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  • Pipe Dreams Redux Pipe Dreams Redux Quick View

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    Pipe Dreams Redux

    Translucent Blue Vinyl

    Whirr's 'Pipe Dreams' Redux is very simply the way the band intended you hear/see it. Featuring different artwork, the intended tracklisting and remixing/remastering by Jack Shirley.

    1. Reverse
    2. Home Is Where My Head Is
    3. Flashback
    4. Bogus
    5. Reverie
    6. Wait
    7. Junebouvier
    8. Formulas and Frequencies
    9. Toss
    10. Hide
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  • Distressor (Awaiting Repress) Distressor (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Distressor (Awaiting Repress)

    Grey Vinyl With Blue Splatter

    Bay area post-shoegaze sextet, Whirr, generates expressive songs of cutting guitar textures, backed by misty vocals. Their full-length debut Pipe Dreams dropped via TeePee Records in March of 2012. Distresser is a reissue of their debut EP, originally released in mid-2011 as a 500 copy vinyl only run in the U.K.

    Whirr's spirit rejuvenates the '90s shoegaze sound, providing a widescreen update for the post-millennial era. A wall of lush guitars, breathy vocals, dreamy synths and thunderous drumming send the listener to a picturesque realm. Instantly catchy melodies and emotional, enveloping atmospheres hang fully in the balance. The sound of Whirr here is a total crush from start to finish where texture, bright pop melodies and dense guitar noise fuse perfectly.

    1. Preface
    2. Leave
    3. Blue
    4. Ghost
    5. Meaningless
    6. Child

    7. Sandy
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Jack-O-Lantern Jack-O-Lantern Quick View

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    Camera Shy is a new project from Nick Bassett, guitarist and lead songwriter of
    San Francisco shoegaze act Whirr. The new band sees Bassett also at the writing
    helm, accompanied by Whirr vocalist Alexandra Morte, who's radiant vocals can
    be heard on Whirr's acclaimed 2012 full length, Pipe Dreams, as well their June
    and Part Time Punks Sessions EPs. As Whirr's sound divulges down a slightly
    foreign path, Camera Shy exists as the brighter end to a similar spectrum, placing soaring vocals and beautifully meandering melodies at the forefront.
    1. Secret Word
    2. Come Around
    3. Spin Me
    4. Over and Over
    5. After Hours
    Camera Shy
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  • Buried Under A World Of Roses Buried Under A World Of Roses Quick View

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    Buried Under A World Of Roses

    Death Of Lovers is a new band featuring current members of Whirr and Nothing, formed from a bond members made while touring together in 2013.

    Although Death Of Lovers carries qualities of members previously applauded efforts, they carry a shimmer and fuzz all their own. Dreary vocals, slow motion melody, and plodding percussion swirl together to create a crushingly depressing atmosphere. Kicking up the dust of their prominent influences (Joy Division, The Cure, etc) as they explore the fractured depths the of their uniquely haunting sound. A beautifully addictive introduction to their greatness to come.

    1. Cold Heaven
    2. Shaken
    3. Buried Under a World of Roses
    4. The Blue of Noon
    Death of Lovers
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  • Big World Big World Quick View

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    Big World

    Listening to San Francisco East Bay s Happy Diving it s hard to believe that they ve only been together since 2013. A year ago, friends Matt Berry, Samuelito Cruz, Mikey Rivera, and Matt Yankovitz decided to form a band after previous projects fell apart. Since then they ve released a self-titled EP in late 2013 that fans of Tony Molina, Connecticut s Ovlov and early Weezer can appreciate. Their debut full-length, Big World, out worldwide on October 21, 2014, was recorded over a whirlwind two days at The Atomic Garden in East Palo, CA, with the help of producer Jack Shirley (Deafhaven, Joyce Manor, Whirr). Big World sees the band channeling the energy first displayed on their Self-Titled EP, as well as their deafening and vivacious live shows, into ten concise, sludgy pop songs. We recommend you listen to this album while road tripping across the country, but if you don t have the time to pack up your cares and get away, Big World fits perfectly into a 30 minute lunch break.
    1. Small World
    2. Space Ooze
    3. Weird Dream
    4. Big World
    5. Sad Planet
    6. Mikey's Rules
    7. Whenever
    8. Always Noon
    9. Explorer
    10. 10
    Happy Diving
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