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White Reaper

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  • The World's Best American Band The World's Best American Band Quick View

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    The World's Best American Band

    Boasting textured melodies, layered guitars and more seasoned lyrics, The World's Best American Band finds the quartet busting out of the basement sound established on their previous full length (2015's White Reaper Does It Again) and setting their sights on the arena.

    Armed with a record that celebrates rock in all of its glory, they are poised to satisfy crowds whether they are packed shoulder-to-shoulder in the standing room only pit or kicking back in the cheap seats.

    1. The World's Best American Band
    2. Judy French
    3. Eagle Beach
    4. Little Silver Cross
    5. The Stack
    6. Party Next Door
    7. Crystal Pistol
    8. Tell Me
    9. Daisies
    10. Another Day
    White Reaper
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • White Reaper Does It Again White Reaper Does It Again Quick View

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    White Reaper Does It Again

    White Reaper Does It Again: a raucous debut full-length from a bunch of barely 20-somethings who have more fun on a Tuesday night than you do on a Saturday.

    Recorded in White Reaper's hometown of Louisville, KY, with engineer Kevin Ratterman (Young Widows, Coliseum), WRDIA is a pure rock 'n' roll adrenaline shot: vicious guitar scratches, elastic bass, sugary keyboard leads, and a thudding drums that will inevitably give your heartbeat a new rhythm.

    1. Make Me Wanna Die
    2. I Don't Think She Cares
    3. Pills
    4. On Your Mind
    5. Last 4th of July
    6. Alone Tonight
    7. Candy
    8. Sheila
    9. Friday the 13th
    10. Wolf Trap Hotel
    11. Don't You Think I Know?
    12. B.T.K.
    White Reaper
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • White Reaper White Reaper Quick View

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    White Reaper

    180-Gram Clear Pink 12" Vinyl EP

    From the increasingly fertile DIY scene of Louisville,
    KY, White Reaper - formed by Tony Esposito (vocals/
    guitar) and twin brothers Nick (drums) and Sam
    Wilkerson (bass) -- combines sparkling hooks and
    fluid, fluttering rhythms to create psychedelia-tinged
    garage punk that make heads bob without sacrificing
    an ounce of sonic bite.

    The group is ready to unleash their eponymous debut
    EP -- a six-song blitzkrieg that traces the band's
    present and future. This self-titled release is available
    on clear pink vinyl.

    While dingy and jangly single "Conspirator"
    scratches the itch left behind by Jay Reatard,
    infectious stand outs "Cool" and "Funn" will
    undoubtedly make the ears of the Ty Segall/oh Sees
    sect perk up.

    1. Cool
    2. Funn
    3. Half Bad
    4. She Wants To
    5. Conspirator
    6. Ohh (Yeah)
    White Reaper
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl EP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Walking In The Shadows Walking In The Shadows Quick View

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    Walking In The Shadows

    Pressed On 140 Gram White / Red Speckled Vinyl

    First Album In 30 Years

    "Walking In The Shadows" is a true pedigree Heavy Metal classic. Make no mistake British Metal legends Grim Reaper have returned with a storming slab of metal. This is an adrenaline fuelled release! Metal fans will not be disappointed. True to their roots this is true heavy metal, fist pumping, sing-along, great riffs and great songs

    Grim Reaper's first album 'See you in Hell' was released in 1984 and distributed worldwide through RCA records, selling over ΒΌ million copies within the first few days! In 1985 their 2nd album 'Fear no Evil' was released and 3rd album 'Rock you to Hell' in 1987, on RCA records, both receiving as much attention as the first. All 3 albums, to date, have never left the shelves and have been re-released countless times.

    Grim Reaper are back!

    LP 1
    1.Wings Of Angels
    2.Walking In The Shadows

    3.Reach Out

    4.I'm Coming For You

    5.From Hell

    6.Call Me In The Morning

    LP 2
    1.Rock Will Never Die



    4.Now You See Me

    5.Blue Murder

    6.Come Hell Or High Water

    Grim Reaper
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Persistence Of Time Persistence Of Time Quick View

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    Persistence Of Time

    In 1990, while making Persistence of Time, the members of Anthrax looked up from their comic books, quit joking around, and realized they were going to die someday. But unlike its Big Four brethren (Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth), the Fourth Horseband of the Thrashpocalypse didn't celebrate the coming of the grim reaper. The aptly named Persistence of Time opens with the ticking of a clock and unleashes heart-pounding waves of existential dread, stylistic evolution, and white-hot anger at death itself.

    Cut at Mobile Fidelity by engineer Krieg Wunderlich and afforded requisite groove space for the first time ever on a proper 2LP pressing that accommodates the band's longer songs, Anthrax's 1990 magnum opus sounds as genuine, forceful, and uncompromising as the songs' urgent lyrics and thematic struggles. Serious and complex, this definitive analog pressing of Persistence of Time-known by fans as POT-presents the vital music as a furious blend of dynamic speed and three-dimensional heaviness.

    Seething anthems like Keep it in the Family and In My World give way to straight-ahead headbangers like H8 Red and a rapid-paced cover of Joe Jackson's Got the Time. Guitarists Scott Ian and Dan Spitz converse with mosquito whines and monster-truck thunder. Intro to Reality forms a prog-inspired cocoon with harmonizing twin guitars and contemplative resonance until Frank Bello's thundering bass hacks its way out and leads straight into the bare-knuckle Belly of the Beast." Throughout, Charlie Benante's virtuosic drumming accelerates and slows the crashing pulse of Anthrax's last album until 2011 to feature Joey Belladonna's riotous vocals.

    The band's darkest affair, Persistence of Time shakes its fist at mortality, snarls at wasted life, and pits burgeoning maturity against livid, riff-driven metal. Tackling more grown-up motifs, extended arrangements, and slower time signatures than on albums past, the group manages to preserve its youthful energy while expanding beyond the borders of thrash.

    Persistence of Time is timeless.

    1. Time
    2. Blood
    3. Keep It in the Family
    4. In My World

    5. Gridlock
    6. Intro to Reality
    7. Belly of the Beast
    8. Got the Time
    9. H8 Red
    10. One Man Stands
    11. Discharge
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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