und Sturm aus fernem Meer
    2. Act 2 - Summ und Brumm, du gutes RÄdchen - Dann hÄlt uns lÄnger keine Pflicht (Chor der MÄdchen, Mary, Senta)
    3. Act 3 - Steuermann, lass die Wacht! (nur Chor)
    4. Act 2 - Freudig begrÜßen wir die edle Halle
    5. Act 3 - BeglÜckt darf nun dich, o Heimat, ich schauen - Heil! Heil! Der Gnade Wunder Heil!
    6. Act 1 - Seht, seht! Welch ein seltsam Wunder!
    7. Act 2 - Gesegnet soll sie schreiten
    8. Act 3 - Treulich gefÜhrt ziehet dahin
    Die Meistersinger von NÜrnberg
    9. Act 3 - Wacht auf! Es nahet gen den Tag - Ehrt eure deutschen Meister
    Zweiter Aufzug
    10. Szene 3: Hoiho! Hoihohoho Ihr Gibichsmannen
    11. Act 1 - Zum letzten Liebesmahle gerÜstet Tag fÜr Tag

    LP 2 / Wagner: Tristan and Isolde - Arias & Duets
    Tristan und Isolde
    1. Act 2 - Isolde! Geliebte! - Tristan! Geliebter!
    Tristan und Isolde
    2. Act 2 - Einsam wachend in der Nacht - O ewnge Nacht (Brangaenens Watch and Love Duet ( II))
    3. Act 3 - Mild und leise wie er lÄchelt (Isoldes Liebestod) (Isolde)

    LP 3 / Jess Thomas Sings Richard Wagner
    Die Meistersinger von NÜrnberg
    1. Act 1 - Fanget an!
    2. Act 3 - Morgenlich leuchtend
    3. Act 3 - Höchstes Vertraun hast du mir schon zu danken
    4. Act 3 - In fernem Land, unnahbar euren Schritten
    Die WalkÜre
    Erster Aufzug
    5. Ein Schwert verhieß mir der Vater
    Das Rheingold
    Zweite Szene
    6. Immer ist Undank Loges Lohn!
    7. Act 5 - AllmÄcht'ger Vater, blick herab
    8. Act 3 - Nur eine Waffe taugt

    LP 4 / Wagner: Overtures and Preludes
    1. Overture
    TannhÄuser and the Contest of Song on the Wartburg
    2. Overture
    Die Meistersinger von NÜrnberg
    3. Prelude
    4. Prelude

    LP 5 / Wagner: Tristan and Isolde - Highlights
    Tristan und Isolde
    1. Prelude to Act 1. Langsam und schmachtend
    2. Act 1 - Herr Tristan trete nah - Nun lass uns SÜhne trinken
    3. Act 2 - O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe - ...bald entweicht die Nacht
    Tristan und Isolde
    4. Act 3 - Prelude
    5. Act 3 - O Wonne! Nein! - Isolde - Ha
    6. Act 3 - Tod und Hölle - ...ertrinken, versinken, unbewusst, höchste Lust

    LP 6 / Wagner: TannhÄuser Overture, Siegfried-Idyll, Tristan und Isolde (Excerpts)
    1. Overture
    2. Siegfried Idyll
    Tristan und Isolde
    3. Prelude to Act 1. Langsam und schmachtend
    4. Act 3 - Mild und leise wie er lÄchelt (Isoldes Liebestod)

    Various Artists
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 6 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Kaufmann - Wagner Kaufmann - Wagner Quick View

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    Kaufmann - Wagner

    . . . should be in every Wagnerite's collection. Jonas Kaufmann is a Wagner tenor who need fear no comparison with anyone, however far back you go. His tone is beautiful, his command of line and dynamics impeccable, and his familiarity with Wagner's idiom unimpeachable . . . Kaufmann's artistry and the beautiful playing of the Deutsche Oper Berlin Orchestra under Donald Runnicles makes this a must-buy.-David Mellor, Daily Mail (London)

    Presented with original artwork and pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl at Optimal.

    1. Ein Schwert Verhieß Mir Der Vater Die WalkÜre / Erster Aufzug
    2. Daß Der Mein Vater Nicht Ist...Du Holdes Voglein! Siegfried / Zweiter Aufzug
    3. AllmÄcht'ger Vater, Blick Herab Rienzi / Act 5
    4. Inbrunst Im Herzen TannhÄuser / Act 3
    5. Am Stillen Herd Die Meistersinger Von NÜrnberg / Act 1
    6. In Fernem Land, Unnahbar Euren Schritten Lohengrin / Act 3
    7. Wesendonck Lieder, Wwv 91
    Jonas Kaufmann
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique - Argenta (Speakers Corner) Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique - Argenta (Speakers Corner) Quick View

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    Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique - Argenta (Speakers Corner)

    Behind the mysterious title Symphonie fantastique is to be found what was undoubtedly one of the most powerful musical compositions of its day. The highly controversial discussions which this autobiographical, extraordinary work provoked are quite understandable when one considers that Beethoven and Schubert had just put down their quills for the last time and that Wagner had only just left his childhood behind him. In commenting upon the daring cyclical structure of the work, one French music critic said, "In Berlioz's Symphony we believe that we have seen the prelude to a revolution in instrumental music".

    In spite of being acknowledged and praised as a composer, Berlioz was never given the professorship he coveted at the Paris Conservatoire, and it might appear as if the renowned Conservatoire Orchestra was making its apologies for this in the present excellent recording. The various scenes of the intoxicating programme music are approached with daring; dreadful, macabre ideas are presented in a low, gloomy and dark timbre until finally a heroic attitude comes to the fore, accompanied by thundering drum rolls, when the death sentence is pronounced. Fantastique!


    • Paris Conservatoire Orchestra

    • Ataúlfo Argenta (conductor)

    Recording: November 1957 at Maison de la MutualitÉ, Paris by Ken Cress

    Production: James Walker

    About Speakers Corner

    At the beginning of the 90s, in the early days of audiophile vinyl re-releases, the situation was fairly straightforward. Companies such as DCC, Mobile Fidelity, Classic Records and, of course, Speakers Corner all maintained a mutual, unwritten ethical code: we would only use analogue tapes to manufacture records.

    During the course of the present vinyl hype, many others have jumped on the bandwagon in the hope of securing a corner of the market. Very often they are not so ethical and use every imaginable source to master from: CDs, LPs, digital files, MP3s - or employed existant tools from the 80s and 90s for manufacturing.

    A digital delay is gladly used when cutting a lacquer disc because tape machines with an analogue delay have become quite rare and are therefore expensive. When cutting the lacquer, the audio signal is delayed by one LP revolution against the signal, which controls the cutter head, and for this a digital delay is very often employed. Of course, the resultant sound signal is completely digital and thus only as good as this delay.

    We should like to emphasise that Speakers Corner Records on principle only uses the original master tape as the basis for the entirely analogue cutting of lacquer discs. In addition, the pressing tool is newly manufactured as a matter of principle. We have one digital recording in our catalogue (Alan Parsons / Eye In The Sky"), but even in this particular case we used the analogue tapes for cutting.

    We only employ existing tools for manufacturing if an improved result is not forthcoming, e.g. the title Elvis Is Back, which was mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray, or several titles from our Philips Classics series, which in any case Willem Makkee cut from the original masters at the Emil Berliner Studios in the 90s. It goes without saying that we only used the mother and that new tools were made for our production.

    To put it in a nutshell: we can ensure you that our releases are free from any kind of digital effects - excluding the exception above - and that the lacquer discs are newly cut.

    and that the lacquer discs are newly cut.

    1. First Movement: Reveries, Passions

    2. Second Movement: Un Bal
    3. Third Movement: (Sceneaux Champs)
    4. Third Movement: (Sceneaux Champs)
    5. Fourth Movement: Marche Au Supplice
    6. Fifth Movement Song D'Une Nuit De Sabbat
    Ataulfo Argenta
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Liszt: Wagner Transcriptions Liszt: Wagner Transcriptions Quick View

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    Liszt: Wagner Transcriptions

    Daniel Barenboim is one of the seminal musical figures of our time and is celebrated as one of the most versatile
    pianists of his generation. Honouring Barenboim's 75th birthday this year, DG re-releases his fascinating 1982
    recording of six Wagner Transcriptions for piano by Franz Liszt, presented with new artwork and mastered from the
    original tapes and pressed on 180g heavy-weight vinyl.
    1. Entry of the Guests on the Wartburg from TannhÄuser, S. 445 No. 1
    2. Spinning Song from Der fliegende HollÄnder, S. 440
    3. Elsa's Dream and Lohengrin's Rebuke from Lohengrin, S. 446 No. 2
    4. Isoldes Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde, S. 447
    5. Ballade from Der fliegende HollÄnder, S. 441
    6. Fantasy on Themes from Rienzi, S. 439
    Daniel Barenboim
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Rock And Roll Animal Rock And Roll Animal Quick View

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    Rock And Roll Animal

    Following his somber 1973 concept album Berlin, Lou Reed switched gears once again with 1974's Rock 'n' Roll Animal, a searing live set recorded at Howard Stein's Academy of Music in New York in December of 1973 with his road band at the time which featured the twin guitar attack of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter. The 5-song set primarily consists of extended arrangements of former Velvet Underground classics including a 13-minute plus version of Heroin, and a 10-minute Rock 'n' Roll to go along with more concise takes on Sweet Jane and White Light/White Heat. Rock 'n' Roll Animal amplifies the music of the Velvet Underground as never before or since and it finds Lou Reed doing what he does best, challenging the status quo with artistic ambition and restless abandon.
    1. Intro - Sweet Jane
    2. Heroin
    3. White Light/White Heat
    4. Lady Day
    5. Rock 'n' Roll
    Lou Reed
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  • Reworks Reworks Quick View

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    With its distinctive renditions of songs by DJ Shadow, My Bloody
    Valentine, Fleet Foxes, and more, Walt Wagner's Reworks shows how
    three Seattle institutions - Wagner, the city's renowned Canlis
    restaurant, and Sub Pop Records - have evolved over the years. When
    veteran pianist Wagner first landed at Canlis in 1996, he started out
    performing a set heavy on the Great American Songbook and the
    occasional pop tune. As young staff members recommended new
    artists and songs, Wagner's repertoire grew deeper and more varied -
    especially after the next generation of the Canlis family took over in
    2003. Yet whether the source material was Pink Floyd, Prince,
    Metallica, or the Weeknd, the challenge remained the same: "To distill
    the vibe on a record, the very essence of a song, into solo piano

    One fateful night a couple years ago, a crew from Sub Pop were dining
    at the restaurant when they recognized melodies by Adele and Daft
    Punk wafting through the restaurant and decided to investigate. Canlis
    co-owner Mark Canlis offered the Sub Pop crew a full tour, and when
    he pulled out a vintage copy of the '60s LP Live At Canlis, an idea was
    born. With Wagner preparing to retire, the time was ripe for a recording
    that captured his inimitable gifts in their natural surroundings.

    In preparation for the big night, Wagner sat down with the Sub Pop
    team for more ideas. "I wanted them to feed me tunes that they loved
    and could imagine hearing me play." Sub Pop alumni Fleet Foxes and
    Band of Horses were already staples of Wagner's sets, but what magic
    could he work with DJ Shadow, Phoenix, or My Bloody Valentine? He
    had three months to find out.

    The album's opening selection, "Building Steam with a Grain of Salt,"
    provides a glimpse into Wagner's modus operandi. "The first time I
    listened to it, I said 'well what can I do with that?'" He recalls. "But
    the more I listened, the more I noticed these signature moments in the
    song, and through messing around with those and improvisation, I
    ended up with my version."

    Recorded before a packed house on October 9, 2016, Reworks is more
    than just a souvenir of a very special evening; it captures decades of
    musicianship that forged Wagner's distinctive style. He studied
    classical piano throughout his youth, yet kept his playing secret until
    he'd reached his teens, when he began playing in rock bands.

    While learning to improvise and play more rhythmically made him a hit
    with his peers, his classical instruction made his band the Exotics
    especially popular with local bookers. "We were one of the only bands
    that could read music, so we accompanied different stars of the time:
    Dick and Dee Dee, Johnny Crawford, all these '50s and early '60s
    artists that came to town." The Exotics even cut a single, a Wagner
    original entitled "Oasis," that made it to #3 on local radio station KJR
    in the summer of 1961.

    In the years that followed, Wagner played at downtown Seattle
    watering holes and eateries and refined his jazz chops. Two decades at
    Canlis taught him to interact with listeners in a whole new way. And
    now, flush with excitement over Reworks, Wagner may not stay retired
    for long.

    1. Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (DJ Shadow)
    2. I Only Said (My Bloody Valentine)
    3. Desiree (The Left Banke)
    4. Mykonos (Fleet Foxes)
    5. 1901 (Phoenix)
    6. Bondye (Goat)
    7. No One's Gonna Love You (Band of Horses)
    8. Purple Rain (Prince)
    9. The Funeral (Band of Horses)
    10. Ever Fallen In Love (Buzzcocks)
    Walt Wagner
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  • When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day Quick View

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    When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day

    Finland-raised singer-songwriter Mirel Wagner creates music that melds subversive lyricism touching on themes of love and death against a backdrop of spare and minimalist folk music. Her 2012 self-titled debut, released in Europe via Bone Voyage Recordings, and in the US via Friendly Fire Recordings, earned the singer-songwriter acclaim from the likes of NPR Music, New York Times, Time, The Guardian, PASTE, FILTER, Pitchfork, Stereogum, Vogue, USA Today, Gorilla Vs Bear, and more. Mirel Wagner will release her new album, When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day, on Sub Pop Records.
    1. 1 2 3 4
    2. The Dirt
    3. Ellipsis
    4. Oak Tree
    5. Play
    6. In My Father's House
    7. Dreamt of a Wave
    8. The Devil's Tongue
    9. What Love Looks Like
    10. Taller Than Tall Trees
    11. Goodnight
    Mirel Wagner
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Chain Gang Of Love Chain Gang Of Love Quick View

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    Chain Gang Of Love



    'Chain Gang Of Love', originally released in August 2003, is The Raveonettes' first full length album after they debuted with the critically acclaimed 'Whip It On' mini album in 2002.

    Their sound has often been compared with that of the noisy and distorted Jesus And Mary Chain, while the Velvet Underground and even the vocal harmonies of the Everly Brothers are never far away either. The most noticeable difference in sound between the debut EP, which had all songs in B-flat minor, and this album is that here all songs are in B-flat major. The result is an album drenched in an uplifting fifties and sixties sound.

    Because of this wall of sound you might expect a Phil Spector production, but Sune Rose Wagner himself (one half of the Danish duo which is The Raveonettes) and Richard Gottehrer (producer for a.o. Blondie and The Go-Go's, and founder of Sire Records) were responsible for this remarkable and uplifting release.

    Side A


    That Great Love Sound

    Noisy Summer

    The Love Gang

    Let's Rave On

    Dirty Eyes (Sex Don't Sell)

    Love Can Destroy Everything

    Side B

    Heartbreak Stroll

    Little Animal

    Untamed Girls

    Chain Gang Of Love

    The Truth About Johnny

    New York Was Great

    The Raveonettes
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Pretty In Black Pretty In Black Quick View

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    Pretty In Black


    The second full-length album of Danish Fifties/Psych Pop duo The Raveonettes was released in 2005. On Pretty In Black, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo abandoned the strict recording rules the band laid upon themselves on their preceding efforts (including limiting the amount of different chords in one song, keeping an entire album in one tuning - which was in fact B Flat Major for The Chain Gang Of Love) and keeping song running times under three minutes. Instead, the group further expand on their signature sound of Fifties inspired Rockabilly Noise Pop with the eerie feel of a thriller movie soundtrack.

    Special appearances on this album are made by Maureen Tucker of Velvet Underground on drums, Martin Rev on drum machine and Ronnie Spector, also known as Veronica Bennett of the fabulous Ronettes on backup vocals.

    1. The Heavens
    2. Seductress of Bums
    3. Love in a Trashcan
    4. Sleepwalking
    5. Uncertain Times
    6. My Boyfriend's Back
    7. Here Comes Mary
    8. Red Tan
    9. Twilight
    10. Somewhere in Texas
    11. You Say You Lie
    12. Ode to L.A.
    13. If I Was Young
    The Raveonettes
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Rock N Roll Animal Rock N Roll Animal Quick View

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    Rock N Roll Animal

    Rock N Roll Animal is a live album by Lou Reed, originally released by RCA Records in 1974. In its original form, it features five songs, four of which are Velvet Underground songs. The musicians were Pentti Glan (drums) and Prakash John (bass), Ray Colcord (keyboards), and Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter on guitars. (The two guitarists would later form the basis of the second Alice Cooper band, beginning on Welcome to My Nightmare, which also features Glan and John.)

    The album was recorded live on December 21, 1973, at Howard Stein's Academy of Music in New York City. A sleeper hit, it peaked at #45 on the Billboard album chart during a twenty-eight week stay before earning Reed's first RIAA gold certification in 1978.

    1. Intro / Sweet Jane
    2. Heroin
    3. White Light / White Heat
    4. Lady Day
    5. Rock 'N' Roll
    Lou Reed
    150 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Nixon Nixon Quick View

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    First Time On LP In North America.

    First Album In The Merge Records 25th Anniversary Reissue

    Nixon was released in early 2000. It was Lambchop's fifth LP, and the first
    record of any kind that the band had released in over a year, after a
    half-decade in which scarcely three months went by without some kind of
    new Lambchop music. Starting with the swell of horns in the middle of
    album opener "The Old Gold Shoe," Nixon glides easily from one unexpected
    grace note to the next, peppering in funk, R&B, gospel, country, vintage
    folk-and integrating them all, not presenting them discretely. Lambchop has
    always taken its Nashville origins seriously, making use of the wide variety of
    talented musicians who live and work in Music City.

    Nixon drew Lambchop's usual raft of mixed reviews and modest sales
    stateside-though the positive reviews were more positive than ever, as many
    critics put the album on their year-end best-of lists, and fans who'd long loved
    the band felt more comfortable evangelizing to newcomers about such an
    accessible, tuneful record. Over the years, as Lambchop has continued to
    experiment, making more albums that are just as conceptual and well
    executed, Nixon has grown in stature as a sort of origin point.

    Yet as much as it was the kickoff to a new chapter in Lambchop's story, Nixon
    was also an ending of sorts, at least as far as Wagner is concerned. On the
    records that have followed, he's tended to work with fewer personnel on any
    given track, moving away from Nixon's bigger sound. "Nixon might've been
    the peak of the 14-person Lambchop," he says. It was also the last Lambchop
    album to be recorded almost entirely with the old analog methods, which is
    something that Wagner marvels at now, given how complex these songs were
    to assemble.

    1. The Old Gold Shoe
    2. Grumpus
    3. You Masculine You
    4. Up With People
    5. Nashville Parent
    6. What Else Could It Be?
    7. The Distance From Her to There
    8. The Book I Haven't Read
    9. The Petrified Florist
    10. The Butcher Boy
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Interspheres Atmospheres Interspheres Atmospheres Quick View

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    Interspheres Atmospheres

    Recorded in Horus Sound Studio in Hannover, Germany under the direction of producer Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, H-Blockx) frontman Hessler, guitarist Thomas Zipner, Sebastian Wagner (bass), and drummer Moritz MÜller have delivered 12 songs with such originality on their second album, Interspheres Atmospheres, that it makes it hard to place them into just one category.

    They mix art rock with alternative, throw in a bit of spring reverb that floats the psychedelic guitars and creates a sound that is beyond hippie beatitude. With all their infatuation with experimentation, The Intersphere have never let themselves be distracted from the essence of a good song: fabricating melodies that anchor themselves a little deeper into your subconscious the more often you hear them.

    In short, Interspheres Atmospheres is an album that sounds as if Pink Floyd and The Police got together and talked about concept albums and perfect drummers and exchanged the recipe for the perfect song at the end of the night. 180g 2LP with CD in paper sleeve.

    1. Right Through Me
    2. Prodigy Composers
    3. Ghostwriter
    4. Snapshot
    5. Early Bird
    6. In Satellites
    7. I Have A Place For You On Google Earth

    1. Interspheres Atmospheres
    2. State of the Divine
    3. Soapbubbles in the Rain
    4. The Far Out Astronaut
    5. Tear Down the Walls

    The Intersphere
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP + CD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Too True Too True Quick View

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    Too True

    In the summer of 2012, between tours supporting End of Daze, I
    locked out the world and sat down in my apartment to write a new record
    - clear view of the New York City sky through iron bars like a promise.
    Like all compulsive minds, I was waiting to let the muse loose. And so
    I spent the next week in a sparkling haze, and when I emerged from the
    frenzy to go back on tour, indeed ten new songs came with. They were
    bound together, not just by an overall sonic palette and new guitar pedal,
    but by time, intention, and fervor. Do you hear Suede? Siouxie? Cold-wave
    Patti? Madonna? Cure? Velvet and Paisley Undergrounds? Stone Roses?
    Cuz I did.

    Still later, in November 2012, I returned to Hollywood to record among
    the lingering Pet Sounds at East West Studios, in pursuit of a bigger,
    darker, more urgent sound. Sitting in the room with my favorite team of
    regulars (Richard Gottehrer and Sune Rose Wagner producing, Alonzo
    Vargas engineering), it was easy to add some flesh to my song skeletons.
    But, unfortunately, the previous year of touring had reduced my voice
    to a pale spectre of its former self. I left California with the heavy burden
    of an unfinished album.

    Truly one of those disguised blessings though - the extra time was a
    gift. These songs weren't done at all! So I recorded vocals alone in my
    bedroom studio, fueled by Rainer Maria Rilke, Anais Nin, Arthur Rimbaud,
    Paul Verlaine, Charles Baudelaire, Sylvia Plath; the punk poet singers
    Patti Smith and Lou Reed; and finally, an unhealthy obsession with the
    Surrealists' manifesto of desire.

    I write this now, many months later, on the up. So much of my life has
    been defined, aided, and even saved by music. Too True is my best
    attempt at joining the rock'n'roll ranks, of chasing pop into the dark,
    and I am as ever, humbled that you listen.


    1. Cult of Love
    2. Evil Blooms
    3. Rimbaud Eyes
    4. Are You Okay
    5. Too True to Be Good
    6. In the Wake of You
    7. Lost Boys and Girls Club
    8. Little Minx
    9. Under These Hands
    10. Trouble Is My Name
    Dum Dum Girls
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  • Flotus Flotus Quick View

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    For Love Often Turns Us Still-officially titled FLOTUS-is like many
    of Lambchop's records: a subtle masterpiece, the kind that slowly
    and generously reveals its quiet wisdom to those patient and attentive
    enough to receive it.

    Start to finish, FLOTUS is imbued with that magic energy that comes
    when an artist stumbles upon the thrill of the new-something that
    makes them crazy enough to want to start the whole process over
    again. The album is bookended by two long-form pieces: the first,
    "In Care of 8675309," is most reminiscent of where Lambchop has
    been, while the second, the sprawling, hypnotic "The Hustle," suggests
    where they might still be headed. The latter seamlessly shifts between
    movements, a foundation suggestive of krautrock and early electronic
    music, gorgeously ornamented with perfectly placed piano and horns.
    Drawing upon a diverse palate of influences and transcending each
    one, it's a stunning piece of work-certainly one of the most
    impressive achievements of Lambchop's catalogue.

    Watching an established artist work with a new set of tools is a gift
    and a true litmus test for authenticity-the result depending not on the
    tools, but on the unique sensibilities of the artist using them.
    FLOTUS is anchored by those sensibilities and is brimming with
    the many hallmarks of Lambchop's catalogue: the same beautifully
    nuanced arrangements, the same unparalleled ability to capture the
    eternal in life's quotidian struggles. Kurt Wagner has made a new path
    to the same old joys, and in the process, he found a record that sounds
    like no one else-or, completely, unmistakably, like himself.

    LP 1
    1. In Care of 8675309
    2. Directions to the Can
    3. Flotus
    4. JFK
    5. Howe
    6. Old Masters

    LP 2
    1. Relatives #2
    2. Harbor Country
    3. Writer
    4. NIV
    5. The Hustle

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Only In Dreams Only In Dreams Quick View

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    Only In Dreams

    On several levels, Dum Dum Girls second full length Only in Dreams is a great leap forward for a gifted songwriter and an equally gifted band. It's heavy, deeply personal stuff and surely unprecedented for this style of music. The first record was basically the first songs I'd ever written, says band-leader Dee Dee, and I was thinking nostalgically about being a teenager. This record, it was pretty much impossible not to write about very recent, very real things.

    Very real things indeed: Dee Dee wrote Hold Your Hand immediately after her mother (the pretty lady on the cover of both the Dum Dum Girls' self-titled 2009 debut EP and their 2010 debut album I Will Be) was diagnosed with what turned out to be a fatal illness, and it's one of several songs on Only in Dreams that unsparingly trace her mom's passing. Other songs spell out the emotional toll of separation from one's lover, something Dee Dee had to deal with while she and her husband (Brandon Welchez of the acclaimed noise-pop band Crocodiles) pursued their own tour schedules.

    Only in Dreams more than fulfills the promise of 2011s acclaimed and fast-selling He Gets Me High EP. It retains Dum Dum Girls' signature blend of the girl-gang eyeliner punk of the Shangri-Las, the trashy propulsion of the Cramps, and the moody atmospherics of Mazzy Star, but for the first time, all four Dum Dum Girls play and sing on the album. Now the harmonies have more depth, Jules plays her own distinctive guitar leads, and the Bambi (bass)/Sandy (drums) rhythm section powers the music like a vintage V-8 engine. Best of all, tons of time on the road, including two massively successful headlining tours, have molded Dum Dum Girls into a very formidable rock & roll band, giving the music an undeniable force.

    And now that power and glory is showcased by full-on studio production, while I Will Be was recorded at home and modestly spiffed up in a studio by legendary pop maestro Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, Go-Go's), Only in Dreams was recorded at Josh Homme's Pink Duck Studios, and Gottehrer again produced, this time with Sune Rose Wagner from the Raveonettes.

    Only in Dreams represents a musical evolution for Dum Dum Girls and a personal one for Dee Dee, and that's no coincidence. I'm for real, she says. We all are. I'm really passionate about this, it's all I know. And maybe we've just grown up a bit, or grown out a bit. There's some weight to what we do, and a pure intent, and I think that comes across on this album.

    1. Always Looking
    2. Bedroom Eyes
    3. Just a Creep
    4. In My Head
    5. Heartbeat
    6. Caught in One
    7. Coming Down
    8. Wasted Away
    9. Teardrops on My Pillow
    10. Hold Your Hand
    Dum Dum Girls
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Alice Cooper Show The Alice Cooper Show Quick View

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    The Alice Cooper Show

    Celebrate Four Decades Of Alice Cooper's Legendary 1977 Live Album

    First Time 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Release

    Mastered Impeccably By Joe Reagoso From The Original Warner Bros. Tapes

    After an amazing string of gold and platinum albums and singles, Alice Cooper and his band delivered the goods with their first sensational live album The Alice Cooper Show in 1977. This hard rockin'
    live collection featured the superstars biggest songs from his biggest albums like Love It to Death, Killer,
    School's Out, Billion Dollar Babies and Welcome to My Nightmare.

    Produced by Bob Ezrin and Brian Christian, Alice Cooper and superstar sidekicks like Dick Wagner
    and Steve Hunter on dual lead guitars truly recorded some of the finest hard rock ever for this platinum
    plus collection.

    Featuring hard rock smashes like School's Out, Eighteen, Billion Dollar Babies, Under My Wheels and
    Only Women Bleed, it is easy to see why this album flew up the rock album charts in 1977.
    Even more masterful cuts like You and Me, Is It My Body and I Never Cry make this album one of the
    most enduring live rock and roll albums ever in classic rock history. It has been out of print on vinyl now
    for several decades that is until now.

    Friday Music is very proud to offer another exciting installment in our Alice Cooper 180 Gram
    Audiophile Vinyl Series with Alice Cooper's classic 1977 smash album The Alice Cooper Show. Impeccably mastered from the original Warner Bros. tapes by Joe Reagoso (Alice Cooper/David Bowie/Deep
    Purple) at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Records in Hollywood, this Anniversary limited edition first
    time 180 Gram LP is also presented in a first time collectible deluxe gatefold cover with the original 1977
    rare inner sleeve artwork detailed inside. We believe this is the definitive sounding version of this monumental collection and will be one of the more anticipated audiophile releases of 2013.

    Let's now celebrate The Alice Cooper Show Anniversary Edition First Time 180 Gram Vinyl
    Only From Your Friends at Friday Music

    1. Under My Wheels
    2. Eighteen
    3. Only Women Bleed
    4. Sick Things
    5. Is It My Body
    6. I Never Cry
    7. Billion Dollar Babies
    8. Devil's Food/The Black Widow
    9. You and Me
    10. I Love the Dead/Go to Hell/Wish You Were Here
    11. School's Out
    Alice Cooper
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  • Falling Faster Than You Can Run Falling Faster Than You Can Run Quick View

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    Falling Faster Than You Can Run

    Well, it doesn't take long for Falling Faster Than You Can Run to reveal that Nathaniel Rateliff isn't in a very good place. His deep funk is revealed very quickly on the opening track 'Still Trying': "If you roll in it long enough/your shit won't even smell" sings Rateliff, in between crying out, unaccompanied, "I don't know/I don't know/a god damned thing".

    And that's the feeling that sticks throughout this, often very fine, new record from Denver, Colorado's Missouri-born Rateliff. On his second full-length album (dropping the & the Wheel from his name) loneliness is writ large: not the kind of loneliness from actually being along, but the kind that comes from being constantly surrounded by people yet unable to shake the feeling of complete isolation. Rateliff has toured with many, many acts over the past few years and most recently has spent time with Dr Dog and fellow Denver act (and friends) The Lumineers. Thankfully, Rateliff rarely sounds like his friends (you might say I'm not a fan) and instead writes and plays music with a lot of heart and soul. It's often his voice that's the star of the show thanks to the subtly-arranged instrumentation: part matured Kurt Wagner burr and part throat-ravaged bluesman ( a bit The Tallest Man on Earth) it's a voice you could listen to all day. But good voice is nothing without good songs, and Rateliff comes with plenty of ammunition on Falling Faster Than You Can Run.

    "Still Trying" is an arresting opener; while Rateliff's heart-wrenching roars are the highlight, the backing isn't too shabby either - acoustic guitar and bass drum battle for the spotlight on a ragged country song, and it sounds authentic, like Rateliff has lived what he's singing. And things get better quickly: "I Am" is mostly just Rateliff and his guitar, as broaches his isolation singing: "you'll never know what's buried there / less you dig around". The music swells as he sings the title over and over, following a similar pattern to the album opener. But before things get too familiar, Rateliff picks up the pace with a couple of full band numbers that could almost be considered jaunty, if we were to ignore the lyrics. "Don't Get Too Close" is fine enough and ticks over nicely like a quickstep, but "Laborman" is even better. Like Wilco at their poppiest, it flies off on crunchy and bright electric guitars which belies the lyrical content: "I got a feelin' / a sleepin' depression / that somebody's gonna get hurt", sings Rateliff, followed by "you got the harness/so where you gonna drag me now?" You can see a pattern developing here; Rateliff's stuck somewhere he doesn't want to be, lonely, but how does he get out of it? Take another look at that album cover too - a couple share a bed, an arm reaches out yet it doesn't touch the other person. It's basically a visual encapsulation of what's being sung about.

    The epic electric storm of "Forgetting Is Believing" leads a trio of great closing tracks, ending with the Lambchop-murmur of the title track. Rateliff's baritone is exposed and dusty as he sings "leave me alone/you can see me fall/faster than you can run", ending as he started the record - alone and isolated.

    Falling Faster Than You Can Run feels, through the dirt, the shit and the whisky, and despite the loneliness, like a hard-earned triumph for Nathaniel Rateliff.

    - Andrew Hannah (The Line Of Best Fit)

    1. Still Trying
    2. I Am
    3. Don't Get Too Close
    4. Laborman
    5. How To Win
    6. Nothing To Show For
    7. Right On
    8. Three Fingers
    9. Forgetting Is Believing
    10. When Do You See
    11. Falling Faster Than You Can Run
    Nathaniel Rateliff
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  • Love & Torture Love & Torture Quick View

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    Love & Torture

    Simultaneously claustrophobic and
    mesmeric curiously unsettling.

    "...Breathtakingly insightful and poetic..."

    "...Undeniably compelling..."

    Beautifully desolate piece of Americana that
    wouldn't sound out of place on the soundtrack
    for True Detective.
    - THE TIMES (UK)

    A smokey lament that comes off like a
    slightly jazzier Spiritualized.

    Stone Jack Jones is a survivor. On two separate occasions the rare and mysterious blood
    condition that courses through his steely West Virginian veins almost killed him. Doctors couldn't
    fully explain or treat his malady, but Jack pulled through, even after receiving last rites on one
    occasion. Spending a little time at Death's door gave him unique perspective on life. While
    recovering from one of his near death experiences he deeply pondered the necessity of death,
    the torturous pain that comes with the death of someone you love, and eventually arrived at the
    simultaneously comforting and alarming conclusion that he was both alive and dead at the same

    In 2014 Jack released Ancestor, an album which The Quietus called " breathtakingly insightful
    and poetic ", and SPIN called undeniably compelling ". As a tribute to his father, Ancestor
    was a remembrance of mountain string bands, with many of the songs worked out as an acoustic
    three-piece sitting together in a bluegrass circle. For his new album Love & Torture he took a
    different approach, working out the foundations for most of the songs in the studio with producer
    Roger Moutenot. Rather than recording everything over of a few days or weeks in the studio, the
    two met up sporadically over the course of many months, giving the songs plenty of time to
    gestate and evolve in stride with Jack's life. When it felt right, they'd invite long-time collaborators
    including Ryan Norris, Scott Martin, and Kyle Hamlett into the studio to improvise and explore
    where each song would go next. Having worked and created with the same guys for several years,
    their trust and intimacy let them extract moments of brilliance from the ether.

    The album opens with the woozy groove of Shine (one of two songs on the album featuring
    vocals by Patty Griffin), which Jack describes as a contemplation of what heaven might be like.
    The following song Thrill Thrill explores the helplessness he felt in the clutches of the blood
    disease that nearly killed him. Lambchop's Kurt Wagner contributes some serious low-end to the
    song Circumstance. As Jack recalls, I asked Kurt if he thought he could sing lower than me and
    he gave me a wily smile with a deep long ooooh yeah, took a sip of whiskey and put it in the
    basement. The mood lightens a bit on the drinking song Russia on which Jack's wife Hollis
    chants verses from Russian poet Alexander Blok, while Ben Smythe contributes a frenetic and
    deranged penny whistle to the party. The album concludes with the joyful acceptance and
    appreciation of Amen, another song about Jack's celebration of life. As dark as his creative
    output can seem at times, it's heavily infused with Jack's undeniable light and his patient will to
    ...knock a hole in the sky. Seek light in the dark. Have secrets and make the air vibrate and
    shake reality so she shows her many faces. Like a collection of swirling and inviting mantras
    Love & Torture is a sonic dialog that pulses with the all of the grace and bliss that has touched
    Jack's incredible life.

    1. Shine
    2. Thrill Thrill
    3. Q and K
    4. Circumstance
    5. Ships
    6. Disappear
    7. Russia
    8. Song
    9. Who
    10. Say Amen
    Stone Jack Jones
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  • Knock Knock Knock Knock Quick View

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    Knock Knock

    One of the best known DJs in the world, DJ Koze returns with Knock Knock, his first album since the breakout Amygdala in 2013. Featuring guests from Bon Iver, Jose Gonzalez, Kurt Wagner, Roisin Murphy, Sophia Kennedy, and Speech from Arrested Development, Knock Knock includes a bonus 7 with an unreleased track.
    1. Club der Ewigkeiten
    2. Bonfire
    3. Moving in a liquid (feat. Eddie Fummler)
    4. Colors of autumn (feat. Speech of the band Arrested Development)
    5. Music on my teeth (feat. JosÉ González)
    6. This is my rock (feat. Sophia Kennedy)
    7. Illumination (feat. Róisín Murphy)
    8. Pick up
    9. Planet Hase (feat. Mano le tough)
    10. Scratch that (feat. Róisín Murphy)
    11. Muddy Funster (feat. Kurt Wagner)
    12. Baby (how much i LFO you)
    13. Jesus
    14. Lord knows
    15. Seeing Aliens
    16. Drone me up, Flashy (feat. Sophia Kennedy)
    DJ Koze
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  • Gladiator Soundtrack Gladiator Soundtrack Quick View

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    Gladiator Soundtrack

    Hans Zimmer's score for Ridley Scott's Roman masterpiece, complete with Wagner-like anthems of war and accompanied by music evocative of Holst, was nominated for an Academy Award and won a Golden Globe for Best Original Score. Lisa Gerrard's haunting voice adds a timeless and atmospheric quality to the simple but stirring melody Zimmer uses throughout. Zimmer's score was voted Number Four in the 2016 Classic FM Movie Hall of Fame.
    LP 1
    1. Progeny
    2. The Wheat
    3. The Battle
    4. Earth
    5. Sorrow
    6. To Zucchabar
    7. Patricide
    8. The Emperor is Dead
    9. The Might of Rome
    10. Strength and Honor

    LP 2
    1. Reunion
    2. Slaves to Rome
    3. Barbarian Horde
    4. Am I Not Merciful?
    5. Elysium
    6. Honor Him
    7. Now We Are Free

    Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Ancestor Ancestor Quick View

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    simultaneously claustrophobic
    and mesmeric curiously unsettling.

    like a sedated Lucinda Williams
    swathed in watery echo.

    Jones lets a little light in, if only
    to show how dark the world can be.

    Based in Nashville, but raised in a coal miner's company house on the banks of
    Buffalo Creek, WV, Stone Jack Jones is the descendant of four generations of
    coal miners. After being rejected from military service in Vietnam due to
    epilepsy, and discouraged from pursuing the coal mining business, Jack decided
    to start wandering. By the time he landed in Nashville, where he met Roger
    Moutenot, Patty Griffin, and Kurt Wagner, Jack had worked as a carny, an escape
    artist, a ballet dancer, a professional lute player, and even owned a strip club.

    Ancestor was produced in collaboration with Roger Moutenot (known for his
    work with Yo La Tengo, Sleater Kinney, and many others), and features contributions by Patty Griffin, and Lambchop members Ryan Norris, Scott Martin, and
    Kurt Wagner. Intensely meditative, the album patiently explores the hardness of
    the coal mines, the mystery of suicide, the comfort of a dog's acceptance, the
    idea that forgetting all you know can be the first step towards hearing and
    reconnecting with your muse, and one man's gratitude for the love he's been
    given and the life he's had the chance to live.

    1. O Child
    2. Jackson
    3. Black Coal
    4. State I'm In
    5. Joy
    6. Red Red Rose
    7. Way Gone Wrong
    8. Anyone
    9. Good Enough
    10. Marvellous
    11. Petey's Song
    Stone Jack Jones
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  • Bronson Soundtrack Bronson Soundtrack Quick View

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    Bronson Soundtrack

    Before "Drive", Nicolas Winding Refn directed "Bronson". The film, starring Tom Hardy, tells the story of Charles Bronson, a young man who was sentenced to seven years in prison for robbing a post office and eventually ends up spending three decades in solitary confinement. He has become the most notorious inmate in England. "Bronson" already features elements that we associate with Nicolas Winding Refn's films, such as its pumping soundtrack. A modern "Clockwork Orange", "Bronson" features unforgettable music between the recurring electro-pop "Digital Versicolor" by Glass Candy, the menacing "The Electrician" by The Walker Brothers and music by the likes of New Order and Pet Shop Boys. Balancing this modern act, the film includes beautiful classical compositions by Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner, Anton Bruckner and more!
    1. Glass Candy - 'Digital Versicolor'
    2. The Walker Brothers - 'The Electrician'
    3. Giuseppe Verdi - 'Via Pensiero (Chorus Of Hebrew Slaves)'
    4. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - 'The Dam Busters March'
    5. Eva Abraham & The Nat Franklin Trio - 'Santa Please (Come Early This Christmas)'
    6. Pet Shop Boys - 'It's A Sin'
    7. Ray Martin - 'Meet Mr. Callaghan'
    8. Peter Radcliff & Eva Abraham - 'Superstar'
    9. New Order - 'Your Silent Face'
    10. Giuseppe Verdi - 'La Forza Del Destino: La Vergine Degli Angeli'
    11. Richard Wagner - 'Das Rheingold: Entry Of The Gods Into Valhalla'
    12. Leo Delibes - 'Lakme Act 1 - Flower Duet: "Sous Le Dome Epais"'
    13. Anton Bruckner - 'Symphony No 4 In E Flat "Romantic"'
    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Twilight Of The Gods Twilight Of The Gods Quick View

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    Twilight Of The Gods

    180 Gram Reissue of Bathorys Sixth Album!

    Twilight of the Gods is the sixth album by Bathory. It continues the exploration of the newly created Viking metal style, and also displays a heavy classical influence; it is titled after an opera by Wagner, and the melody of Hammerheart is lifted from Gustav Holst's The Planets (more specifically, from the fourth movement, Jupiter). Bathory was formed in Stockholm in 1983. Founder Quorthon, a seventeen-year-old guitarist, was joined by bassist Hanoi and drummer Vans. After various name changes (beginning with Nosferatu, then Natas, Mephisto, Elizabeth Bathory and Countess Bathory) they finally settled on Bathory. Their first recording deal came that same year, when Quorthon managed to secure the consent of Tyfon Grammofon's boss to record two tracks for the compilation Scandinavian Metal Attack. The tracks which he recorded gained unexpected attention by fans.[citation needed] Soon afterward, Tyfon Grammofon contacted Quorthon and asked him to record a full-length album. Although Venom's Black Metal, released in 1982, was the first record to coin the term, it was Bathory's early albums, featuring Satanic lyrics, low-fi production and an inhuman vocal style, that defined the genre. Many fans have speculated Venom was an influence on Bathory; however, Quorthon has said in an interview with Kick Ass magazine in 1985 he only heard of Venom after the first Bathory album was released. He also expressed dislike for many influential and popular heavy metal bands at the time, such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. He has also stated the band's early work was influenced primarily by Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and punk rock. Bathory's self-titled debut album, and the subsequent releases The Return and Under the Sign of the Black Mark, are now regarded as major influences on the Norwegian bands which extended black metal's musical progression and popularity in the beginning of the 1990s.

    Side A
    1. Twilight Of The Gods

    2. Through Blood By Thunder

    Side B
    3. Blood And Iron
    4. Under The Runes

    Side C
    5. To Enter Your Mountain

    Side D
    6. Bond Of Blood
    7. Hammerheart

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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