VPI Traveler Turntable - Red (Discontinued)

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VPI Traveler Turntable - Red (Discontinued)

by VPI Traveler

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VPI Industries
The Traveler
The Traveler Red - No Cartridge

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Stereophile Magazine's Analog Component of the Year!

**All Cartridges Installed Free Of Charge**

The only entry level high end turntable that is made in America!

The new entry high end level turntable featuring a new incredibly low friction in the spring loaded sapphire Gimballed bearings! This table was inspired and in memory of Sheila Weisfeld cofounder and owner of VPI Industries for 35 years.

The Traveler is the culmination of VPI refined engineering and technology providing quality sound and easy usability at a more affordable price.

Proceeds from the sale of each VPI Traveler sold goes to fight Pancreatic Cancer which tragically took the life of VPI Founder, Sheila Weisfeld.

10 Gimballed tonearm
Low friction in the spring loaded sapphire Gimballed bearings
Aluminum platter
Aluminum top plate
Belt drive motor
Wow and Flutter --- Less than .02%
Rumble --- Greater than 80db down.
Speed Accuracy --- Within .1%
Total Weight --- 24 pounds.
Platter Run-Out --- Within .003 inch.
19 x 15 inches overall space needed
16 1/2 x 12 foot print
Positive Feedback - Mike Mercer

"...the Traveler's sound... had the confident, relaxed fluidity of open-reel tape. Whenever I've heard reel-to-reel tape, I've been impressed by the format's drama, impact, immediacy, presence, and, most of all, its seamless fluidity. Music simply flows into the listening room undisturbed, with no hint of mechanical edge or artifice. ...with the VPI Traveler leading my system, I wouldn't need a open-reel player: I could get a taste of that smooth, easy fluidity right from my LPs. "Intoxicating, almost magical," Indeed."
- Stephen Mejias, Stereophile Magazine, November 2012, Vol. 35, No. 11

"...the Traveler's more leisurely, deliberate way of making music - its smooth, easy sound and steady, confident pace - kept me listening longer, wanting and needing to listen to LP after LP after LP."
- Stephen Mejias, Stereophile Magazine, November 2012, Vol. 35, No. 11

Tonearm Details:
Pivot to spindle - 235 mm
Overhang - 16 mm
Effective length - 251- mm
Offset angle - 21.82 degrees
Inner null point - 66 mm
Outer null point - t2lmm

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