Soundsmith SG-230 Strain Gauge Phono Playback System

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Soundsmith SG-230 Strain Gauge Phono Playback System

by Soundsmith

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Soundsmith Phono Preamps
Phono Playback System

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Soundsmith Strain Gauges are sold as systems ~ Cartridge and choice of preamp

All Soundsmith SG systems have user replaceable styli

Our new SG-230 is a full-function system preamp with Strain Gauge circuitry as well as 4 line inputs and remote control over input selection, volume and muting. It features balanced +15dB variable outputs and single ended fixed outputs. The balanced outputs are available via split phase RCA jacks, convertible to XLR with our supplied RCA to XLR adapters. The +15dB balanced variable output is made available via RCA jacks which configures the output of the SG-230 into a highly adaptable unit, allowing easy bridging of two stereo amplifiers into double power mono blocks, subwoofer driving, biamping or sourcing into a secondary system. The fixed level outputs may be used for recording or sourcing into a second system, and are not affected by the volume control.

The supplied SG cartridge comes with the SG-5 stylus assembly as standard, however, you may purchase the system with the SG-6 stylus for a surcharge of $100 at the time of ordering. Like all SG preamps, the SG-230 features an auto-mute circuit that protects your system and speakers from transients due to an accidentally dropped styli. The front panel defeatable auto-mute also allows quiet introductions to playing or recording your vinyl.

All SG systems feature user replaceable styli, however, due to the nature of the cartridge design, styli are individually matched to each cartridge. If additional styli are desired, it is highly advisable to order them with your system order.

The SG-230 is supplied in mahogany wood case as standard, black wood is also available on special order.

Soundsmith’s SG cartridges are not magnetic cartridges, and do not require RIAA equalization - flat response is automatically produced by virtue of their being "displacement" measuring devices, as opposed to magnetic "voltage generating velocity dependent" devices. The cartridge works extremely well in all medium to high mass arms with standard 4 wire tone arm wiring. Due to the cartridge being non-inductive, it is far less sensitive to cabling in the tone arm and from the arm to the preamp when compared to any other cartridge design.

12.750 x 3.625 x 10.000 inches W x H x D
7.00 lbs
Cartridge Type: Strain Gauge
Stylus Type: Conical Elliptical Shibata Contact Line O.C. Contact Line
Output: Specialty

All three Strain Gauge models are powered by two identical external analog DC wall type power supplies - 24 VDC @ 500 Milliamps. Two are supplied and are required for each SG preamp system. The use of external power supplies helps keep the noise floor extremely low, and allows compliance with power regulations for varied countries.

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