VPI 3D Tonearm - 12"

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VPI 3D Tonearm - 12"

by VPI Accessories

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VPI Industries
JMW 3D Tonearm - 12"
VPI 3D Tonearm - 12"

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The 12" 3D armtube with VPI Discovery wire.

Internal wiring: VPI Discovery wire
New design 3d printed one piece body for the ultimate in resonance control
Full length copper shielding tube internally
Adjustable side weights for finer azimuth settings
Additional proprietary 3-D printed layering material
Offset stainless steel counterweight for stability
Easy setting of VTA/SRA in thousandths of an inch, calibrated and repeatable
Adjustable anti-skate
Pivot to spindle: 300 mm
Effective length: 313.0 mm
Effective mass: 10.5g.
Overhang: 13mm
Offset angle: 17.37 degrees
Average RMS distortion: 0.311%

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