Valid Points Resonance Control Super Tuning Kit (Discontinued)

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Valid Points Resonance Control Super Tuning Kit (Discontinued)

by Walker Audio

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Walker Audio
Super Tuning Kit - three 2-inch cones with five resonance control discs, plus four extra 1-inch control discs. The 1-inch discs can be used on top of all components, including speakers, shelves, racks and power supplies.

No system can sound its best until resonances are under control. Stands, shelves and component chassis are major contributors to vibrations. Materials commonly used to to manufacture shelves and racks, such as marble, granite, glass and most metals, are used for cosmetic reasons and actually aggravate the vibration and resonance problems.

Valid Points are designed to provide isolation and stabilize resonances of all components in an audio or video system. This includes analog, digital and video components, as well as speakers, shelves and stands. The improvement in the sound will be amazing. The sound stage will have greater width, depth, detail, bass, speed, extension, and focus.

Resonance between components can be additive or subtractive. Therefore, it is necessary for the two most critical components to be treated first, at the same time.

Editor's Choice Award
    The Absolute Sound -  "...sensationally effective under most components particularly when used with Walker Resonance Control discs, which, themselves, can have a salubrious effect on components on which they are placed."




Digital Systems - The transport or CD player and pre-amp are usually the most critical components of a digital audio system.  In a video system, the video player and the processor are the most critical.  You will achieve the most dramatic effect by treating both of these components with Valid Points first.  Next, apply Valid Points to your D-to-A , followed by the amplifiers and speakers.  

Analog Systems - Valid Points will improve the sound most effectively by treating the turntable, phono amp and pre-amp simultaneously.  Then, apply Valid Points to your amplifier and speakers.  (If the transformers are exposed, place two discs on top.) 

Remote Power Supplies -  These will benefit enormously from Valid Points.  The effect will be as great, or even greater, than the effect on the component itself.  If the transformers are exposed, use two of the ½ -inch discs or order the larger, optional 1-inch discs for the top of the transformers.

Speakers - Use the larger 2-inch Valid Points under the speakers, three per speaker stand. Valid Points are available threaded.  Also, use the ½ - inch or 1-inch discs on top of the speakers to control cabinet vibrations.



Don’t worry about where the manufacturer has placed the feet on the component. Usually, the feet are placed for convenience, not for controlling resonances.  The real test is in the music.  

Three Valid Points are recommended and should be positioned with the points down into the control discs.  Try several configurations -- two in front and one in back, then try two in back and one in front. You will be able to hear the difference and there will be an optimum placement.  The rough side of the resonance control disc always goes down.


Each standard Valid Points Resonance Control kit comes with three cones and five discs.  You will use three of the discs under three cones.  The two remaining resonance control discs are to be placed on top of your component to control case vibrations and resonances.  The discs should be placed near the center - usually about one to three inches apart.  

Remember: All discs are placed rough side down.

With the discs in place, tap lightly on the top of the component.  Adjust the position of the discs until the high-pitched ringing is eliminated.  If the top cover of your component is very large, you may need an extra disc or the heavier 1-inch resonance control discs which may be purchased separately.  The Super Tuning Kit comes with four 1-inch control discs.  When the Valid Points are properly placed, you will hear a much deeper, wider, and more focused sound stage, faster dynamics, more detail and much better controlled bass.  The improvement will be quite dramatic.  Any changes you make now in your system, you will be able to hear immediately!

Happy Listening,

Lloyd Walker




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