My Story, Seth: Founder of SoundStageDirect

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My Story, Seth: Founder of SoundStageDirect

To some, vinyl is the latest sensation. To others, just another product. For us and for you, it will always be a way of life.

I fell in love with vinyl at age ten. Working at the famous Princeton Record Exchange in New Jersey, it was a headlong tumble into the world of a lifelong rock ‘n’ roll fan. Like many of you, I clearly remember – and still have – the very first record I ever bought; the now-iconic Rock and Roll Over by KISS.

Life marched on. I grew up, went to college, got a real job, until it hit me: I wasn’t the only one digging through crates at the local record store every weekend. I wasn’t the only one who lived for the moment of finding a greatest hit, a classic album, a fresh sound.From that moment on, I knew what I had to do. Vinyl was already my life, why couldn’t it be my way of life, too?

Seth Frank

SoundStageDirect was born out of a spare bedroom. Every fulfilled order brought on a feeling like no other, and I discovered the only thing I loved as much as vinyl was sharing that love with people as passionate about it as I am.

Eventually, SoundStageDirect moved to the garage. Twelve years and eighteen employees later, I’m as thankful as day one that I get to wake up and do what I love.

If you’re like me, you’re more than excited to find the package you’ve been waiting for on your doorstep. You know the box, you know the label, you might even know the brand of tape you’re tearing through. Each time I open a box of a brand new album, or get a replenishment of a longtime favorite, I know that pretty soon someone who’s just as obsessed with vinyl will be opening a box from us with the same amount of delight. 

Enjoy the music!

Seth Frank

Seth Frank, founder of

Seth's Story
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