Anti-Skate Device - JMW-12

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Anti-Skate Device - JMW-12

by VPI Accessories

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VPI Industries
Anti-Skate Device
Anti-Skate Device - JMW-12

For use with JMW-12

You will see three rubber rings on the straight shaft; these are used to set the anti-skating force.

The two rubber rings on the shaft with the grooves are used to set the height of the monofilament. Set the rubber ring on the lowest groove if it is not there already and slip the loop of monofilament over the grooved shaft. Push the second ring down to lock the loop in place on between the first and second groove. Try to keep the monofilament as level as possible but don't go crazy, it is not audible and causes no problem if it is slightly off level.

You can adjust the settings of the mechanism using the 1/16" Allen wrench provided. Adjust it so the arm can travel to the inner grooves of the record without the mechanism pulling it or causing it to skip grooves.

Minimal anti-skate force is needed do just enough to keep the image stabilized and the cantilever centered in the groove.

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